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West Yorkshire, England, Select Land Tax Records, 1704-19323,899,907
West Yorkshire, England, Tax Valuation, 1910616,598
West Yorkshire, England, Select Rate Books, Accounts and Censuses, 1705–1893422,295
West Yorkshire, England, Prison Records, 1801-1914336,448
Yorkshire, England, Quarter Session Records, 1637-1914331,599
West Yorkshire, England, Alehouse Licences, 1771-196276,239
West Yorkshire, England, Select Poor Law and Township Records, 1663-191453,139
West Yorkshire, England, Bastardy Records, 1690-191424,341
Yorkshire, England, Probate Records, 1521-185823,330
West Yorkshire, Roman Catholic Oath Records, 1714-1787, 182915,385
West Yorkshire, England, Select Removal and Settlement Records, 1689-186614,195
West Yorkshire, England, Estate Rentals, 1380-19320
West Yorkshire, England, Select Apprenticeship Records, 1627-18946,982
Extracts from the municipal records of the City of York, during the reigns of Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III306
Abstracts of Yorkshire wills in the time of the Commonwealth, at Somerset House, London, chiefly illustrative of Sir William Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire in 1665-6222
Testamenta Eboracensia A Selection of Wills from the Registry at York, Part 20
Yorks - Ossett Burgess Roll 1905-1906 & 1913-1914 (W.Yorks.)0
Schedule of the Title Deeds of the Sneaton Estate in North Riding 1748-18220

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