Ancestry’s Privacy Philosophy

Your privacy is important to you.
That’s why it’s so important to us.

When you make new discoveries with us, we want you to be confident that we are good stewards of your personal information. Our customers have trusted us with personal information for over 20 years—and we’re committed to helping ensure you feel just as secure today.

Your trust is our top priority.

Whether it’s your family history or your DNA data, we always strive to manage your personal information with integrity and respect. Earning your trust as we protect your privacy is at the core of what we do every day.

We will continue to earn your trust by:

  1. Being transparent to avoid confusion and surprise.

  2. Simplifying our policies and making your choices clear.

  3. Making sure you have control of your own data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how our policies put transparency, simplicity, and control into action for you.

Your Data

What information does Ancestry collect about me?
How does Ancestry use information about me?
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How can I review, update, or delete information about me?
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Your Privacy

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Your Security

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How does Ancestry keep personal information safe?
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Sharing with Others

Who can see my DNA results?
Can Ancestry users contact each other?
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Advertising and Cookies

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