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tombstone of Walter Dickman (Portrait)
Walter Frederick Dieckman (born 1879)
Liz and Orville Scharf (Other) Date: About 1909
Elizabeth Wilhemine Franciska Dieckman (born 1883)
Wedding announcement of Mary Mengelt and Albert Dieckman (Other) Date: 1899
Albert Carl John Dieckman (born 1875)
Wilhelm (William) Heinrich Dieckmann gravestone (Portrait)
Wilhelm Heinrich Diekmann (born 1853)
Ernest Charles Dieckmann, Minna Berthe Erna Richter (Portrait) Date: 1952 / 1961 Location: Willaston Cemetery, South Australia
Ernest Charles Dieckmann (born 1883)
Rose Hill Cemetery Calamus,Clinton Co., Iowa (SiteBuildingPlace) Date: 2013 Location: Calamus,Clinton Co., Iowa
John Arthur Dieckmann (born 1896)
Lewis August Dieckmann (Headstone) Cemetary: South Hill Cemetery Date: South Hill Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois, USA
Lewis August Dieckmann (born 1851)
Hilda Dieckman Seithel III (Other)
Hilda Margarete Wilhemena Diekmann (born 1902)
Geenwood Cemetery in New York_DIECKMANN Family Plot_02 (Other)
John August Dieckmann (born 1871)
Jones Gravestone (Headstone) Cemetary: Lakeside Cemetery Location: Tazewell County, Illinois, USA
Minnie C. Diekmann (born 1884)
Orvina Dieckman 1926 (Other) Date: 1926
Orvina Dieckman , 17 years old
Orvina Emma Minnie Dieckman (born 1909)
Ende USA (Other)
Louise Juliane Dieckmann (born 1857)
St John's Lutheran Church 1889-1989 (SiteBuildingPlace)
Martha Marie Louise Diekmann (born 1891)
Obit of Melvin Dieckman (Other) Date: Jan 1980
Melvin William Dieckman (born 1905)
Maria Charlotte Dieckmann (Portrait) Location: Murgon Cemetery, Murgon, Queensland, Australa
Marie Charlotte Dieckmann (born 1848)
Carl Dickman (Other)
Carl Dieckmann (born 1826)
Photo (Portrait) Location: Fort Saskatchewan, Strathcona, Alberta, Canada
Hertha Dieckmann (born 1931)
St John's Lutheran Church Baptisms Pg 1 (Document)
Fred August Diekmann (born 1893)
Orvina about 1912 (Other) Date: 1912
Orvina, about 3 years old.
Orvina Emma Minnie Dieckman (born 1909)
photo (Other)
John B. Diekmann (born 1867)
cgerman-flag (Portrait)
Agnes Dieckmann (born 1668)
austin adrian mcclellan and evelyn matha dieckman mcclelland gravestone (Other)
Evelyn Martha Dieckman (born 1920)
Mr & Mrs Raymond Dieckman Wedding Day (Other) Date: 3 Oct 1953
Photo from Truman Howard Family Album. Scanned by Richard Howard 5 Apr 2013. Written on back: Mr & Mrs Raymond Dieckman,...
Raymond Julius Dieckmann (born 1927)
Geenwood Cemetery in New York_DIECKMANN Family Plot_01 (Other)
Beatrice H. Dieckmann (born 1898)
Missouri Flag Map (Portrait)
Arnold Fredrick Dieckman (born 1878)
Wilma Diekmann Schmidtke (Other) Date: 1/1/2004 12:58:45 Pm
Wilma Diekmann (born 1925)
IMG_6693.HEIC (Portrait) Date: 17 Mar 2019 Location: Calamus, Clinton, Iowa, USA
William Arthur Dieckmann (born 1922)
Milbong Lutheran Church Cemetery (Portrait)
August Friedrich Dieckmann (born 1834)
Carl Frieburg Engelsburg Cemetery (Other)
Carl Friedrich Dieckmann (born 1851)
Geburtsurkunde Ernst Heinrich Dieckmann (Document)
Johannes Hermann Dieckmann (born 1888)
Emil & Augusta Wedding Picture (Other) Date: 1900
Christina Augusta Dieckmann (born 1882)
Dieckmann-Dickmann German (Portrait)
Johann Heinrich Dieckmann (born 1684)
BOLT, Helen L. (Dieckmann) Obit_1 (Other)
Helen L. Dieckmann (born 1881)
Dieckmann-Dickmann German (Portrait)
Johann Heinrich Dieckmann (born 1767)
Cleveland & Myrtle Dieckman (Portrait)
Cleveland Hendricks Dieckman (born 1885)
Hermann Friedrich Dieckmann and Wife Maria Auguste Kuhz (Portrait) Location: Kalbar General Cemetery, Kalbar, Queensland, Australia
Hermann August Friedrich Dieckmann (born 1865)
Kasper Dieckmann Cemetery Death Record1895 (Other) Date: 3/14/2016 8:45:10 Pm
All Photos and photos of documents are the property of the original photographer or family member who posted the photo o...
Kaspar Dieckmann (born 1837)
Dieckman-studioemail (Portrait)
Charles Dieckman (born 1888)
Immigrant Ancestor (Other)
William F Dieckmann (born 1882)
Carl Joachim Adolf Dieckmann (Other) Date: Abt. 1871
Carl Joachim Adolf Dieckman (born 1853)
b8ab1fd9-f3f2-416b-a99d-9d2af173b1e8 (Other)
Henry H Dieckmann (born 1849)
Otto Dieckman 74th Birthday (Portrait) Date: 23 Jan 1978
Herman Otto Adolf Dieckman (born 1904)
Emma Klusman Tombstone (Portrait)
Emma Rosina Dieckmann (born 1889)
George Dieckman retirement (Other)
Location: Hayward, WI
George Carl Dieckman (born 1903)
Obit of Emma Mengelt Dieckman (Other)
Robert Henry Dieckman (born 1877)
Tombstone (Portrait) Date: Taken 6/11/11 Location: Immanuel Lutheran Cemetary founded 1897
Carrie's gravesite.
Carrie Diekmann (born 1907)
Anna Dieckmann (born 1912)
calvery cemetery, mo (Other)
Carl Heinrich Josephus "Joseph Henry" Diekmann (born 1849)
HermanHansDic_e_kmann (Other)
Herman Hans Dieckmann (born 1877)
Minnie Diekmann (born 1897)