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Results for "wolf"

Name: Elmira Wolf

Birth: 29 Aug 1860 Mountainburg, Crawford, Arkansas, United States

Death: 30 Dec 1952 Armstrong, Texas

Father: Andrew Jackson Peters

Mother: Martha Caroline Orrick

Name: Robert Wolf

Birth: 16 May 1877 Newark, New Castle, Delaware, United States

Death: 10 November 1954 Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut

Father: Theodor Rudolph Wolf

Mother: Annie Rosie Kohler

Name: Daniel Wolf

Birth: 26 Mar 1846 District 31, Lee, Virginia, USA

Death: 3 Feb 1908 Colby, Kansas, USA

Father: Wayman Wolfe

Mother: Rachel Goodman (Gutman)

Name: Jack L Wolf

Birth: 4 Jun 1885 Tennessee

Death: Nov 1969 Colby, Thomas, Kansas, United States of America

Father: Nelson Daniel Wolfe

Mother: Elizbeth Ramsey

Name: Elsie Clara Wolf

Birth: February 25,1881 Dresden, Saxony, Germany

Death: March 1,1960 Bell County, Texas

Father: Karl Wolf

Mother: Louise Margareta Barbe

Name: Catherine E Wolf

Birth: 24 Dec 1834 Twenty Mile Prairie, Porter, Indiana, USA

Death: 1916 Williamsfield, Truro Twp, Illinois

Father: Edmund Dorr Wolf

Mother: Sylvia Wells, Woffe, Millard

Name: Johan Jakob Wolf

Birth: 24 Oct 1807 Germany

Death: 26 August 1893 Byron Center, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: Melchoir Viduus Wolf

Mother: Maria Catharina Erl

Name: Samuel William Wolf

Birth: 1838 Lower Augusta, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1884 Oregon

Father: Abraham Wolf

Mother: Susanna Fasold

Name: Anna Elizabeth Wolf

Birth: 7 Feb 1858 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana

Death: 10 APR 1931 Carthage, Mo.

Father: David Wolf

Mother: Susannah White

Name: Elizabeth Ann Wolf

Birth: 26 Mar 1843 Hendricks County, IN

Death: 13 Jan 1929 Dyer County, TN

Father: Daniel Wolf

Mother: Lydia Houch

Name: Jacob Jake Wolf

Birth: 5 Apr 1844 Nassau, Deggendorf, Bayern, Germany

Death: 24 May 1935 Tyron, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: John Jacob Wolf

Mother: Anna Lauf

Name: Howard Edward Wolf

Birth: 28 Dec 1884 Pottstown, Montgomery, PA, USA

Death: Feb 1970 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Martin Wolfe

Mother: Lydia Ann Badders

Name: Adelma P Wolf

Birth: 7 December 1865 Maryland

Death: 22 Apr 1930 Frederick, Maryland, United States

Father: John Wolfe

Mother: Margaret Catherine Hahn

Name: Joseph B Wolf

Birth: 30 Oct 1884 Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Jan 1964 Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: William J Wolf

Mother: Geraldine Esray

Name: charlie joseph wolf

Birth: sseptrmber 30 1909 San Diego, San Diego, California, USA

Death: 2000 San Diego, San Diego, California, USA

Father: Christof Wolf

Mother: Luisa Marie Robek

Name: Charles Herbert Wolf

Birth: 20 Aug 1891 Norfolk, Arkansas

Death: 15 Dec 1978 El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: Stonewall Lackey

Mother: Dora L Peel

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