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Name: Mary Simos

Birth: 13 Jun 1927 Farmland, Delaware, Indiana, United States

Death: 24 Aug 1998 Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, United States

Father: Gus T Simos

Mother: Idell O. Campbell

Name: James O. SIMOS

Birth: 16 April 1931 Indiana

Death: 3 November 2008 Redkey, Jay Co, IN, USA

Father: Gus T Simos

Mother: Idell O. Campbell

Name: Demetrios Simos

Birth: abt 1878 Greece

Death: 30 Jan 1957 Kern County, California, United States of America

Father: Ionas Simous

Mother: Zoitsa (Zoe) Andronicos

Name: Catherine S Simos

Birth: 13 Sep 1824 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Death: 17 Apr 1901 Cassopolis, Cass Co., MI

Father: George Cevior

Mother: Elizabeth Monroe

Name: Adam Simos

Birth: 27 Dec 1927 Bakersfield, Kern, California, USA

Death: 11 March 2009 Reno, Washoe, Nevada

Father: Dimitrios John Simos

Mother: Iasima Vourlis

Name: Wilhelmina Simos

Birth: abt 1910 Portugal

Death: 8 April 1991 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States of America

Father: Martin Augusto Semas

Mother: Mary Silva

Name: Helen Stathis Simos

Birth: 13 Sep 1908 Smyrna, Izmir, Turkey

Death: 6 Mar 1997 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Costas Stathis


Name: Jack Simos

Birth: 21 Jan 1912 Minnesota

Death: 05 May 1957 Ramsey, Minnesota

Father: Meyer Simos

Mother: Fannie Sandler

Name: Barbara Ann Simos

Birth: 25 Feb 1955 Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 2 March 2014 Millcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: James Stephen Lipinski

Mother: Betty Marie Beer

Name: Elias L Simos

Birth: 4 June 1926 Milwaukee MI, Wisconsin

Death: 13 Jan 2005 Oconomowoc, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Father: Spiro Simos

Mother: Olembia Christois

Name: Johan Johansson Simos

Birth: 7 SEP 1766 Pernaja Rike Simos

Death: 29 FEB 1848 Pernaja Rike Simos

Father: Johan Johansson Simos

Mother: Catarina Matsdotter

Name: John Michael Simos

Birth: 1926 Scranton, Pennsylvania

Death: 14 Mar 2011 Fort Pierce, Florida

Father: Michael A Simos

Mother: Panagota Simos

Name: Ioannis Simos

Birth: 1864 Kythera, Greece

Death: Not Available Kythera, Greece

Father: Zacharias Simos (Kiskiras)

Mother: Erini Koroneou

Name: George Simos

Birth: March 20 Ambelikon Mytilini

Death: 1992 West Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Father: Panagiotis Simos

Mother: Irini KRITIKOU

Name: george simos

Birth: 3 Nov 1928 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Death: 1 Aug 1987 Cook County, Illinois, USA

Father: james a simos

Mother: Marie Helton

Name: Zacharias Simos

Birth: Abt. 1821 Guria, Katsoulianika, Greece

Death: 1891

Father: Georgi Batagio (Simou)

Mother: Margeta Andronikou

Name: George Simos

Birth: 1931 Mesolonghi Greece

Death: 2 Jun 2010

Father: Asimakis

Mother: Demetra Meris

Name: Basil (Billy) Simos

Birth: 1/20/1931 ,Queens, NY

Death: 11/3/1991 Richmond Hill, Queens, NY

Father: Costas Simos

Mother: Thearno Collety

Name: Freda Jena Simos

Birth: 17 May 1910 Wells, Faribault, Minnesota

Death: 04 Sep 1983 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Father: Meyer Simos

Mother: Fannie Sandler

Name: Theodore Simos

Birth: 10 Mar 1892 Other Country

Death: 11 Jul 1959 Kern

Father: Private

Mother: Zoitsa (Zoe) Andronicos

Name: Emanuel Simos

Birth: 18 Jul 1908 Massachusetts

Death: 28 Jun 1989 Rhode Island, USA

Father: Private

Mother: vavor

Name: Sadie Simos

Birth: Mar 1875 Syria

Death: Bet. 27 Feb 1955–1965 Omaha, NE

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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