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Name: Billy Joe Rabe

Birth: 14 Oct 1931 Texas

Death: 23 Feb 1995 Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Texas

Father: Richard Homer Rabe

Mother: Josie Emma Allen

Name: Fred Marvin Rabe

Birth: abt 1913 Texas

Death: 04 MAR 1991 Odessa, Ector, Texas, United States of America

Father: John Rabe

Mother: Lelia Gore


Birth: 21 Jan 1937 Lone Grove, Carter, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 11 Mar 2000 Lone Grove, Carter, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Walton Ladell Rabe

Mother: Tilmae Hinshaw

Name: Rosie B Rabe

Birth: 10 July1891 Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 29 January,1965 Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Charles Rabe

Mother: Lisetti C Burchardt

Name: Heinrich Rabe

Birth: 9 Apr 1834 Rodewald, Hanover, Germany

Death: 1 October 1919 Elgin, Kane County, Illinois, USA

Father: Johann Rabe

Mother: Ilse Heinrichs

Name: Carl F. RABE

Birth: Feb 16, 1889 Freedom, Henry, Ohio, USA

Death: Mar 25, 1937 Napoleon, Henry, Ohio, USA

Father: Friedrich Rabe

Mother: Fredericka Stockman

Name: John Gotfried Rabe

Birth: 26 Sep 1882 Eaton, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 1969 Sheb, Wisconsin

Father: Friedrich Rabe

Mother: Wilhelmina Kapernick

Name: Elmer L Rabe

Birth: 9 AUG 1900 Desdemona, Eastland County, Texas

Death: 6 APR 1985 Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Reuben Daniel Rabe

Mother: Lela Wynn

Name: Elmer W Rabe

Birth: 21 Feb 1909 Ohio

Death: 19 Aug 1989 Mt. Vernon, Posey, IN

Father: William Rabe

Mother: Emma Kruger

Name: Helena "Lena" Rabe

Birth: 23 Mar 1852 Neuteicherwalde, W.Prussia

Death: 24 May 1929 Munich, Cavalier, North Dakota, USA

Father: Reinhold Rabe

Mother: Maria (Marie) Bolt

Name: Agnes Lucile RABE

Birth: 31 Aug 1908 Palo, Fayette, Linn, Iowa, USA

Death: Mar 1995 Mascoutah, Saint Clair County, Illinois

Father: Fred Joseph Rabe

Mother: Mary Arvada Hepker Rabe

Name: William F. Rabe

Birth: 24 Dec 1876 Odebolt, Sac, Iowa, USA

Death: 18 Feb 1970 Rochester, Olmsted Co, Minnesota

Father: Johann Rabe

Mother: Louisa Marie Wegener

Name: Alvin Eldar Rabe

Birth: 26 SEP 1892 Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Aug 1968 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David G Rabe

Mother: Edna Mae Rabe

Name: Nora C Rabe

Birth: 1904 Illinois, USA

Death: 3 Jan 1998 Mendon, Adams, Illinois, USA

Father: Christian Rabe

Mother: Anna Schnellbecher

Name: Alfred Henry Rabe

Birth: Sep 1895 Ohio

Death: 15 Feb 1973 St Marys, Auglaize, Ohio, United States

Father: William THEODORE Rabe

Mother: Catharine Wiemeyer

Name: David Rabe

Birth: abt 1867 Russia

Death: 24 Sep 1922 Yankton, South Dakota, United States

Father: Johann Gottlieb Rabe

Mother: Helena Schmidt

Name: Osker Rabe

Birth: 16 Sep 1878 Missouri

Death: 29 Nov 1940 Keechi, Leon, Texas, USA

Father: Christian Rabe

Mother: Caroline Rickenbacker

Name: Norvin Rabe

Birth: abt 1908 Illinois

Death: 2 Feb 1995 Steger, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Wilhelm, Jr. Rabe

Mother: Hilda Charlotta Bischel/Bueschel/Büschel


Birth: 19 Apr 1888 Oneco Township, Stephenson, Illinois, USA

Death: December 1986 Stephenson County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Herman Rabe

Mother: Amelia Bartlett

Name: Johann Georg Rabe

Birth: 10 Jul 1790 Kingdom, Bibb, Alabama, United States

Death: 1877 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Johann Martin Rabe

Mother: Johanna Rosina Weise

Name: Melvin Allen Rabe

Birth: 15 Oct 1925 Plevna, Fallon, Montana, USA

Death: 9 Jul 2013 Glendive, Dawson, Montana, USA

Father: Carl Wilhelm Rabe

Mother: Adeena E Hoenke

Name: William Isaiah Rabe

Birth: 21 Oct 1899 Buffalo, Leon Co, TX

Death: 9 Oct 1961 Dallas County, Texas, USA

Father: Edward Adam Rabe

Mother: Martha Keziah Mizell

Name: Edna H Rabe

Birth: 19 Mar 1884 Ohio, USA

Death: 29 Mar 1980 Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio, USA

Father: William Gunsolus

Mother: Susannah Katharine Scholl

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