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NAME: Joseph Benjamin Piper

BIRTH: 7 Jul 1880 Greater London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom

DEATH: 3 Mar 1944 Essex, England

FATHER: Joseph Richard PIPER


NAME: Joseph Richard PIPER

BIRTH: Mar 1861 Bethnal Green, London, England

DEATH: Dec 1935 East Ham, Essex, England


MOTHER: Caroline Piper

NAME: Joseph Banfield Piper

BIRTH: 1822 May 17 Tuftonboro, Carroll, New Hampshire, United States

DEATH: 1894 Feb 13 Wolfeboro, Carroll, New Hampshire, United States

FATHER: Timothy Piper

MOTHER: Hannah Neal

NAME: Joseph Archer Piper

BIRTH: abt 1889 Summertown, Oxfordshire

DEATH: 5 Apr 1950 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

FATHER: John William ( rural post messenger) Piper

MOTHER: Rosa Basson

NAME: Joseph Albert (Alfred) "Fred" Piper

BIRTH: 16 May 1860 Biddulph Township, Westminster, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 15 Nov 1928 Alvinston, Lambton, ON

FATHER: Charles Piper

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ardel

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: January 1847 St Agnes, Cornwall, England

DEATH: Dec 1896 St Agnes, Cornwall, England


MOTHER: Mary Ann Cowling


BIRTH: 01 Jun 1813 St Agnes, Truro, Cornwall, England

DEATH: April 1867 Redruth, Cornwall, England


MOTHER: christiana Tyzzer

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 3 Jan 1778 Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

DEATH: 28 Apr 1812 Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

FATHER: Joseph Wright Piper


NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 28 Apr 1829 Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 22 Sep 1893 Alexandria, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Philip John Piper

MOTHER: Susannah Isenberg

NAME: Joseph A. Piper

BIRTH: Jul 1854 Maryland

DEATH: abt 1939 District of Columbia, USA

FATHER: Samuel I (Samiel I) Piper

MOTHER: Mary Sophia Baker

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 23 Aug 1828 Ealing, Middlesex, England

DEATH: Jul 1891 Hillingdon, Middlesex, England

FATHER: James Piper

MOTHER: Ann Piper

NAME: Joseph Reed Piper

BIRTH: 05 MAR 1837 Ohio, United States

DEATH: 04 Mar 1902 Cherry Valley,Ohio

FATHER: William H Piper

MOTHER: Lucy Lorena Walling

NAME: Joseph Weller Piper

BIRTH: January 1858 Hastings, Sussex, England

DEATH: Mar 1942 Hastings, Sussex, England

FATHER: john piper

MOTHER: Emily Forse

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: About 1848 Heathfield, Sussex, England

DEATH: 18 Dec 1917 Woodmancote, Sussex

FATHER: Spencer Piper

MOTHER: Sarah Winchester

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 12 MAR 1805 Burlington County, New Jersey

DEATH: 05 OCT 1866 New Jersey

FATHER: John Piper

MOTHER: Hannah Pearson

NAME: Joseph G Piper

BIRTH: 28 Nov 1839 Flat River, Orange, NC

DEATH: BEF DEC 1935 Durham, NC

FATHER: Samuel Piper

MOTHER: Eleanor "Nellie" Harris

NAME: Joseph "Joe" A Piper

BIRTH: Nov 1887 Germany

DEATH: 1963

FATHER: Gerhardt Pieper

MOTHER: Elizabeth T Unknown Pieper

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 1774 Walton upon Thames, Surrey

DEATH: 6 Jan 1842 Walton, Surrey

FATHER: Joseph Piper

MOTHER: Elizabeth Button

NAME: Joseph Finley Piper

BIRTH: 18 Sep 1897 Strawn, Palo Pinto, TX

DEATH: 6 March 1972 De Leon, Comanche County, Texas, United States of America

FATHER: James Adam Piper

MOTHER: Mary Alice Knox

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 24 Nov 1872 Wisconsin

DEATH: 11 Nov 1919

FATHER: Adam (Pieper) Piper

MOTHER: Anna Piper

NAME: Joseph Martin Piper

BIRTH: 12 Nov 1903 Collinsville, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 13 Jan 1994 Fresno, Fresno, California, USA

FATHER: Louis Harvey Piper

MOTHER: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Agnes Fagan

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 22 Nov 1778 Newburyport, MA (Essex

DEATH: 22 Feb 1845 Newburyport, MA (Essex


MOTHER: Miriam Sweet

NAME: Joseph H Piper

BIRTH: abt 1855 Virginia

DEATH: Not Available Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio, USA

FATHER: George W. Piper

MOTHER: Mary Jane Giger

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 1746 Walton on Thames, Surrey

DEATH: June 1810 Walton on Thames, Surrey

FATHER: Joseph Piper

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Joseph Piper

BIRTH: 1793 Newbury, Berkshire, England

DEATH: January 1857 Hungerford, Berkshire, England

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private