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Parish records are the most useful sources for discovering your family history before the 1800s. They’re basically birth, death and marriage records created in local churches — going right back to the time of Henry VIII.

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Jersey may not seem central to the UK but its history shows just how important this island of some 100,000 people has been. Jersey’s dukes went on to become kings of England after the Battle of Hastings. The island successfully repelled French invasion over the centuries. It was also of key strategic importance during World War II.

With the release of our Jersey parish registry, you can explore your links to the island for the very first time. With records on baptisms, burials and marriages dating back as far as 1540, you can now discover an entirely new family connection.

From Banbury to Bicester and Woodstock to Waterstock, our new Oxfordshire parish records cover the entire county right back to Tudor times.

Whether your ancestors were drawn here by the famous university or to work the farmland, you can search 2 million baptisms, marriages and burials up to the mid-20th Century.

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Our London parish records are among the most popular collections on our site — not least because they cover such a huge percentage of the country’s population.

These baptism, marriage and burial registers provide a complete picture of life in our capital city over more than 400 years. Even if your family doesn’t come from London, it’s likely that at least a few members moved there in search of fame or fortune.

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