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The 1948 Decanois yearbook

The 1948 Decanois yearbook

Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin (View posts)
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The 1948 Decanois

Decatur High School

Decatur, Macon County, Illinois


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Page 1

Cover page

Page 2


Sue Foltz, Audre Roos

Page 3

Table of Contents

Page 4


Page 5


Page 6

Lee D. Pigott

Page 7

Clifford Stiegmeier, Elizabeth Connard

Page 8

Mrs. Lucille C. Andrews, Ruth V. Bane, David F. Batthauer, W. Gansel Bennett, Art Bergstrom, Maud H. Blue

Page 9

Ruth Burlison, Mildred Bushell, Mary E. Carroll, Mrs. Ruth R. Carson, M.B. Corey, Griffie G. Courtney

Page 10

Gerald D. Cox, Doris Crader, W.K. Davis, Leone B. Ehrhardt, Louise Fike, Georgia H. Fisher

Page 11

Thelma M. Franklin, Mrs. Esther Fry, Helen Gorham, Helen E. Green, Jeanne Haroldson, M. Cecilia Hebert

Page 12

Mary B. Hedrick, Christa Herrin, Gertrude O. Hill, Elizabeth Holbrook, Anna L. Hull, Carl F. Jebe

Page 13

Clella L. jones, Gay Kintner, Barbara Kraft, Samuel L. Kohr, Wilmer A. Lamar, May D. Larimore

Page 14

Paul E. LeMarr, Mary M. McIntire, Mayo L. Magill, Mrs. Norma C. Magnuson, Melvin Matthew, H.A. Meinert

Page 15

Lena B. Metzger, Andrew E. Meurlot, Edward Migieliez, Katherine V. Minto, Georgia R. Mitchell, Mrs. Ruth E. Munsie

Page 16

Roy Nelson, Elmer V. Nickel, Morris A. Noland, Mary E. Orr, Mary Parker, C. Edwin Pearson

Page 17

John W. Perkins, Mae Peters, Margery Prestley, Edna M. Robertson, Norton J. Rosan, Lawrence Rueff

Page 18

Marjorie Sanborn, Mabel E. Scheiderer, Thomas L. Settle, Ida Shapiro, Helen I. Stapp, E.E. Stearns

Page 19

Marjory Stone, Kathryn Sturm, Dorthea Summit, Clarence E. Taylor, Effie M. Theobald, Loy E. Wattles

Page 20

Marie Weber, Ralph B. Westerman, Ernest H. Westlund, F.A. White, George M. Wilson, K.B. Wilson

Page 21

D.L. Young, Lois Yoder, Eleanor Wyne, Helen Gould, Beverly Hartsell, Alice Keyl, Betty Dappert

Page 22


Page 23


Page 24

Bill Heise, Betty Antrim, Bettie Ann Flinn, Jack Potter, Bob Brozio, Bill Miller, Ronald Butts

Page 25

Marjorie Andres, Betty Antrim, Betty Armstrong, Rolyn Barden

Norma Bledsoe, Janis Boulware, Shirley Bridgmen, Peggy Briggs

Page 26

Joanne Brown, Robert Brozio, Joan Burg, Ronald Butts, Sally Cannon, Joe Carmack, Geraldine Caudill, Doris Cherry

Page 27

Jackie Cook, Doris Crum, Shirley Culumber, Carlyle Eugene Dame

Jack Davidson, Walter Du Bridge, Dick Evans, Dick Ferre

Page 28

Betty Fink, Bettie Ann Flinn, Betty Floyd, Roger Fruit, David Goodman, John Goodwin, Gary Gray, Florence Green

Page 29

Marjorie Hall, Wayne Hall, Martha Harris, William Heise, Shirley Heyduck, Clarence Howard, Barbara Hughes, William Hughes

Page 30

George Jeffrey, Jo-Ann Kashefska, Georgia Mae Koons, Robert Livingston

Roberta Livingston, Jacqueline McArty, John McEvoy, Ralph McLaughlin

Page 31

Maurice Martin, Shirley Masters, Patricia Mattchen, William Miller, Kenneth Minton, William Moon, Mary Mosser, Eloise Ney

Page 32

Nancy Ott, Robert Owens, Robert Poe, Jack Potter, Joanne Quillen, Corrine Rahn, Anne Redfern, Charles Reeves

Page 33

Verneal Rentfro, Jack E. Robb, John Roman, Bonnie Shults

Joan Syfert, Jack Schepper, Gleason Shaffer, Kenneth Skinner

Page 34

Daniel Smith, Bill Spaeth, Walter Spears, Gene Starbody, Jean Susin, Vernon Talbott, Dan Toole, Jane Tuttle

Page 35

Marshall Van Fleet, Roger Van Praag, Nancy Walker, Jimmie Whitmore

Robert C. Williams, William Williams, William Wrightsman

Page 36

Vernon Talbott, Nancy Ott, William Heise

Page 37

Shirley Culumber, Jo Ann Kashefska, Richard Evans, George Jeffrey

Robert Brozio, Nancy Ott, Jean Susin, Joan Burg, Betty Antrim, Jack Davidson

Page 38

Patricia Poundstone, Patricia McCray, Barbara Hughes, Marshall Susler, Marilyn Brauner, Mrs. Inez J. Bender

Page 39

Jacqueline Howard, Miriam Baade, Mary W. French

Page 40

Duaine Williams, Pat McCray, Sue Foltz, William Simon, Robert Brozio, Marilee Scribner

Page 41

Isabel Bering, Jim Molloy, Jerry Cassell, Jim Stuckey, Telly Greanias, Kathleen Fesler

Page 42

Tom Warren, Patricia McCary, David Bernard, Robert Ferguson

Page 43

Edgar Williams, David Buck, Roger Williams, Richard Wright

Page 44

Rosamond Abbott, Richard Allen, Jack Allsup, Patti Anderson, Richard J. Anderson, Richard L. Anderson

Page 45

Marian Andrews, Marilyn Andrews, Maryann Armstrong, Dale Arnold, William Arnold, Miriam Baade

Page 46

James Babcock, Joan Bacon, Richard Badorek, Russell Baer, Dale Bailey, Eileen Baird, Barbara Ball, William Baney

Page 47

Barbara Banner, Marcielle Bantz, Betty Barnes, Joseph Barnes

Barbara Jean Barnett, Richard Barnhart, Nancy Bartlett, David Bauer

Page 48

Phyllis Bauer, Robert E. Bauer, Robert H. Bauer, Rosemary Bauer, Jack Baum, Robert Behen, Delmar Behrns, Jack Bergen

Page 49

Isabel Bering, David Bernard, Cosetta Bess, Margie Best, Joan Bielefeld, Marilyn Birchfield, Gene Black, Chester Boggs

Page 50

Dorothy Jo Ann Bolin, Floyd Bolt, Leona Bottrell, Joann Boughter, Irma Bracken, Mary Lou Braden, Paul Brady, Phyllis Brady

Page 51

Charlotte Bramer, Marilyn Brauer, Adaline Bronson, Phyllis Brooks

David Broom, Claire Brosend, Maurice Brown, Betty Buck

Page 52

David Buck, Robert Buck, Monte Bullington, Harry Burgener

Margery Burgener, Robert Burkham, Marian Campbell, Beverly Carter

Page 53

Clifford Carter, Robert Carter, Jerry Cassell, Bessie Chaney, Jacqueline Chepan

Norma Jean Christopher, Helen Jane Clark, Donald Clary

Page 54

William Clements, Edwin Clesson, Robert Coffman, Henry Cole, Shirley Coleman, Carroll Colter, Pat Connelly, Jack Constant

Page 55

Don Cook, Richard Corley, Eugene Cowger, Patsy Cox, Eunice Crabtree, Robert Crawford, Donald Cruise, Eileen Crystal

Page 56

Vadah Marie Curfman, Jack Curran, Barbara Cusick, William Darling

Jack Davidson, Mary Davies, Beverly Davis, Marilyn Davis

Page 57

Sidney Davis, Lela Day, Mary Deakins, Norma Jean Dechert, Carl De Moulin, Maxine Deutch, Mildred Dexter, Don Dilbeck

Page 58

Ethel Donkofski, Colleen Douglas, Herbert Douglas, Patricia Dowling

Bud Downey, Carolyn Duncan, Edwina Duncan, Joy Dunn

Page 59

Bonnie Durbin, Lawrence Ebaugh, Earnestine Echols, Martha Eckard

Barbara Eddy, B. Arlene Edgecombe, Eloise Edwards, Gloria Egnor

Page 60

Virginia Elwood, Jean Ellis, Betty Ewing, Duane Farnsworth, Gerald Fedrigon

Judith Ferguson, Lawrence Ferguson, Lysbeth Ferguson

Page 61

Robert Ferguson, William Ferguson, Kathleen Fesler, Edith Filchak

Charles Flannegan Jr., Jack L. Fleener, Sue Foltz, Norma Ford

Page 62

Joan Fox, Don Fozzard, Thelma Frazee, Gladys Fuller, Rose Marie Fundy

Elaine Funkhouser, Edward Gammel, Walter Garnes

Page 63

Margaret Gard, Gloria Gebhart, Virginia Glatz, Willard Glosser

Lorraine Goldman, Robert Goltermann, James Goodson, Arlene Gorschen

Page 64

Florence Grabowski, Alice Grace, Mary Lou Graham, Maureen Graham

Telly Greanias, Barbara Green, Barbara Hall, Guilbert Halliburton

Page 65

James Hansen, Eleanor Hawkins, Verne Haymes, Donna Hedger, Sarah Heil

Beverly Heinzelmann, Richard Helledy, Jacqueline Henthorne

Page 66

Patricia Hickisch, Lyle Hoffman, Jeannette Holmes, Jacqueline Howard

Robert Howell, Betty Huckile, Rebecca Hughes, Robert Hullinger

Page 67

Harold Hurley, Theodore Jackson, Mildred Jacobs, Joanne James

Shirley Jenkins, Betty Johnson, Geraldine Jones, Stanley Jones

Page 68

John Judge, Delores Kalins, John Keefner, Mary Keeling, Mary Lou Kekeison, Claudia Kemp, Dale Kenyon Jr., Gwen Klitzing

Page 69

Norman Kocher, Virginia Kraabel, Boyd Kraft, William Kramer

Charles Lansden, Joyce Larrick, Herbert Laskowski, Edwin Leach

Page 70

Charles Leese, Carlene Lingenfelter, Darrel G. Livesay, Beverly Logan

Charles Logue, Pat Long, Helen Lourash, Marylyn Lowe

Page 71

Richard Lucas, Marjorie Ldwick, Eileen Luka, Daniel Lycan

William McClintick, Norman McCormick, Pat McCray, Pat McCrory

Page 72

Joan McCumber, Jean McDonald, John McDonald, Donald McClain

LaVerne Madia, Helen Malleos, Ralph Maloney, Kenneth Mansfield

Page 73

Betty Markley, Carol Marohl, Berly Martin, Stanley Mathias

Richard Matteson, William Meeham, Constance Mentis, Robert Meyer

Page 74

Jean Meyers, Betty Miller, Lee Miller, Joann Miller, Wayne Miller, David Milligan, Peggy Mitchell, James Molloy

Page 75

Darlene Moore, Delores Moore, Thelma Moore, Richard Mortweet

George Mose, Barbara Munson, Kathryn Munster, Arthur Murray

Page 76

Lorraine Nalefski, Betty Newbern, Elaine Nihiser, Marilyn O’Brien

Patty O’Byrne, Richard Oglesby, Janet Olmstead, Richard O’Neill

Page 77

Betty Ose, Cecilia Ossowski, Mary Ostrander, Richard Oyler, Ethel Parks, Richard Parrish, Max Parton, Wilma Peel

Page 78

Marvin Penwell, Shirley Perry, Lois Pierson, Vera Poe, Wilma Jean Poe, William Poole, Patricia Poundstone, Bob Powell

Page 79

William Prescott, Suzanne Prince, Shirley Pritts, Daniel Reed, Donna Rees, Jack Reeves, Robert Reich, James Reynolds

Page 80

Eloise Reynolds, Betty Rice, William Rice, Ciney Rich, Shirley Richhart, Donald Rigdon, Iris Rinehart, Rachel Roarick

Page 81

Beverly Roberts, Norma Robinson, William Rodgers, Audre Roos

Verna Roper, Mary Rosenbraugh, Richard Runyon, Gerald Russell

Page 82

Anna Sanders, Robert Sarver, Jacqueline Sattley, Ruth Schafer

Marilyn Schmidt, Merilyn Schroder, Lorene Schultz, Gene Schultz

Page 83

Virginia Schultz, Dorothy Schwartz, William Scott, Marilee Scribner

Norma Secrest, Dean Shaffer, Patricia Sharpe, Beverly Shaw

Page 84

Shirley Shaw, Gerald Sheppard, Elizabeth Sherman, Ethel Jean Shumate

William Simon, Jacquelyn Simpkins, Paul Skelley, Nancy Slade

Page 85

Doris Sloatman, Betty Jo Smith, Dorothy Smith, Louise Smith

Mary E. Smith, Virginia Ann Smith, Mary Jean Soules, Jean Spangler

Page 86

George Spates, Dorothy Stack, Barbara Stanley, Stanley Stravopoulos

Patsy Steed, Anne Stone, Carolyn Strahle, Joann Stratman

Page 87

James Stuckey, William Stuckey, William Surface, Marshall Susler

William Talbert Jr., Rosalie Talley, Delores Tebussek, William Teschner

Page 88

Betty Thomas, Betty Tolladay, Iva Traughber, Arlene Trolia, Dorothy Turner, Lynn Turner, Nelda Turner, Richard Vail

Page 89

Angeline Vallas, Charlotte Vandervort, Alice Virden, Marese Vollers

Dorothy Waddell, Evelyn Mae Walker, Martha Walker, Phyllis Waller

Page 90

Wilbur Ware, Betty Lee Warnack, Thomas Carroll Warren, Wallace Warren

Robert Watters, Roberta Ann Weimer, Marilyn Wendell, Fran Wilkinson

Page 91

David Williams, Duaine Williams, Edgar Williams, Henry Williams

Pauline Williams, Robert Williams, Roger Williams, Edward Wingate

Page 92

John Winick, James Winter, Shirley Witt, Yolanda Wnorowski, Carolyn Wolke, Elmer Woodard, June Woodrum

Page 93

Earl Wright, Richard Wright, Mary Wyatt, Dolores Yaegel, Richard Yakel, Betty Young, Elizabeth Zimmer

Page 94

Marshall Susler, Tom Warren, Ciney Rich

Page 95

Edward Gammel, Mary Ruth Ostrander, Lynn Turner, Robert Golterman, Edgar Williams, Barbara Hall, Beverly Carter

Arlene Trolia, Gloria Gebhart, Yolanda Wnorowski, Jean Spangler, Audre Roos, Louise Smith, Marilyn O’Brien

Miriam Baade, Kathleen Fesler, Pat Poundstone, Betty Tolladay, Joan McCumber, Marian Andrews, Marilyn Andrews

Pat McCrory, Edgar Williams, Lawrence Ebaugh, David Bernard, Dorothy Schwartz, Marilee Scribner

Page 96


Page 97


Page 98

David Richardson, John Wilcox, Dewayne Adams, Joan Adams, Patricia Adams, Robert Adams

Elsie Aichele, Peggy Alde, Don Allen, Richard Allen, Jeanette Altoff, Alan Anderson, Joyce Anderson

Nancy Andrews, Charlene Applebaum, Dorothy Appelman, Betty Armsworth, Ellis Aubern

Page 99

Sandra Spangler, Betty Berryhill, Jack Shepherd, Duaine Avis, Shirley Bahlow, Earl Baker

Florence Baldridge, Roger Baldwin, Betty Balkum, Dick Balance, Elaine Barber, Jean Barnes

Joanne Barnett, Shirley Beals, Richard Beaman, Jesse Benedict, Mary Lou Benson, Gene Bergin, Horace Bering

Page 100

Dale Berry, Betty Berryhill, Suzanne Bilgere, Eleanor Bilyeu, LeRoy Blacet, Betty Blankenburg, Stewart Blumenfeld

Rea Del Boggs, Tommy Bolyard, Norma Bond, La Vonne Booher, Jo Ann Bourland, George Bower, Dale Bowman

Ardyth Boyd, Dale Boyd, John Boyle, Shirley Bradbury, Glenn Brady, Jeanette Brady, Beverly Bretz, Jean Brian

Marilyn Brian, Verdel Bright, James Brohard, Ralph Brooks, Gloria Brown, Mary Brown, Nelda Brown, Shirley Browning

Marianne Bruss, Bill Bryan, Alvin Buechler, Leon Buechler, Ruth Burge, Delbert Burnett, Dionne Burnett, Charles Burns

Shirley Burris, Donald Butler, Ruth Butler, Carl Calvert, Gloria Camp, Jeanne Carnahan, Kenneth Carter, Jane Castell

William Caudill, Richard Chamblin, Djina Champion, Martha Chastian, Doris Chelli, Jackie Chilton, Mary Clark, Joan Colbert

Page 101

Alice Conder, Lyle Corley, Lois Coutant, Charles Cox, Carolyn Craig, Harold Crawley, Helen Crawley, Jim Crouch

Stanley Crouch, Linn Cummins, Wanda Cunningham, Patricia Curtis, Clinton Daniels, Eugene Daniels, Marjorie Daily

Don Dare, Jacqueline Davis, Nancy Ann Davis, Robert Davis, Shirley Delaney, Christina De Marr, Marlene Dembo

Max Denton, James Deremiah, Al Deurbrouch, Herbert Dexler, Joyce Dickerson, Elaine Dilbeck, Darrel Diles

George Dipper, Jauneth Dobson, Robert Dobson, Delores Dodson, Betty Donaldson, Doris Donkofski

Gloria Doolin, James Doss, Rosetta Doty, James Downey, Jack Douglas, Eunice Dratwick, Barbara Drew

Phyllis Drum, Richard Du Chette, Jackie Dunkel, Ina Durbin, Phyllis Eaton, Robert Eaton, Barbara Edwards

Darl Edwards, Darl Edwards, Dorothy Edwards, Roy Edwards, Shirley Emerson, Bonnie Erickson

Page 102

Sue Etherington, James Esque, Glenn Ewing, Leona Eyer, Janet Farrell, Robert Fear, Paula Ferguson, Donald Ferry

Forest File, Alan Filley, Leo Finfrock, James Fisher, Virginia Fisher, Arnyth Fleener, Nancy Fletcher, Bob Foster

Anne Fowler, Donald Franklin, Jack Franklin, Janet Frazier, Emma Frushour, Margaret Furnish, Sam Gabriel

Joe Gallagher, James Gallivan, Ed Gant, June Gardner, James Gasaway, Beverly German, Shirley Giberson, Shirley Gibson

Mary Jane Gilbert, Frances Gillen, Coral Gobert, Marcia Goff, Rosalie Goffas, Tom Goodman, Gloria Green, Marilyn Green

Robert Greene, Doug Griffin, Marilyn Griffin, Angeline Grosso, John Grove, Barbara Groves, Henry Hack, Jack Hackl

Mary Hadley, Tom Haglauer, Nancy Hahn, Jimmy Hale, Lowell Hale, Edwin Hall, Dick Halliburton

Page 103

Ralph Handley, Richard Hanes, Shirley Hamman, Hope Hansen, Robert Hargett, Clifford Harkness, Clara Harmon

Bob Harmon, Betty Harrington, Marion Hartman, Myrna Hatton, Barbara Hawkins, Dolores Hayes, Pat Hedenberg

Marilynn Hedger, Don Heien, Yvonne Heiland, Nancy Henry, Mary Lou Henson, Geraldine Heveran, Dick Hyland

Betty Highcock, Susan Hill, Jack Himstedt, Mary Hirst, Raymond Hirst, Betty Holmes, Betty Holt, Bessie Hood

Mary Hotwick, Edwin Houser, Wayne Houser, Betty Hoyt, Richard Hoyt, Keith Huff, Alice Jackson, David James

Don James, Roger James, Mariane Jenkins, Irene Jepson, Delores Johnson, Phillips Jordan, Ralph Jones, Robert Lee Jones

Bonita Jostes, Ed Karloske, Charles Karr, Janet Kellar, Margie Kellar, Kay Keith, Nelda Kemmer, John Kemp, Kenneth Kerstein

Page 104

Esther Kettlelamp, Glen King, Robert King, David Kirk, Gilbe Knudston, Jackie Krekel, Jack Kreker, Barbara Kulbarsh

Edwin Kuny, Elizabeth Kuny, Betty Lahme, Stuart Langdon, Mary Pat Langlois, Gilbert Largent, Betty Larson, Joan Leahy

Don Leese, Dick Leihser, Lois Leigh, Betty Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Anna Lindsten, Bob Lingerfelter, Dorothy Logan, Mary Logan

Lila Longbons, Dean Loveall, Clara Luka, Doug Lukey, Frances Lupe, Carlos Lyon, Charlotte Lyon, Dick McArthy

Lois McBride, Russell McCann, James McCray, Gaydell McDaniel, Joe McDavid, Shirley McElhany, Anne McElroy

Margaret McElroy, Dorothy McFarland, Catherine McGinnis, Martha McGowan, Betty McLaughlin, Madeline McLemore

Don McMillen, John Madden, Mary Maddon, Shirley Mahon, John Magnuson, Mary Malleos, Ilene Mansfield, Alice Mansholt

Page 105

Jackie March, Sally March, Betty Marchisello, Pepper Martin, Delbert Mason, Hal Mastens, Hazel Maxer, David Mayberry

James Meads, R.L. Meadors, Marilyn Medley, Jack Meisner, Karen Meldahl, Marton Melnik, George Mennel, Patricia Michael

Joanne Miller, Wilbur Miller, Gail Milliken, Robert Mills, Carl Minton, Donald Minton, Carl Moore, Gene Morgon, Asa Morris

Richard Morris, Charles Morton, Elmore Morthland, Mary Mounts, Phillips Mueller, Marcia Mulholland, Martha Murphy

Doug Muth, Imogene Manna, William A. Nash, Bob Neeley, George Ney, Robert Nichols, Jo Ann Nickey, Moses Nickey

John G. Noble, Sally Nuckolls, Robert O’Conner, Joe O’Dell, Shirley O’Dell, Richard Oliver, Gene Osborne

Suzanne Osborne, William Osborn, Barbara Owens, Beverly Owens, Robert Owens, Carl Painter, Dolly Pappas

Page 106

Shirley Parker, Edmonde Peek, Dale Perry, Richard Perry, Verna Peters, Barbara Pfeifer, George Pfotenhauer, Phyllis Phipps

Harold Piety, Philips Piety, Richard Poe, Tammy Poe, Phillip Palley, Dale Potts, Marilyn Potts, Frances Priddy, Helen Printy

Keith Propst, Mary Prust, Joseph Pygman, Robert Quickel, Barbara Quinlan, Jean Raebel, Jean Rambo, Barbara Ramsey

Paul Randolph, Louana Redden, Bill Reed, George Reed, Barbara Reidelberger, Arlene Richards, Don Richards

Evelyn Richards, Dave Richardson, Stanley Richison, Betty Roberson, Betty Robinson, Dean Roby, Joanne Rodger

Angeline Romano, Emma Rosetto, Helen Ross, Walter Rowland, Barbara Rule, Phyllis Riepp, Robert Russell

Bettymae Ryan, Mary Ryan, James Sapp, Sharon Sattley, Lorene Scammahorn, Barbara Schafer, Jack Schaffer, Bill Scharf

Page 107

James Scheibly, Roger Scholes, Eloise Scholz, Ruth Schott, Barbara Schultz, Imogene Schwab, Bill Scott, William Sears

Carolyn Seeber, Suzanne Seitz, Philip Sheets, Shirley Shelton, Jack Sheperd, Phillip Sheridan, Don Sheumaker, Joan Sholton

Barbara Shonkweiler, Richard Shrout, David Shulke, Bessie Sedener, Robert Sigmon, Nova Siburt, Shirley Simroth

Charles Skeens, Dean Skusa, Seona Slayback, Beverly Smith, Delbert Smith, Earl Smith, Joy Ann Smith, Robert B. Smith

Robert L. Smith, Donald Snyder, Sandra Spangler, Jo Ann Speaks, Bob Spinner, Bill Sproat, Phil Spivey, Dixie Stanley

Marjorie Stanley, Norma Stark, Alexander Stavropoulos, Lee Steele, Lorraine Stephens, John Stewart, Fred Stocks

Foster Stone, Betty Stuckey, Elaine Stuckey, Bob Sullivan, Norma Summer, Don Sunderland, Dorene Sutton, Norma Swank

Page 108

Earle Sweeney, Robert Sweeney, Pat Talbert, Nancy Tapscott, Preston Tapscott, Marilyn Tatham, Mervin Taylor

Roberta Taylor, Stanley Taylor, Richard Tile, Richard Tempel, Lillian Tertel, Joe Thomas, Wallace Thomas

Charlotte Thomason, Wayne Thompson, William Thompson, Richard Tish, Art Tolliver, Mary D. Tolly, Thelma Tooley

Thelma Trummel, Dorthea Traughber, Mary Lee Travis, Charlene Traxler, Beverly Treadwell, Mary Truebe

Angeline Tsevelekos, Maryellen Tuite, Alice Turner, Roselyn Turner, Raymond Umfleet, Bernadine Vance, Sandra Walden

Sam Van Hook, Linda Van Meter, James Van Praag, Loren Van Tuyl, William Wade, David Wahl, Bernard Walker

Bill Walker, Donna Mae Walker, Frances Walker, Mary Walker, Maybelle Walker, Willis Walker, Norma Wall

Charlotte Wallace, Clayton Walters, Joe Ward, Robert Wasson, Gerald Watson, Mary Wayne

Page 109

Dick Weatherford, Richard Webber, Barbara Wicker, Randy Wicker, Barbara White, John Wilcox, Peggy Wilkinson

Pat Williams, Doris A. Williamson, Mary Ann Wood, Sarah Wood, Jack Wilmore, Robert Wilson, Melvin Wringler

Jeannine Winter, Winifred Wise, John Wisely, John Witt, David Wrigley, Mary Rose Yeaw, Dianne Yockey, Gene Young

Dave Younger, Dale Yung, Bill Zellars, Nancy Hohn, Virginia Fisher, Betty Mae Ryan, Elizabeth Kuny, Betty Berryhill

Nancy Davis, Beverly Bretz, Mary Henson, Sandra Spangler, Jauneth Dobson, Jane Castell, David Wall, Charlotte Lyon

Joanne Rodger, Wanda Cunningham, Suzanne Bilgere, Martha McGowan, Shirley Gahlow, Joan Adams, Roger Baldwin

Jack Kreker, Darl Edwards, Bill Walker, Jack Nixon, John Steward, Bob Smith, Joe Ward, Bob Fear, Jack Toth, Asa Morris

Page 110


Page 111


Page 112

William Bertsch, June Arnold, Neal Bonds, Phyllis Abbott, Marilyn Adams, Darrel Alcorn, Phyllis Allen, Rosemary Allen

Thelma Alsup, Dean Ammon, Barbara Anderson, Duane Anderson, Phillips Andrews, Cynthia Armsworth, Philip Arndt

Jane Arnold, Nancy Ash, Darod Aubert, Mary Augestine, Pearl Auten, Gloria Auton, Joan Bain, Joan Ballard

Page 113

Don Chepan, William Montgomery, Mervin Taylor, Lloyd Ballinger, Arlene Banks, Denell Banks, Beverly Barber

Beverly Barley, Genanne Barnett, Betty Barnett, John Barth, Jack Bates, Marjorie Baugh, Delmar Baum, Robert Baum

Jackie Beal, Norma Beals, Jean Bear, Betty Bechtel, Darrell Beck, Hazel Beggs, Eunice Bell, Robert Bergen

Page 114

Loretta Benner, Charles Berry, Joan Berry, Bill Bertsch, Max Best, Wayne Bickes, Louise Black, Audrey Blackman

Robert Blackeney, Donna Blankenship, Dorothy Blankenship, Vivian Bledsaw, Doris Boggs, Patricia Bohon, Allan Bohon

Neal Bonds, Janet Boneham, Kenneth Booker, Marie Boulware, Donald Bowman, John Bowman, Francis Boyer, Tenny Bower

Rose Boyle, Gerald Bradshaw, Mary Brand, Dorsay Brandon, Charles Bauer, Joseph Brensley, Challise Bricker, Jerry Brilley

Beverly Brooks, Robert Brown, John Browning, Wanda Brownlee, Marilyn Brozio, Delores Buckley, Marjorie Bunch

Phyllis Bunch, Jo Ann Buchard, Barbara Burke, Sally Burks, Jeannette Burnau, Verlyn Burnett, Gene Burse, Barbara Burt

Ruth Buttz, James Cade, Charles Calvin, Mailyn Cameron, Douglas Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Jack Campbell

Page 115

Shirley Cannon, Charles Carnock, Leslie Carr, Carolyn Carson, Dale Carter, Eugene Carter, Nelda Cassell, Donald Carlock

Bill Cecil, Barbara Chamblin, Cyrus Chaney, Don Chepan, Nellie Chesterman, Charlotte Christensen, Patty Clanton

Carol Clark, Norma Clark, Joyce Clayton, Bill Clem, Bob Cline, Kenneth Cochennour, Aryyl Coburn, Donna Cole

Darlene Coleman, Allen Collins, Bill Collins, David Condon, Virginia Conner, Evelyn Cook, Nancy Jane Cook, George Cooper

Maxine Cardes, Sally Cottle, Doris Cotton, Joe Colton, Rosemary Colters, Dale Cox, Mary Martha Cox, Verna Cox

William Cozier, Charles Craig, Glen Crawley, Keith Cribbet, Barbara Crook, Jack Crystal, Jean Crystal, Clarence Cummings

Carolyn Curtis, Don Custin, Beverly Daniels, Betty Davis, Roger Davis, Norma Deakins, Thomas De Cato

Page 116

William De Harity, Robert De Ment, Leah Deal, Richard Dell, Nancy Dillman, Dwight Dobbs, Jim Donaldson, Irma Doner

Carroll Doolen, Delores Doolen, James Doolen, Delores Doolen, Shirley Downey, Thomas Downey, Robert Dunker

Mickey Durbin, Bruce Eastham, John Eddy, Barbara Edwards, Beryl Edwards, Jeanine Edwards, John Ehman

Betty Eichenauer, Beverly Ekiss, Roger Ellegood, Marion Elliott, Patricia Elliott, Delores Ellis, Robert Ellis, Alan England

Dora England, Henry English, Roberta English, John Ernst, Ted Estell, Robert Etherton, Mary Evans, Ned Ewing

Delores Fabley, Delores Falk, Ivan Fawley, Charlene Fedrigon, Barbara Feltenberger, Gordon Ferguson, Roger Ferguson

Gerald Ferre, Barbara Ficker, Janet File, James Finley, Walter Fisher, alice Ferguson, Gloria Folk, Jim Forbes, James Foster

Page 117

Jeanine Fox, Jerry Friend, LaVerne Fuller, Beverly Funk, Irma Gallagher, Merilyn Gallagher, Glenna Gambee

Reva Goss, Don Garrett, Virginia Garren, William Garver, Richard German, Esther Gillespie, Janet Gilligan

Richard Gillen, Harold Gilman, David Gobert, Alberta Goff, James Gould, Laura Grace, Lorraine Grace

Alan Graham, Larry Grant, Don Greene, Joanne Griffith, Roger Grohne, Donna Grosch, Marianne Grub

Sarah Guy, Ivan Hockney, Leiby Hall, Marvin Hall, Gloria Hambrecht, Melvin Harden, Robert Hardin, Shirley Hardin

Harold Hardcastle, Bonny Hardwick, Richard Harrinton, Ruth Harvey, John Hawkins, William Hays

Lucille Hazenfield, Clarence Hedges, Mary Hegerty, Janet Helgen, Madge Hendricks, Shirley Hendricks

James Henigman, Betty Henington, Donna Gerbig, Florence Henry, Rita Hess, Geraldine Hettinger

Page 118

Joseph Heveran, Lucille Highcock, Joann Hill, Wanda Hill, Richard Hinden, Doris Hines, Charlene Hinton, Merlyn Hoffman

Wayn Hogan, Camelia Holt, Darlene Hoots, James Hotwick, Ben Howenstine, Virginia Howard, Nancy Huff, Charlene Hughes

Shirley Hunt, Lionel Hunter, Ruthmary Huntley, Robert Hutchins, Melvin Hutton, Gene Hyland, Loren Jackson, Lorne Jackson

Nitell Jackson, Carol Jacobs, Ruth Jendry, Alice Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Delores Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Joy Johnson

Marilyn Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Dorothy Jones, Lyle Jones, Shirley Jones, Ruth Jones, Mary Alice Josen, Bill Joyner

Patrick Kaiser, Barbara Kalapis, Bonnie Karch, Christine Kareotos, Thomas Karlowski, Donald Karr, Edwin Kayhs

Virginia Kemp, Tommy Herwin, Joyce Keyl, Janet Kile, Robert Kileen, David King, Eunice Klebe

Page 119

Dorothy Knott, Carol Knudston, Bob Koscielny, Joan Koshinski, Florence Kraabel, Charles Krohn, Joyce Kufer

Bob Kubow, Scott Kwasny, William Lamb, Charles Lambert, Joe Lambert, Dale Landes, Richard Lansden

Edith Laskawski, Wanda Lawrence, Don Laughery, Colleen Leahy, Barbara LeBre, James Leigh, Beverly Leihser

Phyllis Liebergood, Don Lichtenberger, Ann Lindsey, Phyllis Leschewski, Norman Little, Betty Lockwood

Beverly Long, James Long, Loren Longbons, Jerry Lynch, Delores McCarty, Bill McCelland, Nancy McClure

Ruby McCoy, Janet McCumber, Lawrence McCollom, John McGhee, Dolores McKenzie, Beverly McLemore

Dorothy McLemore, Charles McMahon, Kenneth McWilliams, Mary McQuiston, Marilyn Macrafic, Marie Madden

George Madias, Tom Maddox, Verna Maddy, Dewey Main, Bob Manning, Bill Maple, Jackie MaGuire, Ruth Marmor

Page 120

Jack Marques, Catherine Martin, Dick March, Georgia Marsh, Geraldine Marsh, Jack May, Bob Mayberry

Lorna Mays, Ernest Meador, Kenneth Meier, Barbara Mendenhall, Doris Mickelman, Francis Miller

Wanda Miller, Marilyn Mills, Tom Martin, Rosella Mize, Don Moore, Howard Moore, James Moore, Patricia Moran

Barbara Morey, Frank Morton, Bill Montgomery, Jo Ann Moutray, Marilyn Moyer, Janey Mueller, Irmagard Muelle

Robert Mulverhill, Jerrie Murphy, Bill Myrold, Elizabeth Myers, Peeggy Myers, Carolyn Nance, Patricia Narup

Bob Neece, Elsie Newberry, John Newberry, David Niederbrach, Ronald Nihiser, Joyce Nickey, Buford Nixon

Twylah Novack, Ross Novatney, Shirley Oakley, Donald O’Brien, Doris O’Connor, Alice Odem

Gwen Oglesby, Bob Oldweiler, June Ooten, Charlene Ott, Sue Owens, Jennie Oyler

Page 121

Gene Parton, Bernadine Patton, Bill Paslay, Ned Peabody, Robert Peck, James Penwell, Bill Perkins

Eunice Peters, Clark Peterson, Lois Petro, Margaret Pharis, Bill Pier, Don Pogue, Ronnie Poole

Carol Pope, Esther Post, Eleanor Poundstone, Charleen Powell, Peggy Printy, Paul Pritts, Areatha Probst

George Prust, Richard Pygman, Ronald Ramsey, Mae Randle, Barbara Redden, Barbara Reed, Sharon Reed

Jack Reynolds, Barbara Rickard, Shirley Richardson, Tom Richardson, Lois Richhart, Charles Ridlen

Georganne Riley, Mildred Robb, Pat Robb, Ruth Robb, Harold Roberts, Martha Robinson, Alan Robley

Eugene Rogers, Justine Rohman, Wallace Rostek, Sandra Rotenberg, Pat Roush, Marvin Rowland

Gentile Ruffini, Bob Runyon, Leo Ryan, Jetty Jane Ryder, Mary Ann Salogga, Donald Samuel, James Sandage

Page 122

Dorothy Sanford, Joanne Scardello, Bob Schirmer, Gilbert Schmidt, Alferd Schultz, Joe Schweizer, Betty Scott

Charlotte Seitz, Suzanne Sensenbaugh, Bill Shaw, Marjorie Shaw, Ronald Sherman, Roger Shildneck, John Shine

Marlene Sheumaker, Cindy Shorb, Margie Siburt, Mary Simpkins, Mary Skelly, Sally Smart, Joyce Smittinger, Donald Smith

Ethel Smith, Fred Smith, Karen Smith, Charlene Smith, Sylvia Smith, Verna Smith, Ronald Snelson, Dick Spaar

Mary Spencer, Bill Spicer, Norma Spires, Janet Strahl, Paul Stanley, Doris Starbody, Theodore Stavropoulos, Carolyn Stern

Helen Stern, Paul Stern, Beverly Stern, Shirley Stern, Jean Stewart, Phillip Stewart, Mildred Stocks, Charles Stolz

Ina Stonebraker, Marilyn Storey, Dick Suhl, Mary Summar, Patricia Sutton, Ronald Sutton, Don Swank, Don Switzer

Page 123

Ruth Tabor, Mack Tague, Dale Taylor, Jim Taylor, Vesper Taylor, Gladys Thomas, Rosalyn Thomas

Barbara Thompson, Bill Thompson, Delores Thompson, Glenn Thompson, Jean Thompson, Mercedes Tilinski

Dana Tooley, Ruth Traughber, Norman Trolia, Bill Truebe, Jack Trummel, Janet Turner, Viola Umfleet

Leonard Vance, Barbara Vaughan, Eddie Veech, Jim Vioni, James Wabel, Evelyn Waddell, Eldon Wade

Don Waggoner, David Waggoner, Milton Walden, Ellen Van Fleet, Bill Walker, Jerry Walker, Patricia Waller

Jerry Watkins, David Watts, Norma Webster, Patsy Wieland, Nancy Weileep, Enis Weldy, Violet Whipple

David White, Charlotte Whitrock, Thelma Whitmore, Robert Wichert, Sarah Wickline, Forest Wikoff

Betty Wilkinson, Joan Williams, Katherine Williams, Orval Williams, Ralph Williams, Don Wilson, Geraldine Wilson

Page 124

Glenn Wilson, James Wilson, Larry Wilson, Shirley Winholtz, Richard Winkleblack, Irvin Winter, Carol Wise, Jean Witt

Porter Womeldorff, Norma Wolf, Lynne Wonderlin, Helen Woods, Edna Young, Rose Mary Cox, Janet Mueller

Elsie Newberry, Peggy Printy, Mary Lou Evans, La Verne Fuller, Ruth Robb, Nancy Lee Hull, Anna Lee Lindsay

Christine Kareotes, Roberta Wylie, Bill Clem, Norma Trolia, Tom Minton, Dale Taylor, Shirley Hendricks, June Arnold

Virginia Kemp, Louie Black, Gene Carr, David Watts, John Ehman, Bill Birch, Beryl Edwards, Neal Bonds, Pat Kiser

Lloyd Ballinger, Wilson Montgomery, James Wabel

Page 125

(12 photo’s)

Page 126


Page 127

School Life

Page 128

Sue Foltz, Audre Roos

Page 129

Mildred B. Bushell, Mary B. Hedrick, Gwen Klitzing, Edwin Leach, Betty Harrington

Page 130

Barbara Banner, Joan McCumber, Elizabeth Zimmer, Jean McDonald, Betty Lee Warnack, Shirley Witt

Fran Wilkinson, La Verne Madia, Betty Berryhill, Sandra Spangler, William Simon, Richard Yakel

Page 131

Thelma Moore, Alan Filley, Richard Shrout, Henry Williams, Joan Bielefeld, Leona Bottrell

Dianne Burnett, Bonnie Durbin, Delores Hayes, Beverly Roberts, Jackie Krekel, Joan Leahy

Patricia Long, Anne McElroy, Ethel Jean Shumate, Mary Jean Soules, Mary Ellen Tuite, Roselyn Turner

Page 132

Richard Helledy, Vernon Talbott, Helen Green

Page 133

Gary Gray, Marshall Susler, Miriam Baade, Phyllis Brooks, Gerald Russell, Bill Talbert

Stanley Jones, Daniel Lycan, Nancy Andrews, Betty Antrim, Marcielle Bantz, John Barth, Joan Berry

Marilyn Brauer, Edwin Clesson, Jaunith Dobson, Edwina Duncan, Dorothy Edwards, Janet Farrell, Ivan Fawley

Page 134

Kathleen Fesler, Rose Marie Fundy, Carol Gobert, David Gobert, Arlene Gorshen, Barbara Green, Marilyn Griffin

Harold Hardcastle, Nancy Henry, Darlene Hoots, Nancy Huff, Betty Lahme, Don Lichtenberger, Shirley Mahon

Lee Miller, Nancy McClure, David Niederbrach, Elsie Newberry, Charlene Ott, Nancy Ott, Sue Owens, Suzanne Prince

Jean Raebel, Joanne Scardello, Merlyn Shroeder, Shirley Simroth, Jean Susin, Jack Trummel, Milton Walden, Dale Yung

Page 135

William Simon, Robert Watters, Jacqueline Howard, Richard Helledy, Marian Andrews, Marilyn Andrews

Miriam Baade, Roland Barden, Shirley Bridgeman, Marilyn Brauer, Phyllis Brooks, David Buck

Page 136

Edwin Cleeson, Eugene Cowger, Jack Fleener, Sue Foltz, Bonnie Durbin, Edward Gammel, Florence Grabowski

Barbara Green, Gary Gray, James Hanson, Bill Hiese, Barbara Hughes, Joan James, Mary Lou Kekeison, Gwen Klitzing

Virginia Kraabel, Marjorie Ludwick, Eileen Luka, Don Lycan, Patricia McCrory, Joan McCumber, Lee Miller, Thelma Moore

Page 137

Elaine Nihiser, Nancy Ott, Patsy Poundstone, Bill Prescott, Bill Rice, Ciney Rich

Audre Roos, Mary Rosebraugh, Merilyn Schroder, Ethel Shumate, Mary E. Smith, Virginia Smith

Marshall Susler, Dorothy Swartz, Alice Joan Syfert, Vernon Talbott, Lynn Turner, Dorothy Waddell

Betty Lee Warnack, Tom Warren, Fran Wilkinson, Shirley Witt, Richard Yakel

Page 138

Richard Allen, Rosemary Allen, Alan Anderson, Darrell Beck, Neal Bonds, Dale Bowman, Paul Brady

Mary Ann Brand, Ralph Brooks, Djina Champion, Charlotte Christensen, Sally Cottle, Patricia Curtis, Don Dare

Sidney Davis, Carroll Doolen, Sue Etherington, Mary Lou Evans, Lysbeth Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Gerald Ferre

David Gobert, Telly Greanias, Jack Haakl, Gilbert Halliburton, Richard Hanes, James Henigman, Merlyn Hoffman

James Hotwick, Janet Keeler, Nelda Kemmerer, Florence Kraabel, Lynn Turner, James Molloy, Joean Miller, John Winick

Page 139

Jerry Lewis, Charles McMahon, Mary McQuiston, Don Maddox, Lee Miller, Tom Minton, Janet Mueller, Patricia Narup

Richard Oglesby, Edmonde Peek, Richard Perry, Don Pogue, Helen Printy, Barbara Redden, Jack Shepherd, Charles Skeens

Sandra Spangler, Robert Spinner, Paul Stanley, Beverly Stern, Marshall Susler, Alice Turner, Eddie veach, Sandra Walden

Dona Walker, Wilbur Ware, Tom Warren, Dick Weatherford, Forest Wikoff, John Wilcox, Edgar Williams, Mary Ann Wood

Bill Simon, Sue Foltz, Dorothy McFarland, Dean Shaffer

Page 140

Gary Gray, Lee Miller, Eddie Veach, Shirley Simroth, Marshall Susler, Charlotte Christensen

Patricia Poundstone, Jackie Dunkel, Sandra Rotenburg, Marilyn Brauer, David Gobert, Phyllis Steel

Richard Yakel, Jack Robb, Bettymae Ryan, Dan Lycan, James Whitmore, Florence Grabowski, Jackie Grant

Page 141

Elizabeth Myers, Barbara Hawkins, Betty Larson, Nancy Andrews, Nancy Henry, Arlene Gorschen

Betty Marchisello, Alice Conder, Dorothy Edwards, Sally Burks, Wanda Miller, Joan Adams

Shirley Bahlow, Charlaine Minton, Dorothy Sanfords, Dorothy Appelman, Barbara Redden, Maxine Deutch

Joyce Post, Martha Robinson, Shirley Simroth, Twilah Novack, Elsie Aichele, Miss Yoder, Betty Stuckey

Dorothy Logan, Barbara Stanley, Betty Holmes, Nancy Davis, Joanne Hill, Shirley Stern, Bonnie Erickson

Helen Stern, Phyllis Leschewski, Nelda Turner, Dorothy Stach, Miss Mitchell

Page 142

Rosalie Goffas, Joyce Keyl, Mary Frances Purst, Joan McCumber, Shirley Giberson, Joyce Post, Wanda Miller

Janet Farrell, Delores Tebussek, Mary Brand, Dorothy Edwards, Evelyn Ritchard, Norma Spires, Sandra Rotenberg

Beverly Stern, Janet McCumber, Marilyn Brauer, Miss Robertson, Lawrence Ebaugh, Edwin Clesson, Jerry Russell

Marshall Susler, Lee Miller, Donald Ferry, Stanley Jones, Helen Malleos, Connie Mentis, Dolly Pappas, Christine De Marr

Virginia Conner, Pat Narup, Charlotte Christensen, Mary Malleos, Iva Traughber, Pat Dowling, Miss McIntire

Dorothy Bolin, John Barth, Jacqueline Howard, Rosalie Talley, Stanley Jones, Richard Ferre

Page 143

Angeline Vallas, Dorothy Edwards, Thelma Moore, Rose Marie Fundy, Louise Smith, Barbara Munson

Evelyn Richards, Miss Larimore, Miriam Baade, Marcielle Bantz, William Reed, Barbara Ball, Virginia Smith

Arlene Edgecomb, Clifford Harkness, Miss Metzger, Jack Meisner, Tom Warren, Donald Teike

Douglas Lukey, Thomas Hagkauer, Marese Vollers, Barbara Ficker, Joan McCumber, Delores Tebussek

Page 144

Leiby Hall, Bill Osborne, Marcia Mulholland, Thelma Moore, Barbara Rule, Nancy Henry

Barbara Kraft, Bill Meehan, Bill Wrightsman, Robert Sigmor, Nancy Weilepp, Bill Montgomery

Tom Kerwin, Don McLean, Barbara Ball, Jacqueline Krekel, Marilyn Hedger, Ruth Marmor, Phillis Phipps

Betty Marchisello, Kathryn Sturm, Betty Barrett, Jacqueline Howard, Betty Lee Warnack, Dick Lucas

Alan England, Phillip Andrews, Dale Kenyon, Monte Bullington, Charlene Ott

Page 145

Shirley Browning, Marilyn Storey, Marilyn Brian, Darlene Hoots, Patricia Williamson, Lila Longbons, Jean Brian

Joan Hill, Maryann Armstrong, Marjorie Laughery, Barbara Shonkweller, Eloise Edwards, Eunice Crabtree

Mildred Jacobs, Betty Newbern, Carol Marohl, Vera Poe, Irma Bracken, Patti Anderson, Miss Parker, Colleen Douglas

Page 146

Don Lichtenberger, John Stewart, John Madden, Joe Williams, Tom Campbell, Porter Womeldorff,

Dorothy Logan, Jackie Beal, Patricia Johnson, Miss Ehrhardt, Edwin Cleeson, Sandra Walden

Mary Lou Evans, Patsy Gray, Catherine Martin, Rosalie Goffas, Dick Helledy, Marshall Susler, Don Ferry

Marjorie Baugh, Gordon Ferguson, David Watts, Leona Bottrell, Miriam Baade, Marcielle Bantz, Mr. Stearns

Page 147

Gwen Klitzing, Elaine Funkhouser, Mary Tolley, Betty Ryan, Sally March, Joan Kashefska, Gloria Gebhart

Gordon Ferguson, Dorthea Summitt, Ruth Marmor, Doris Michelman, Marilyn Brozio, Joyce Kyle, Mr. Jones

Tom Warren, Barbara Barnett, Norma Christopher, Don McLain, Willis Walker, Lorraine Heveran, Donald Ferry

Robert Nichols, Robert Quickel, Gerald Russell, Marshall Susler, David Watts, Phillip Andrews, Geraldine Heveran

Betty Lou Smith, Eugene Schultz, Jack Shaffer, William Simon, Edwin Cleeson

Page 148

Phyllis Brooks, Norma Christopher, Barbara Green, Ruth Marmor, Joan Wickline, James Hanson, James Hanson

Alice Jackson, Gertrude Hill, Marilyn Griffin, Dorothy Smith, Jackie Simpkins, Marilyn Wendell, Betty Warsaw

Betty Huckile, Dolores Yaegel, Ina Reavis, Vadah Curfman, Betty Ankrim, Marjorie Hall, Corrine Rahn, Georgia Koons

Eloise Ney, Jane Tuttle, Eloise Reynolds, Jacquelyn Sattley, Charles Reeves, James Winters, Bob Snow

Margaretrose Gard, Patricia Hickish, Norma Deckert, Alice Virden, Rosemary Bauer, Mary Mosser, Robert Reich

Pat Connelly, Richard Runyan, Raymond Wooley, Duaine Williams, Gene Starbody, Bob Owens, George Spates

Mr. Kohr, Roger Van Praag, Dick Evans, Ronald Butts, Darrell Livesay, Paul Brady, Willard Glosser, Lyle Hoffman

Darl Simroth, Mr. Pearson, Donald Wrigley

Page 149

Marilyn Potts, Mary Rosebraugh, Bonnie Durbin, Anne Redfern, Betty Buck, Virginia Schultz, Mary Lou Braden

Janet Olmstead, Helen Malleos, Bernadine Vance, Beverly Carter, Phyllis Bauer, Patricia McCray, Betty Marchisello

Shirley Shaw, Joan Miller, Merlyn Schmidt, Marilyn Medley, Beverly Shaw, Barbara Ramsey, Barbara Quinlin, Nancy Hohn

Eileen Mansfield, Jackie Davis, June Gardner, Betty Mae Ryan, Frances Lupe, Eleanor Bilyeu, Gloria Greene, Carol Gobert

Marilyn Storey, Marlene Demlo, Doris Donkofski, Mary Malleos, Shirley Giberson, Joyce Anderson, Norma Stark

Jauneth Dobson, Jean Barnes, Joy Ann Smith, Helen Printy, Lorene Schultz, Sarah Heil, Eileen Luka, Verna Roper

Merilyn Schroder, Mary Davies, Beverly Shaw, Norma Ford, Marjorie Best, Shirley Shaw, Patsy Cox, Peggy Mitchell

Mary Wyatt, Thelma Frazee, Janet Olmstead, Virginia Ellegood, Joan Bacon, Mary Lou Braden, Miss Scheiderer

Page 150

Dorothy Turner, Norma Robinson, Midge Dexter, Eleanor Poundstone, Eileen Baird, Dorothy Swartz, Donna Rees

Patricia Poundstone, Terry Vollers, Joyce Port, Miss Crader, Miss Haroldson, Louise Black, Rosemary Cox

Norma Stark, Marianne Bruss, Shirley Simroth, Wanda Miller, Pat Williams, Mary Gillett, Dona Walker, Henry Williams

Bill Walker, Hal Masters, Mr. Taylor, Lynn Cummings, Art Tolliver, Bob Adams, Gordon Ferguson, Richard Yakel

Page 151

Ernestine Echols, Alice Jackson, Margaret Braden, Betty Newbern, Mrs. Ross, Alice Harris, Mary Davenport

Rita Risley, Dixie Stanley, Betty Hennington, Barbara Anderson, Margaret Pharis, Betty Markley, Margie Keeler

Mary Keeling, Dionne Burnett, Jane Castell, Anna Sanders, Gloria Egner, Miss Stone, Lois McBride, Eileen Malen

Mary Rosebraugh, Hazel Beggs, Camilla Holt, Rosella Mize, Miss Haroldson

Page 152

Alan Anderson, Barbara Barnett, Norma Bond, Charlotte Christensen, Bill Clement, Herbert Dexler

Pay Downey, Gerald Ferre, Donald Ferry, Edith Filchak, Forest File, Paul Goldsborough, Robert Golterman

Marian Hartsman, Wayne Holmes, Gilbert Knudtson, Barbara Kulbarsh, Edwin Kuny, Mary Pat Langlois

Marian Penwell, Phyllis Phipps, Mary McQuiston, Mary Ryan, Ruth Schott, Delbert Smith, David Wahl

Jerry Walker, Lorraine Walker, Elmer Woodward, June Woodrum, Dorothy Roe, Rosalie Talley

Iva Traughber, Phillip Stewart, Edgar Williams, James Penwell, Alan England, Arthur Jones, Philip Andrews

Jack Schaffer, Richard Dell, Gordon Ferguson, Marvin Pewnwell, Orville Williams, Donald Leese, Mr. Westlund

Page 153

LaVerne Madia, Beverly Ekiss, Joyce Kufer, Eileen Baird, Marjorie Stanley, Carlene Lingenfelter

Thelma Moore, Elaine Stuckey, Pat McCrory, Eleanor Poundstone, Merlyn Schroder, Elizabeth Armsworth

Betty Markley, Thelma Frazee, Janet Mueller, Donna Cole, Irwin Winter, Dorothy McLemore, Don Moore

Page 154

(photo of Christmas Vespers, choir and band)

Rev. Robert E. Larson, Rev. Oliver Mueller

Page 155

(photo of Easter Sunrise Service, choir)

Charles Leese

Page 156

Mr. Morris, Jerry Ahem, Marian Andrews, Marilyn Andrews, Miriam Baade, Dale Berry, Gene Black

Stewart Blumenfeld, Bob Bordon, Ralph Brooks, Gloria Camp, Mary Clark, Don Clary, Stanley Crouch

Jim Deremiah, Bonnie Durbin, Phyllis Eaton, Lawrence Ebaugh, Jim Esque, Kathleen Fesler, Bob Ferguson

Judy Ferguson, Jerry Friend, Gloria Gebhart, Robert Grohne, Bob Goltermann, Barbara Hall, Frances Higgins

Keith Huff, Betty Larson, Charlotte Lyons, Richard Matteson, Joan Miller, Lee Miller, Jim Malloy

Page 157

Pat McCray, Pat McCrory, Joan McCumber, Bill McNicol, Marilyn O’Brien, Don Pogue, Dale Potts

Marilyn Potts, Patricia Poundstone, Jean Rabel, Shirley Richards, Shirley Richhart, Audre Roos, Jerry Russell

Lorene Scammahorn, Dorothy Schwartz, Marilee Scribner, Joan Schultz, Betty Smith, Louise Smith, Jean Spangler

Marjorie Stanley, Delores Tebussek, Arlene Trolia, Mary Trube, Dick Vale, Francis Wolke, Willis Walker

Edgar Williams, Yolanda Wnorowski, Mary Ann Wood, Bill Zellars, Elizabeth Zimmer, Mr. Noland

Page 158

Joyce Anderson, Betty Armsworth, Mary Lou Benson, Marilyn Birchfield, JoAnn Bolin, Beverly Bretz, Nelda Brown

Beverly Carter, Djina Champion, Jackie Davis, Marilyn Davis, Mary Deakins, Eunice Dratwick, Janet Farrell, Lysbeth Ferguson

Anne Fowler, Marilyn Griffin, Nancy Henry, Jackie Henthorne, Irene Jeppson, Nelda Kemmerer, Gwen Klitzing, Joan Leahy

Marjorie Ludwick, Clara Luka, LaVerne Madia, Jackie March, Anne McElroy, Lorraine Nalfski, Sally Nuckolls, Mary Ostrander

Carrell Payne, Donna Rees, Iris Rhinehart, Norma Robinson, Dorothy Roe, Barbara Schafer, Eloise Scholz, Maxine Smith

Sandra Spangler, Lillian Tertel, Charlotte Vandervort, Evelyn Walker, Betty Lee Warnack, Doris Williamson

Page 159

Dorothy Roe, Sandra Spangler, Joan Burg, Jo Ann Kashefska, Jacqueline Dunkin, Nelda Kemmerer, Robert Ferguson

Joe Williams, Robert Williams, Robert Carter, Willis Walker, Mary Ostrander, Marilyn O’Brien, Evelyn Walker

Judy Ferguson, Susan Prince, Bonnie Durbin, Pat McCrory, Marcia Mulholland, Charlotte Lyon, Mr. Noland

Gene Black, Dick Spaar, John Traughber, Bob Golterman, Jim Myers, Lawrence Ebaugh, Jerry Ahern, Bill McNicol

Page 160

Jack Schepper, Bill Hays, Dale Kenyon, Ed. Gammel, Bill Heise, Bill Poole, Bill Darling, Dick Halliburton, Phillip Mueller

Thomas Haglauer, Bill Clements, Don Cook, Sturgis Nichols, Elmore Morthland, Dorothy Logan, Pat Narup, James Randle

James Finley, Charles Stoltz, John Bond, John Young, Cornelius Rogers, John Hawkins, Bob Shepherd, Larry Dickerson

Wayne Miller, Skip Henebry, Marilyn Brauer, Gerald Bradshaw, Neal Bonds, Bob Lingenfelter, Max Best, Bob Edwards

Carl Calvert, Bill Montgomery, Dick Highcock, Raymond Isaacs, Carl Minton, Patsy Hill, Robert E. Bauer,Ed. Whitaker

Gilbert Halliburton, Dick Weatherford, Roger Scholes, Lloyd Ballinger, Joe Carmack, James Brohard, Delbert Mason

Clarence Howard, Forest Wykoff, Bruce Eastman, Ross Dash

Page 161

Lynn Turner, Beverly Heinzelmann, Pat Long, Shirley Culumber, Barbara Munson, Marilyn Moyer

Irmgard Mueller, Donald Lichtenberger, Stuart Langdon, Jeanine Fox, Viola Umfleet, Rita Hess

Carolyn Carson, Jack Schepper, Mary Jean Soules, Bill Heise, Bill Poole, Edward Gammel, Dale Kenyon

Larry Dickerson, Gib Halliburton, Virginia Narup, Phyllis Brooks, Patty Clanton, Jackie Grant

Page 162

Barbara Ficker, Jean Nelson, Charlotte Appelbaum, Marjorie Baugh, Norma Spires, Robert Wasson, Joe Williams

Al Walden, Richard Blacet, John Ehman, Patricia Sharpe, Beverly Sterns, Mary Brand, Helen Stern, Lois Hunt

Leona Bottrell, Georganne Riley, Anna La’Ray Petty, Irene Shaw, Janet Mueller, Ivan Fawley, Paul Stanley, Madge Hendricks

Esther Kettelkamp, Dianne Yockey, Alice Harris, Helen Livingston, Suzanne Seitz, Emma Lou Fitzpatrick, Ruth Butler

Susan Hill, Fred Koprek, Warren Carter, Nickolas Magoulias, David Niederbrach, Donald Mier, Thomas Campbell

Martha Murphey, Suzanne Bilgore, Dorothy Waddell, Charlotte Thomason, Shirley Emerson, Mildred Dexler, Helen Melleos

R.L. Meadors, Walter Rowland, Jerry Hettinger, Robert Mayberry, James Henigman, Jack Davidson, Martha Harris

Charlene Ott, Dolly Pappas, Joyce O’Dell, Lois Leigh, Esther Post, Miss Burlison

Page 163

Marjorie Bunch, Jeanette Brady, Arlene Edgecomb, Marjorie Shaw, Nancy Hahn, Joanne Rodger, Marilyn Brozio

Doreen Sutton, Donna Schiltz, Barbara Edwards, Phyllis Bunch, Adaline Bronson, Betty Berryhill, Jerrie Murphy

Jacqueline Pate, Ruth Mary Huntley, Shirley Browning, Barbara Le Bre, Peggy Gordon, Nancy Ash, June Woodrum

Patricia Dowling, Barbara Baughn, Delores Hayes, Shirley Richardson, Charlotte Seitz, Shirley Henrdicks, Dorothy McFarland

Lynn Wonderlin, Shirley McElhany, Jackie McGuire, Marianne Armstrong, Janet Keeler, Elaine Barber, Martha Robinson

Betty Harrington, Roselyn Turner, Leona Eyer, Margie Jones, Geraldine Jones, Mary Williams, Ruth Freeman

Mary Davenport, Patricia Jones, Helen Livingston, Edna Young, Margaret Brown, Earnestine Echols, Gaydell McDaniel

Martha Summers, Freda Killian, Winifred Davis, Alice Harris, Claudia Kemp, Bernice Spears, Alice Jackson

Page 164

Joe Lambert, Howard Wills, Porter Womeldorff, Mr. Noland, Clifford Riley, Charles Burns, Harold Hardcastle

Joe Schweizer, Robert Bergen, David Eddy, Dewy Mair, Dick Hinden, Bill Truebe, Irma Gallagher, Patsy Gray

Bessie Sidener, Norma Deakins, Shirley O’Dell, Betty Hutson, Evelyn Richard, Nancy Ann Davis, Dorothy Sanford

Helen Woods, Arnyth Fleener, Marilyn Johnson, Marsada Dilbeck, Thelma Alsup, Patricia Talbert, Mary Tolly

Connie Mentis, Patricia Hedenberg, Barbara Barnett, Mary Henson, Bonita Jones, Bill Waller, Bill Joyner, Bob Harden

Bob King, David Condon, Joe Schweizer, Bill Collins, Charles Burns

Page 165

Gloria Auton, Patsy Wieland, Patricia Roush, Shirley Downey, Carolyn Craig, Beverly Brooks, Genanne Barnett

Sally Cottle, Cynthia Armsworth, Sylvia Smith, Jo Ann Moutray, Barbara Shonkweiler, Sue Owens, Janet File

Janet McCumber, Beverly Long, Norma Webster, Ruth Traughber, Sharlain Hinton, Cynthia Shorb, Carole Clark

Barbarajean Reidelberger, Charlotte Christensen, Donna Cole, Joyce Smittinger, Maxine Cordes, Delores Johnson

Marialyce Josen, Salley Burks, Margaret Keene, Colleen Leahy, Barbara Mitchell, Bonny Hardwick, Irma Doner

Norma Beal, Jeanette Holmes, Edith Loskowski, Doris Bundy, Alice Conder, Suzanne Sensenbaugh, Peggy Wilkinson

Lorraine Walker, Lula Kalips, Nelda Cassell, Ethel Scrimpher, Betty Ryder, Beverly Treadway, Emma Rosetto

Jeanette Burnau, Catherine Martin, Janet Gilligan, Virginia Kemp, Rosemary Cox, Ruth Caudell, Joanne Ballard

Betty Blankenburg, Lucille Hazenfield, Barbara Morey, Phyllis Bridges, Nancy Ann Davis, Bonnie Erickson

Mary Anne Grubb, Beverly Bailey, Beverly Funk, Joyce Dickerson, Joanne Shotton, Lois Martin, Nancy Cook

Phyllis Liebengood, Betty Highcock, Delores Thompson

Page 166

(photo’s of “Dear Ruth”, the play)

Janice Boulware, Nancy Ott, Jean Susin, Joan Burg, Carlyle Dame, Joanne Quillen, Bob Brozio

George Jeffrey, Jo-Ann Kashefska, Dick Ferre, Bob Williams, Gary Gray, Vernon Talbott

Kenneth Skinner, Walter Spears, Jack Robb, Dan Smith, Jack Potter, Kenneth Minton, Sally Cannon

Bettie Flinn, Ann Redfern, Nancy Walker, Helen Gorham, Joanne Brown

Page 167

(photo’s of “Dear Ruth”, the play cont.)

Page 168

(photo’s of “Every Family has One”, the play)

Barbara Munson, Gladys Fuller, Kathleen Fesler, Elizabeth Zimmer, Jean Myers, Virginia Kraabel, Marilyn Lowe

Rosamond Abbott, Dorothy Schwartz, Elaine Funkhouser, Marshall Susler, Robert Goltermann, Pat Poundstone

Carolyn Duncan, Stanley Jones, Robert Carter, Lee Miller, Richard Wright, David Bernard, William Meehan

Betty Lee Warnack, Gweneth Klitzing, Gene Schultz, John Winick

Page 169

(photo’s of “Every Family has One”, the play cont.)

Page 170

(photo’s of “Every Family has One”, the play cont.)

Joan McDonald, Robert Watters, Charles Leese, Isabel Bering, Jean Spangler, Beryl Matin, Beverly Heinzelmann

Beverly Logan, Beverly Roberts, Patricia O’Byrne, Dale Kenyon, Dave Milligan, Delmar Behrns, Richard Mortweet

Yolanda Wnorowski, Dorothy Schwartz, Stanley Jones, Edwin Cleeson, Henry Williams, Helen Gorham, Helen Stapp

Mrs. Esther Fry, Jean Myers, Joan Bielefeld, Joyce Larrick, Carolyn Duncan, Doris Crader

Page 171

(photo’s of “Every Family has One”, the play cont.)

Page 172


Page 173


Page 174

Calendar cont.

Gloria, Bill Z.

Page 175

Calendar cont.

Joe O’Dell, Anne McElroy

Page 176

Calendar cont.

Corby, G. A., Bill M., Maryellen Tuite, Lyle Hoffman, Sally Cottle

Dave Richardson, Irene Jepson, Dave Bauer, Jim Mitchell, Alice

Page 177

Calendar cont.

“Dear Ruth” cast, Gray, Miller

Page 178

Calendar cont.

Mary Ellen Tuite

Page 179

Calendar cont.

Jim Stuckey, Dorthey Turner, Jody

Page 180

Calendar cont.


Page 181

Calendar cont.

Page 182



Page 183


Page 184


Page 185


Page 186

Art Bergstrom, Roy Nelson, David Batthauer, Edward Migieliz, Robert Spinner, Ciney Rich

Jack Toth, John Wilcox, G.A. Clark, Charles Corn, Roger Williams, Dick Halliburton, John Boyle

Page 187

Robert Brozio, Monte Bullington, John Boyle, Dick Chamblin, David Buck, G.A. Clark

Page 188

Charles Corn, Dick Halliburton, Edward Gammel, Gib Halliburton, Jack Hackel, Kenneth Kossieck

Page 189

Corby Lyon, Dick Oglesby, Bill Miller, Ciney Rich, Elmore Morthland, Jack Robb

Page 190

Bill Sears, Bill Talbert, Paul Skelly, Jack Toth, Walter Spears, Lynn Turner

Page 191

Loren Van Tuyl, Roger Williams, John Wilcox, Dick Wright, Edgar Williams, Bill Zellars

Page 192

(photo’s of “B” Squad and “C” Squad football teams)

Page 193

Gay Kintner, Dan Lycam, Edwin Kuny

Page 194

Alan Anderson, John Boyle, Charles Cox

Page 195

Don Dare, Sam Gabriel, Charles Logue

Page 196

Art Murray, Ciney Rich, Dave Richardson

Page 197

Jim Stuckey, Lynn Turner, Bob Williams

Page 198

Duaine Williams, Roger Williams, Betty Antrim, Barbara Edwards, Telly Greanias, Shirley Jones, Mervin Taylor, Bill Walker

Page 199

(photo’s of “B” Squad and “C” Squad basketball teams)

Page 200

Gerald Cox, Dick Allen, Delbert Smith, Jack Kreker, Tom Warren, Tenney Boyer, John Bowman

Dale Cox, Dick Hoyt, Jerry Lewis, Hal Masters, John Young, Tom Kerwin, Allen Bohon, Bill Waller

Page 201

Art Murray, Bob Bauer, Charles Cox, Dick Halliburton, Bob Eaton, Bill Prescott, John Wilcox

Asa Morris, Lynn Turner, Joe Mildred, Jim Stuckey, John Winick, Dick Dill, Ronald Wise

Loren Longbons, Corby Lyons, Gene Daniels, Jim Fisher, Gene Butts, Dan Lycan

Page 202

Francis White, Duane Farnsworth, Duaine Williams, Bill Stuckey, Dave Bernard, Ciney Rich, Bill Zellars

Page 203

Ciney Rich, Bill Zellars, Dave Bernard, Duaine Williams

Page 204

(photo’s of track team, listed on page 203)

Page 205

Edward Migielicz, Bud Downey, Jack Hemstead, Edwin Leach, Jim Leigh, Dick Oglesby, Robert Scherer, Jack Wilmore

Page 206


Page 207


Page 208

(photo of James Milliken University)

Page 209

R&C Ice Cream; Phillips Dairy Company; Swain and Myers, Inc.; WSOY and WSOY-FM radio

Page 210

Krigbaum Electric Company; the Acre, J.S. Johnson; Bullard’s Cleaners; Olan Mills Studio

George N. Gouy; Hayes Bros. Hatchery; Munson Service Station; Heidlebaugh’s

Page 211

Brownie Oil Company; Blue Mill

Page 212

Decatur Dry Goods Co.; Avon and Rogers Theaters; Singer Sewing Machine Company

Page 213

Pfile’s Camera Shop; Daut’s; Martin’s Jewelry Store

Page 214

Hotel Garage; Scanlon Food Market; Gately’s clothing; C.R. Miller & Sons, Inc.; Pittsburgh Plate Glass and Paint

Bohon-Yockey (formerly Stuckeys) Furniture Store, L.P. Bohon, F.L. Yockey, Floyd J. Lindsey;

Federal Bake Shop: C.A. Hupp Tobacco Co.

Page 215

A.E. Staley Mfg. Co.

Page 216

Hecht’s; Wallender-Pennington Printers; Sol Tck & Co.; G & H Motor Supply

Brintlinger’s Funeral Home; Cash Market Groceries; Norman’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co.

Page 217

Ben’s Barn; The Colonial; Greider’s Café and Cafeteria

Page 218

Dunn Coal Co.; Illinois Café; Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Page 219

C.N. Gorham and Son, Inc.; Richman Brothers, Charles Medley; the Snack Shop; Barnfield Pharmacy

Decatur Boat and Motor; Greenwood Ave. Greenhouse and Flower Shop, Ralph E. Bromley; Talbott Paint Co.

Laura Hallford School of Beauty Culture

Page 220

Yellow Cab Co.; Illinois Power Company

Page 221

Roy W. Christy Construction Co.; Beatrice Foods Company; Fred Campbell Auto Supply Company; Moore Bros. gas station

Page 222

Association of Commerce of Decatur

Page 223

Monson Funeral Home, Gene L. Monson, Leon A. Monson, William B. Moson; Linn & Scruggs

Page 224

A&P Super Market; Day’s paint and wallpaper; A.L. Cook & Son; Heinzelmann’s Shoe Craft

Page 225

R.V. McElroy construction; Tick-Tock Drive-In; Cox Jewelry; Maurer Coal Company

Howard’s Super Market; Rusk & Morrow; Arlenes clothing; Illini Ballroom, Lew Hogan

Page 226

Weill’s Linoleum and Rug Company

Page 227

The Millikin National Bank of Deactur

Page 228

Decatur Warehouse Co.; Williams Fashion Shop; Tolly’s Market

Page 229

Carol’s Fashions; Monroe Grill, Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Wochner; Wayne Stewart Furnace and Air Conditioning Co.

North Pine Coal Company; Foster’s Furniture; Blakeney & Plum clothiers

Page 230

Kirby’s garage; McConnell Real Estate, Everett J. McConnell, Flint Eaton & Company; Osgood & Sons, Inc.; Stauber’s

Page 231

Huston – Patterson Corporation Printers

Page 232

Peter’s Food Market, P.J. Chilton, G.N. (Shorty) Phillips; Hunter-Pogue Lumber Co.

Walter Flora & Sons Jewelers; Black & Co. Sporting Goods

Page 233

Pom Pom Café; Landholt Auto Finishing; The Tepee; Semmels College Shop; Neumode Hosiery

Page 234

Bell’s Drug Store; Gebhart Stores; Taylor – Harder Dairy; Rodgers Shoes

Page 235

Mueller Co.

Page 236

Eagle Insulators; H. Post & Sons Jewelers

Page 237

Varsity Theatre; Decatur Bottling Works; Benson Creamery Company; The Popcorn Shop

The Pantry; Canton Tea Garden, Will Chin; Michl’s

Page 238

The Citizens National Bank of Decatur

Page 239

Morehouse and Wells; Dawson & Wikoff Funeral Directors

Page 240

Young’s Packing Company, Fred, Bill, Al Jr., Russ

Page 241

Wayside Inn; Lyon Woodwork

Page 242

Crown Cork Specialty Corp.; Skelly Tower Drive-In; Gebhart – Gushard Co.; Hinden Cleaners

Page 243

The Observer; Decatur City Lines; The Farm; Culligan Soft Water; The Decanois Staff

Page 244

Arrick Engraving Company

Page 245

Parke Warhouses; Texaco Lighthouse, W.H. Boughter; Carson Jewelers

Page 246

Haines & Essick Company; The David J. Molloy Plant, The S.K. Smith Company; Newman’s; Sam Loeb’s clothiers

Page 247

J.J. Moran & Sons; Raycraft Drug Stores, Sam E. Armsworth, James A. Armsworth; Standard Hatcheries; Goltermann’s

Page 248

Jeanne Lindquist Studios

Page 249

Central Illinois Automotive Trades Association, Inc, H.P. Hazelrigg Co., Landers & Co., Highfield Buick Co.

Nolen Motor Co., Verkler Bros. Co., Wild Truck Service; Corwin Johns Co., Gerneral Finance Group, G.M.A.C.

Central Illinois Investment Co., Universal C.I.T. Credit Corp, Decatur Motor Sales Inc., W.C. Starr Inc., Bopp Motors

Kilborn’s, Frede Chevrolet Inc., Cooper Oldsmobile Co., H.G. Wonderlin Co., B.B. Burns Co. Inc., J.L. Tallman

H.A. Kuhle Implement Store

Page 250

The National Bank of Deactur

Page 251

Wash-Rite Laundry; The Decanois Staff

Page 252

Advertising Index

Page 253


Evans, Curran, Connley, Shoemaker

Page 254


Page 255


Patty Long, John Nichols, Art Murray, Izzy Bering, Sandra Spangler, Duane W., Jean McD., Sam Gabriel, Wilma Peel

Wilbur Ware, Rebecca Hughes, Paul Hanley, Joe O’Dell, Joan Boughter, Dug Muth, Doris Williamson, Imogene Nanna

Jack Goodwin, Pat Poundstone, John McDonald, Ann Redfern, Dick Tish, Jim Esque, Alice Turner

Page 256


Izzy Bering, The Andrews, Corby Lyons, Betty Young, Mary L. Scribner

Audrey Roos, Jerry Cassell, Marcia Mulholland, Eddie and Sissy Kuny, Beryl Martin

Page 257

1948 Mock Republican Convention

Back inset 1 Back inset 2

(photo of most all students in the gym)

Re: The 1948 Decanois yearbook

Ali Doyle (View posts)
Posted: 1152848279000
Classification: Query
I saw the post with the yearbook. Was this scanned for the records or are you looking for information on the people in the book?

Re: The 1948 Decanois yearbook

Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin (View posts)
Posted: 1152886111000
Classification: Query
I am willing to scan the pages requested of the yearbook, there are many photos and some information about them. I am not related to any one in this book that I am aware of. If you find a name of interest, let me know and I'll get as many as needed posted.

Have a great day/night,
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