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Mary "Polly" Sudduth

Mary "Polly" Sudduth

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What a pleasure to find a "Sudduth" site on the internet! The name is so unusual that I have hopes that all of us may be distant cousins. I am a descendent of Mary "Polly" Sudduth. Beyond her name, I know little about her, and I've had precious little luck in finding anything. I do know that she married Lemuel Keeth on September 24, 1818 in Attala County (or maybe Amite County), Mississippi. She had one child that I know of, though I suspect there were several more. The one I know of is my ggreatgrandfather, Asa Keeth. If any of you have any clues where I might start searching for information about Polly, please help me out. Thanks, Shirley

Sudduth surname

Rebecca Powers (View posts)
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According to a co-worker of mine named Sudduth, all the Suddeth/Sudduth/Suddarths in the U.S. are descended from the same English family, so we definitely are distant cousins.

Sudduth''s in Mississippi

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I have a Lemuel Keith and Mary Sudduth in my family. She was Born in 1800 in Georgia. I do not have any information on LEMUEL KEITH. any one that has this information , i would like to talk to....My mother was a Sudduth from Mississippi and i still live here. Would like to talk to others that have this line

Please e-mail me at


Sudduth family tree

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Dear Barbara:

What a pleasure to get your note! If we are both descendants of Lemuel Keeth and Mary "Polly" Sudduth, then we are distant cousins! They are my great-great-great grandparents. And how wonderful that you still live in Mississippi; it will surely make it easier for you to learn things about the Keeths. (Most of the time, they spelled it that way). Your state seems to be the cradle of the Keeths.

Through Larry Keith, editor of a very fine book on the Keith family, I was given a fairly thorough Keith genealogy. I will send it to you. We are not in the Keith book. I've thought of buying it anyway, but it costs $60.00 and I've never gotten the cash together. My cousin, another Keeth descendant, corresponded with him via the net and learned that information on this particular group of Keeths came in late and did not get into the book. Furthermore, most of the "Keiths" have a common ancestor--but we are a different branch, according to Larry. Look at the "Keith" posting on the Gen forum, and you will find information about your family. However, the tree came separately, and I will sketch it out for you below.

First, however, before I forget. Have you ever been told that you are part Cherokee Indian? I've been mistaken for Indian by Indians even, and my father appeared to have qutie a lot of Indian blood. When I would ask, he would say we were Cherokees. I was a kid. Never considered it. He's gone now and so are all the others who might have told me more about it. I'd love to know. There is a Polly Keeth listed on the Cherokee rolls, and I suspect this is our foremother. I am seriously busy right now, but in a few weeks things will settle down for me and I will check on this at the Oklahoma Historical Society. By the way, I live in Norman, OKlahoma. My particular branch of the Keeths migrated from Mississippi--probably in the 1870's, though my grandmother's obituary says she was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1894.

I have old family notes and death certificates. If you need copies of any of this, let me know. I'll send them to you via "snail mail."

The tree:

According to Larry and another cousin, we are "probably" descendents of a Scotsman named James Keeth. He was born in 1694 and immigrated to America--when? No one knows.

The rest of this is fairly certain.

Cornelius Keeth, b. around 1715 m. Juda Thompson. One of his children was James Keeth.

James Keeth (b. 1765) m. Sarah???? No idea of last name. By 1765, he was in Amite County, Mississippi and appears on the 1810 census.

To them was born Lemuel Keeth. (I don't have names of siblings)

Lemuel Keeth (b. 1796, birth place unknown, but probably Amite County. He died in Attala County, Mississippi, year unknown). He married Polly Sudduth Keeth on September 24, 1818 in Attala County.

They became the parents of Asa Keeth (somewhere, I have a list of siblings for Asa, I think. I'll try to find them and get back to you later.)

Asa Keeth was born around 1820 in Mississippi. No definite idea of where, but probably Attala County...)
Asa married Marian Stuckey on April 30, 1841 in Lauderdale County.

Asa fathered Sylvester Keeth, my great-grandfather. Sylvester was born in 1842. An old family note states that he was "borned" in Mississippi. It doesn't say where. He died in 1908--I don't know where. I do know that he lived in Henderson County, TX in the 1890's. So he might have been there until the time of his death. Or, based on my grandmother's obituary, he might have been back in Mississippi. I'd love to know, but I really have no solid evidence about Sylvester.

He married Salina Viola Miles (Maybe Selena).
He also married a Lillian B. We've no idea of what the B. stands for.

He had the following children, Ed Keeth (definitely by Lillian); Jim Keeth (maybe by Lillian), Addie, Charlie, Stella, Callie Dora, and Nora Keeth--all by Salina.

Callie Dora was my grandmother. She is buried in the Crystal Cemetery near Boswell, Oklahoma, which is part of the old Choctaw Nation. At some point very early on, the Keeths came to Indian Territory--well before statehood.

I am at the office, and this is all the information I have here. I have more information at home and will send it to you.
You could be descended from one of Asa's brothers or sisters, whose names are unknown to me, or even from one of Sylvester's siblings. Has your family been in Mississippi for several generations? If so, you are a branch that stayed there.

Until I got your note, I had nothing on Polly Sudduth ("Mary"), except for the fact that she was married to Lemuel and perhaps appeared on the Cherokee rolls. Please send me any information you can about Polly and her family.

I've tried so hard to find other Keeth descendents. I'm so glad to make contact with you! PLEASE write me back.


Mary (Polly) Sudduth and Lemuel Keeth

Jennifer Divine (View posts)
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I have been searching for information on the Keeth line. I have also written to Larry Keeth and he had given me some information. You seem to have quite a bit of information so I thought maybe you would be able to help me out.

I am looking for my Keeth line and my great grandfather was Arhtur Monroe Keeth. Larry believes that his father is James M, Keeth. He gave me a family structure and said he beleives that the Arthur's father is listed as Monroe in it.
If he is correct Arhturs father would be a brother to your Selvester I believe. I was wondering if you have any information on any of Sylvester's siblings to maybe make this connection.

I have had such a hard time researching the Keeth name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to email me directly:

Thank you


To Shirley

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Shirley, Hello cuzzie. But one thing First. I am kin thru the Sudduth line. The Sudduths have been here since back in the 1800 in Mississippi. They have been in Attala Co., Amite Co., Coahoma Co., truthfull they have been from the bottom of the state to the top. The Sudduths that are my kin now still live in Coahoma Co. If you will send me your e-mail address, I will send you what i have on the Keith and Sudduth lines. I do my research alot different from everyone else..i research even the off branches of the main line.

If you will e-mail me at i will be glad to send you what i have on the line. Waiting to hear from you!!!!!!!

Your new Cuzzie.....even if distant cuzzie
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Dear Jennifer: Sorry to be so late in getting back to you--haven't been on the net in a while, so I just got your message.

You are right about the Keeths--they are so cussedly difficult. How can this be when they spell their name like that? Surely they are all related to each other...

Anyway, I do have a list of Sylvester's siblings which another Keeth cousin sent to me. If she is right, Monroe and Sylvester are the children of Asa Keeth and Marian Iris Stuckey--the family definitely lived in Mississippi--in Amite County, Lauderdale County, and Attala County, that I know of.

This is the list of their children, as it was given to me:

Martha Keeth (b. around 1842)
Mary Keeth (b. around 1843)
Cynthia Keeth (b. ca 1844)
Sylvester Keeth (b. ca. 1848)
Monroe Keeth (b. ca. 1851)
Carole Keeth (b. 1854)
Richard Keeth (b. 1856)

There is so much I'd like to know about this family. Please write and tell me any or everything you know. My E-mail is Or you can answer me on the 'net. I'd like to know if Sylvester had another name--like James Sylvester or Sylvester Joseph..or whatever. I have a feeling I'm missing things about him because I do now know his full name.

Let's correspond--maybe we can learn some things about the Keeth women--a group that has utterly eluded me.


Anyone spell it Suddoth?

Elizabeth Suddoth Bruce (View posts)
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I am from a line of Mississippi "Suddoth's" with an "o". Any one else?

john fielding sudduth

gail frost (View posts)
Posted: 938180948000
John Fielding Sudduth was born 27MAY1785 in Virginia. He died in 1863 in South Carolina. He was married to Rachel McMakin born 20DEC1792 Spartanburg Dist., S.C. Need info on parentage, etc. of John F. Sudduth.


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I am from a Sudduth line from Mississippi. From what I've researched, all variations of Sudduth are a derivative of a common surname. What that original surname is, I have no idea. Some say Suddarth, or Sudart, or Sudworth, etc. I also understand that Sudduth is from Scotland.
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