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JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

Judy Hassall (View posts)
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Brothers John Mcrae, Farquhar McRae and Duncan McRae went to North Carolina some time before the American Revolution. Does anyone know what became of them?

Re: JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

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Hi Judy - The McRae ghosties are busy! In preparing to move, I have been going through all my files and loose papers. Last night, I came across some papers I had printed out about the North Carolina McRaes a couple years ago. And visiting my daughter today, found an email about your query. Also several years ago I printed out a whole lineage about the Carolina McRaes from a site that has disappeared. I'll check it out when I return home tomorrow.

It appears that at least some of the McRaes in the Carolinas were Loyalists and were run out when the cause was lost. They appear on lists for reparation - military pay and land grants. I have found Duncan and John on Loyalist lists for N Carolina. And somewhere I have a story of S Carolina McRae who had something line 7000 acres of land which was lost when he was run out of the state during or after the Revolution.

I also have burial records (early 1800s) for a Duncan, Donald, and Mary in Ontario - can't remember whether it is Middlesex or Kent County.

My line is through Mary b. 1868 d of John b 1835, s of Finley (Farquhar) and Mary. I have found my John's nuclear family in Middlesex County on an early census. Unfortunately, I do not have my papers with me, so I don't have the date of the census.

It appears to me that we are working on the same family. I have my home computer disconnected for moving purposes, so if you reply before 10-27 to, I will give you a snail mail address so that we can put our heads together.


Re: JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

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Judy and Anne:

I have an ancestor -Duncan McRae- that I am trying to find out if he may be of the NC McRaes. I have been corresponding with Anne (also on this message board) about them and she has shared some info with me. I have another source I have been corresponding with and he has given me a lead that may help you as well. I will not identiefy him on this message board as he may not chose to be so identiified. This is a quote from a message on another source that I have also shared with Anne. She has info on those NC McRaes, that they were definately loyalists. But where did they go? The following may help you in this. I have had this info and have wondered where did they come from? Maybe we can connect them.

"If you reference a
book called "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation-
Volume 2 by donald Whyte there is a reference
to who I think is our Duncan McRae on page270
entry #7830 I quote " Duncan McRae 1755-1822 from Kintail. Served in the British Milita under Capt. Robert Lister and fought in the Amer. Rev. War. To N.B. as a Loyalist,1784
and settled at Hopetown, Bonaventure Co. Quebec. as farmer and fisherman Married
Margaret MacIntosh had children 1. Farquhar b. 1784 2. John,3.Duncan, 4. Nancy."
I hope that this is of some help."

As you can see by the names of my Duncan's children there may be a connection. You can try out this source and see if John and Farquhar are there. I am descended from Duncan's son Farquhar. There is a debate though as Duncan's birthdate is given as well as 1751, abt 1750, and abt 1739-40 in other sources. His son Farquhar is also given a birth date of 1777 in Quebec city in other sources. This would not be totally unlikely if Duncan fought in the Battle for Quebec City for the British side. The one in the American Revelution was in 1777 with Benedict Arnold leading the American forces. Some sources also have Duncan, though, in the 1759 Battle for Quebec City between Wolfe and Montcalm. Hope this helps you anyways. If you find anything interesting please come back and share it.


Re: JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

Morris McRae (View posts)
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My William McRae ancestor was born in NC 1798 and moved to Barbour Co. AL around 1820. He married Margie Cunningham who was born in Scotland. He had a son named Farquhar, my ggrandfather.
I have some information that William's father may have been named Daniel, or Donal, from Scotland.
I have some information that Williams mother was either Sarah McKensie, or Catherine Douglas.
Margies parents wereJohn Cunningham and Flora Rankin.
Does any of this match anyone's ancestry?
Morris McRae

Re: JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

Judy Hassall (View posts)
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Thanks for posting to my message. I do hope you get this. I will also post to the board for you just in case. I have checked my tree and can't seem to pull anything together given your information. Do you have years for any of these people? The date 1798 does tie in with the approximate time for the arrival of my JOhn , Farquar and Duncan to NC.

William McRae of Barbour County

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I am interested in your William McRae (1798--1886). I understand from Marie Godfrey's book on early Barbour County settlers that he may have had children, in addition to your Farquhar C. McRae named John C. McRae (b. 1821), Daniel C. McRae (b. 1823), Catherine McRae (b. c. 1830) m. John N. McRae (1837--1864), son of Donald and Catherine, Murphy McRae (1832--1900) and Washington McRae (1836--1913). Can you confirm this? Have you ever looked for a probate (will/estate) record for William in Alabama that would reveal his heirs? Your identification of Margie McRae as Margie Cunningham (1792--1875) is very revealing for me. Back in North Carolina, a man named Luther McRae of Richmond County, NC, was in possession of a set of letters from people in Barbour County, AL to folks back in North Carolina. The time frame was the 1840's. Daniel C. McRae (b. 1823, above) was one of the people writing to John L. McRae (1808-1897) of Richmond County. It seems that Daniel was John's nephew and he makes oblique references to kinfolk living near him in Barbour County--where he was teaching school seven miles north of Clayton. He talks about father living a good distance from him, but doesn't identify him. He also refers to his uncle Alexander McRae and Uncle Duncan Cunningham, who has just been separated from his wife. He refers to several people still living in North Carolina including "Aunt Flora Ann" (John L.'s wife Flora Ann McKay McRae), "Uncle Daniel" (don't know if this is a McRae or not), and "Grandmother and family." Other letters in this collection are from Isabella McRae of Barbour to Daniel McRae of Richmond. From J. McDonald to Flora McRae and from Sarah Currie to Flora Ann McRae. All the writers are Barbour County folk, the way I understand it and the recipients must be Richmond folk, since the letters are here in North Carolina.

I am working on a Montgomery County McRae family that lived in parts adjacent to northern Richmond County, NC where John L. resided. There is also a letter in this collection from Kenneth McRae Covington, who is of known relationship to me, to John L. McRae's daughter Jane W. during the Civil War, and since there were two marriages between Kenneth Covington's Scarborough cousins (also descended from Kenneth McRae) and John L. McRae's children, I am thinking there is some relationship between this family and my own.

There is also the following statement from the personal reminiscences of George W. McRae of Barbour County, AL. A grandson sent me a copy of this typescript. George W. states that his grandfather John R. McRae had a brother named Murphy McRae who came with him to Alabama. "When my grandfather ( John R.) came to Alabama, there also came two married sisters and two brothers, namely Murphy McRae, who settled near Clio, Alabama, and James McRae, who settled near Clayton, Alabama, all in the same county. I knew their children and grandchildren personally. Murphy had several sons namely, Murphy, Wash, Duncan, Farquhar and maybe others-- grandsons Phillip and Frank. One sister married a Mr. McNab (was this Isabella, wife of Duncan McNab?) and lived near Clayton, Alabama. The other sister married a Mr. Jones. I personally knew her grandchildren, Matthew and Sandy Jones." Now, I believe that the elder Murphy McRae may actually be your William. According to Mrs. Godfrey, He had children named Murphy and Washington McRae. He also had a son named Farquhar. His grandsons through his daughter Catherine (m. John N. McRae) included a Phillip McRae and a Duncan Franklin McRae. What do you think? George W. McRae believed this family originally came from Montgomery County, N.C. The problem is, if Daniel C. was William's (aka Murphy's) son and John L. McRae of Richmond County was his uncle, how could John R. McRae of Barbour County also be his uncle, unless John R.'s first wife was a sister of John L. and William (aka Murphy)? That isn't what the tradition states, however. Perplexing.

Anything you can add, especially about the Alabama side would help me. Meanwhile, I am going to try to get copies of the actual letters that I describe here. Right now, I know them only from the extracts in John Hutchinson's book and from his footnotes, but I have his address and will be writing to him shortly.

Re: JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

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John was my great grandfather and I have a lot of info on the family. His middle name was Cornelius. Farquahr (Alexander) and Duncan were 3 of 7 boys and 1 daughter that came over from Scotland around 1770 with their Father,Ian. Ian died on ship and was buried at sea. I will be happy to share info with anyone.

Re: JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

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there is definately 2 sets of McRaes with like names. My great grandfather was john,middle name Cornelius. one of his 6 brothers was Duncan who fought in the civil war,captured at Gettysburg,later married sarah Johnson of Chesterfield County,SC.Farquahr(Alexander,married Kate Campbell,he later died and she moved to Tn.

Re: JOHN MCRAE, FARQUHAR MCRAE, DUNCAN MCRAE bros. b. Scotland, to North Carolina before American Revolution

Bruce W. McRae (View posts)
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I am excited to see your posting. I just returned from spending a week at the Anson/Richmond County NC courthouses researching McRaes in general, but specificially John C. (Campbell) McRae. John is my great great grandfather and originally came from Anson County to Lafayette County MS after marrying Wincy Diggs. I planned this trip because I did not know anything about who his father was and hoped to learn it.
I found a Deed in the courthouse that I believe ties to your posting. It was found in Book Y page 578 of Anson County North Carolina Land transactions. Anson and Richmond Counties are just North across the state border from Marlboro and Chesterfield Counties SC.
The Deed was about Catherine McRae and her children selling their land to Henry Haney after her husband Farquhard McRae died. ( No Will ) The children are John C., Archibald, Alexander, Hugh, Margaret, Elizabeth, and finally Daniel. It was dated January 11, 1834. I am hoping that the John C. is my John C. It is my understanding that Kate is an abbreviation for Catherine and if that is true then her last name being Campbell could explain why my John's middle name was the same. Can you shine any light about this? Also is Alexander the English name for the Scottish Farquhard? I read your posting regarding the names with great interest! If you can give me any more about this family, I would greatly appreciate it!
Bruce W. McRae
Evergreen CO

PS willing to share any and all McRae information learned from my trip!

Re: William McRae of Barbour County

Tom McRae, Air Routing Intl (View posts)
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Good to find you

I am at a dead end searching for "W.C" McRae who came to Upson or Talbot county GA from Tarboro NC prior to 1852. His son Stephen Bogen McRae (my great grandfather) was born in 1852 in GA. From that point on I have everything well documented - right up through me. W.C. reportedly moved eventually to Barbour County Alabama.

Any light would be greatly appreciated.
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