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I am looking for the ancestors of Alexander Ritchie and Elizabeth Penny who were married in 1908 in Aberdeenshire
Scotland. They emmigrated to Manitoba Canada the same year.
Alexander was born in Mintlaw on Sept 25, 1879 and Elizabeth
was born in Longside on May 5, 1877. Alexander's father was
probably named Alexander and Elizabeth's father was William
Penny. Alexander and Elizabeth had 4 sons, Alexander, William John, Robert Johnstone, and James Edward, all born
in Canada. Family rumor says that Alexander's brother(s)
went to Australia or New Zealand at about the same time that
he came to Canada. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

Ritchie Family

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Surnames: Ritchie
Hello Chris: Send me some dates on your Ritchies and I'll see if I can fit them in with any of mine.


ritchie/chris (View posts)
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hi anne we may be desendants of my great grandfather alexandra who was buried in dunedin new zealand thats about all we know.we have only just started searching and will try to track further and will keep you informed.chris ritchie
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There may be a connection with my lot, but I'm not sure. There is an Alexander Ritchie, who probably had descendants named after him , but I don't know for sure. Does anyone else know?

James RITCHIE, a Shipmaster/Merchant Service, was born c.1769 in Pitsligo, d.30th January 1844. Buried in Stone Peathill Cemetery #403. He married Christian also RITCHIE, born c.1771, d.30th October 1847.

Their children were :
1/F Margaret RITCHIE b.28th Dec 1803
2/F Christian RITCHIE 15th September 1806
3/M James RITCHIE 02nd September 1808 died 29th November 1890 at 7 Union St Rosehearty
4/F Elizabeth RITCHIE 15th January 1813
5/F Barbara RITCHIE 15th June 1816

James RITCHIE was also a Shipmaster/Merchant Service. It is confusing, but it appears that James married twice, both to women named Elizabeth Miller, or for some reason he married the same woman twice. It appears the first time was 03rd January 1825 in Thurso, Caithnesshire. As he would have been about sixteen at the time, this date is kind of iffy. They had four children together:
1/M James RITCHIE 13th February 1826 in Thurso.
2/M Donald Miller RITCHIE 30th October 1827 in Thurso.
3/F Christian RITCHIE 04th December 1829 in Thurso.
4/M William Miller RITCHIE 30th December 1831 in Thurso.
Not sure what became of the first Elizabeth. There is a record of James' second marriage to Elizabeth MILLER again on 02nd March 1836 in Thurso. This lot of children were:
1/M Alexander RITCHIE 07th December 1836 in Thurso.
2/M Donald Miller RITCHIE (we assume the first Donald died before this one was born and he was named for him) 22nd February 1839 in Thurso.
3/F Margaret RITCHIE 22nd March 1842 in Rosehearty.
4/F Elizabeth RITCHIE 16th April 1844 in Rosehearty.

Donald Miller RITCHIE (the second) married Christian ROBERTSON of Old Deer (daughter of Thomas ROBERTSON and Ann MURRAY). They had at least one child, Thomas Robertson RITCHIE, born 31st January 1880 in Victoria St, Fraserburgh. At some stage he went to NZ and married Fanny Elizabeth GIBSON (daughter of Benjamin GIBSON and Ophelia CLOUGH).

Donald and Fanny had several children, one of them being my grandfather, Kenneth RITCHIE, born 1913 in Wanganui, NZ.

Any help would be wonderful.

Kristy McCarrick
Brisbane, Australia
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Since posting the original message I have discovered that Alexander's father's name was James Farquhar Ritchie (so much for family stories). James F. was born in 1848 at Longside, Aberdeenshire. He was the son of James Ritchie and Margaret Farquhar who married at Peterhead in 1843, but apparently James was from Lonmay. This is as far back as I have been able to get so far. It would also appear that they were all agricultural labourers. I haven't come across any connection to the sea.


chris ritchie (View posts)
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hi just a note Alexander Ritchie 1837 -1918 died in Dunedin
Jean Ritchie (Duthie
His father was James Ritchie (a Sailor) wife Elizabeth.
all that i know that far back

My Grand Father Max Ritchie (1881-1952) wife Agnes Isobel
(Wood) there children were Robert and Donald Max Ritchie

My father Max my mother Leonie Suzanne (McIroy)
Brothers Max,Paul and I Christopher all with children if the right one please keep in touch

Ritchie Family

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Surnames: Ritchie
Hi Chris: Sorry but none of those you list seem to tie in with any of mine so far.

Re: RITCHIE Family

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Tonight in Longside Kirkyard I noted a stone to William Penny of Mains of Pitfour who died 1891 and his wife Elixzabeth who died 1885
also sons Charles die 1936 and another Charles Penny MB ChB
who died Derby in 1966
Perhaps this may give you a connection you are looking for if the dates are right.
There are a number of Penny graves in the old cemetery there

Re: RITCHIE Family

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Thanks Margie. William Penny d. 1891 and Elizabeth Mitchell
Penny d. 1885 are my husband's great great grandparents.
The Charles that died in 1936, is their son and the second
Charles, their grandson. Since I posted the original
message, I have had quite a bit of good luck in tracing the
Penny family, but it is nice to know where some of them are
buried. They are quite a large prolific family and it is
very likely my husband is related to all those buried in the
Longside Kirkyard. I would appreciate receiving any other
info you may come across as it is difficult to research from
overseas and it looks like it may be a couple more years
before we manage a trip to Scotland.
Thanks again.

Re: RITCHIE Family

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It was a pleasure Ann - always nice to know when a search has been successful. The next time I am over that way I will ensure I have the camera and take a photograph for you.
There were a number of Penny headstones but that was the one that rang a bell with me relating to your enquiry.
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