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Looking for relatives of MATE & MARIAN ZDERO from Dalmacia-Croatia (before 1. WW part of Austria).
One of them (Marian?) died in traffic accident,wasn't married.
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I'm not related, but wonder if you're searching for the immigration records as well? There is a Mate Zdero arrived Ellis island 12/3/1910, age 17, going to brother, name hard to read, maybe Marena Zdero in Portland Oregon, from mother Iwa in Podosoje Austria, nationality Dalmation.

Re: Zdero

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Classification: Immigration
Surnames: ZDERO
Thx for info,but that is not the right one.These brothers MARIAN & MATE ZDERO came to USA together,they came from France I think to N.Y. in 1912.
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Original spelling would have been Marijan.

You are correct they did arrive together

Marijan listed as his next of kin at Imotski (a lovely place where I took my Heritage tour group a few years ago) as his father Ante (Croatian for Anthony or Tony) while Mate listed his wife Manda They both had Cincinnati listed as their destination to "parent" Marko JERKOVIC at 1520 Central Ave Both listed as age 20.... but I wonder as I see different birthyears for each in US records... perhaps one "fudged" his birthdate when he applied for "permission" to leave... because at age 21 he would have been required to serve in the military for 2 years... and the Serbs were brewing their plot... which was the spark that started WW I

They are on lines 21 and 23 See manifest below, to save click on file and then right click and save image

Perhaps Mate (Mathew) applied for Citizenship in Michigan

Name: Mate Zdero
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1885
State: Michigan
Locality, Court: Detroit, District Court
Title: Index Cards to Naturalization Petitions for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, Detroit, 1907-1995
Description: Z-220 Zukosky, Walter-Z-362 Zadorojny, Paraskeva
Series: M1917

And Marijan in Wasington State

Name: Maryan Zdero
State: Washington
Locality, Court: Seattle, District Court
Title: Naturalization Records of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, 1890-1957
Description: Naturalization index, 1912-1953. A-P
Series: M1542

But I find a record for someone arriving at Washington State 1909 listing Ivan as his father... so maybe this is not the correct Marijan.

Also I find a couple of Mate ZDERO listed in WW I Draft Registrations (even though aliens they were all required to register even though they were not required to serve)

Marian at Toledo OH and Mate at Gila AZ

Surname spelling is ŽDERO the diacritic over the Z gives it a sound like the S in the word treasure

There are 54 listings in the current online phone book but none in Imotski proper which may lead one to suspect they were not from Imotski but a nearby village. It was common for immigrants to list the municipal or parish center as their place of origin vs the actual village of their birth.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Zdero
Thx for info.
I have found a lot of persons last name Zdero in USA.
I have contacted some of them,problem is that I didn't get any replay.
Many of those immigrantes had the same name,or have change their name and have american.
I don't think that this Marijan is the right one,Marijan & Mate were living together & came together.
You were right about birth place,for all Zdero from Dalmacia-Croatia birth place is PODOSOJE near Imotski,but when they immigrated they listed some other places,like:
Marijan & Mate were my great-grandmothers IVA (Ivica) brothers,she didn,t have any other siblings...
She died at age 94 years
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Dear ?

Where did they live in the US. Maybe I can help locate information or descendents.


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Surnames: zdero
That is the problem,I don't know where did they live,have some information that they were in California around 1990,but I am not sure where were they when they first came in USA Michigan & Ohiao.
Marijan had one child (Michael?).
If you can help me that would be great...
thx a lot!
happy Easter and all the best from Imotski-croatia!


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I had a great Uncle named (called) Mateo Zdero he lived in Michigan and was from Imotski along with my grandfather and grandmother. I am heading to Imotski next week to visit the area. my grandmother would say that uncle Mateo was a personality. I have a few photos of him from the 1920's.

Re: Zdero

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Nice to here from You :)
Are You related to Frank Zdero?
Are You in contact with your relatives in Croatia?
If not may be I can help You find some.I live in Imotski for 30 years and know all Zdero familys in Croatia.


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Surnames: Zdero1
Ivona pozdrav preko Atlantika,
molim vas mozete li napraviti porodicno stablo za Zdere u Imotskom, ja to pokusavam ali mi nedostaju informacije. Sto se tice porodice Zdero u US se pojavljuje Zdero M.Mate(1885-1968)from Michigen, Zdero M.Frank(1894-1971) from Michigen, Zdero Michael(1872- )from Ohio, Zdero E. Michael(1886- )from Ohio, Zdero Tom(1877- )from Vermont, Zdero Marijan(1884- ), Zdero Marjan(1890- ), Zdero Mike(1886-1943), Zdero Marko (1882- ), Zdero Simo(1885- ), Zdero Simo(1887- ), Zdero Marijan(1892- ), Zdero Mate(1893- ), Zdero Spiro(1895-1865), ...
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