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Great Grandfathe, Robert Franklin Tharp B. 1848, D.1922 Married Thursey N. Evans. B.1858 D. 1914 Had seven children, John Paris, Benjamin Magon, Robert W., James Howard Edwin Lyle, Ehluet, Susie. Lived in Fulton Mo. in adult life. Do not know where he was born, but think family originally came fro the Oklahoma territory and may have been partially of Native American heritage.
Have very little information about this family. Any information would certainly be appreciated.

Re: Relatives

Rod Green (View posts)
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Hi, Wanda.
Don't know if were related or not. But thought I'd send you a message regarding your great-grandfather.
My great-great grandfather was James P. Tharp. He was born on 3 Mar 1844 in Salt River Township, Audrain Co., Missouri which is close to Callaway Co., MO (Fulton is the county seat).
James P. Tharp married Susan Helm on 7 Jan 1869. They had ten children.
Do you know your great-grandfather's parents or siblings? Have always been told that we had Indian blood in our background, but have yet to prove it! I believe my Tharps probably originated in KY.


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Was very glad to read your post. It is interesting and it sure leaves things open to speculation. I was told that my great grandfather was very adament about not being part native american and refused to talk about his past life. My grandfather, James Howard was taught how to do all the gaits of a horse on hands and feet when he was small and I know it is very difficult to do and lots of Indian children were taught that in play. My grandfather looks indian and we hava a potrrait of him as an indian. I was not sure about being from Okla. I think they could just have easily been from Ky. I have been trying for years to find some ancestors farther back than the greats, but until now have never found anyone that knew anything.My great uncle Ed Tharp was state fiddling champ of Mo. one or two times and a professor at MU is doing research on him and we really couldn't give him much information.
I don't know if all this is any interest to you, but I find it fascinating. I think we could be kin because there's too many coincidences. Was your great great grandfather's middle name Paris by any chance?
Would like to hear from you My e-mail is bush

Callaway Co. Tharps

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There are some relatives living in Fulton, also Columbia. I will try and advise them of your possible connection. My uncle is in his eighties, and doesn't have a computer. I will let his daughter know about your inquiry.

Tharp Relatives

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Hi, I contacted my Uncle and he does not know if his grandfather had any siblings, nor does he know anything about his parents. We were very interested in the fact that there were Tharps in Audrain county, as we never knew about them. I think it is more that coincidence that there are so amy of the same names repeated. I don't know of any more information I can give you. Information about this side of the family is scarcer than hen's teeth. All of the Tharp's are long gone and the ones on the girl's side, I have long ago lost touch with. They all lived in and around Columbia. Wish we could come up with more. What about siblings and parents on your side? Please let me know if you come up with anything else and I will do the same.
Wanda (Nadine) Bush

Tharp Relatives

Rod Green (View posts)
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This is just too coincidental. I was not aware that there were THARPS in Fulton and Columbia!
I grew up in Mexico, MO. Graduated high school in 1969 and lived in Columbia from 1970-1995. I now live in Austin, TX.
Wish I had gotten interested in my family genealogy before last year. It probably would have been a LOT easier to track down these links if I lived closer to the source.
You have steered me in a new direction, however. Have you done any searches in Callaway or Boone County?
Also, another EXTREME coincidence...I notice from another of your postings that you are a McNAMEE by birth. Well, guess what?
My dad's cousin, Mary Frances BREID married a Hubert McNAMEE on 26 Nov 1952!!!
Even though I was only 5 years old I distinctly remember that Mary Hubert "ran away" to Arkansas to get hitched. In fact, they stayed at my grandparents' house the night before the left!
Mary had five sisters and one brother and grew up primarily in Rush Hill, Mexico and Fulton, MO. Her parents were Leland BREID and Francis BODKIN.
Have you ever run across Hubert's chance is there a relation here?

Tharps and McNamee

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Well, what do you know? Hubert is my first cousin!!! Isn't this a kick? Started out with the Tharps, and ended up with the McNamees. I am from Fulton, born and raised there. Hubert and I keep in touch at Christmas, and I keep in touch with two of his sisters. Now, as far as the Tharps go, you said that your grandfather was James P. Tharp. Grandpa's name was James Howard, and His older brother was John Paris. He had four other brothers, and one sister. Ben, Bob, Edwin, and Ehluet, and a sister named Susie. Grandpa and Susie lived inFulton,and the rest lived in Columbia. I will try and get a name and address for a relative in Columbia from my cousin. We have kinda lost touch over the years, but the ones in Fulton do keep in touch with the Columbia ones. If you have an e-mail address send it to me. It would be easier to exchange information that way. really good to hear from you again. Did you get my other posts. I go by Nadine and I forgot and signed one that way.Hoping to exchange more info.
Wanda Nadine Bush

More Tharp

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Just happened to think of another bit of information. Did you know Norma or Bob Hamilton From Mexico? They had kids that should be nearer your age. Marty, Greg, Jaimie, and Jill. They are related to the Tharp's by marriage. Their Grandmother was my Grandmother's (Tharp) sister, and we were all raised on the same farm, in two differen houses. Well, seems we do at least have some connection one way or another.
Wanda ( Nadine)

Rod Green baby picture

Kris Breid (View posts)
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While clearing out a trunk, I came across a baby picture of Rodney. Can't find your correct e-mail address, so am hoping you check this site occasionally. I'd be glad to send it to you. Kris

James Tharp

Karen (View posts)
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Surnames: Tharp
I'm wondering about your information that James P. Tharp was born in Audrain County, Missouri. In the 1880 census for Wilson in Audrain County, James Tharp reports his parents' and his own birthplace as Kentucky. His wife Susan (b. MO) reports her parents birthplace as Kentucky. Did James wrongly report this information? I found two other James Tharps in Callaway County. One in Auxvasse born about 1833. The second, a James M. Tharp, in Cedar, who was born about 1843. What is your source for his birthplace? I have been trying to discover what Kentucky county he was born in. Is it a futile search?
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