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Antoinne Tvedt, Kennebunk Maine homestead

Antoinne Tvedt, Kennebunk Maine homestead

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My family owns the home originally built by Antoinne
or Anton Tvedt, an immigrant from Norway to Kennebunk Maine.
It was built in 1893. We have a picture of the home, Anton, his
third wife and his five children. I believe
Anton moved to CT. late in life. Any interest in this info,? Contact

Tvedt surname

Karl Bye (View posts)
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I am searching for relatives to Julian Martine Tvedt born in Kennebunk, Maine on October, 1888 to Hans Tvedt, father and Clara (Bye) Tvedt. Clara was my aunt and Julian therefore my cousin. Clara died in Kennebunk in March 1895. One of my uncles, Haakon Robert Bye also lived in Kennebunk as did my uncle Olaf, grandmother Julianna, grandfather Carl Olavus. It was my aunt Clara and her husband Hans that were responsible for bringing Clara's Bye family from Norway. After Clara's death, Julian was raised by several of the Bye families. It would seem to me that there couldnt be very many Tvedts from Norway living in Kennebunk, Maine unless they were related. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible that your Tvedt is a brother or other relation to Hans?

Tvedt's and Bye's

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The 1905 census for Kennebunk shows the following info
for "BYE":
Carl, musician of Worcester MA.
Julia A. (Christensen) Housework
Hikon Machinist
Terchak Law student in Bangor
Hilda (m Crowley) Housework
Jennie Brockton Mass, Housework
Mary (m Marie) Brockton Mass Housework
Oscara match factory operator
If you send an email address, Ill send you info on Tvedt's
as well.

format of the above message

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I think through Email I can send info in a more readable format than the previous message.
I know there was a man by the name of Samuel Tvedt
here in Kennebunk, who had the following children:
Einar L M
Esther E
His wife was Hilda M. Furvall
I wonder if the Tvedts and Bye's immigrated from the same town in Norway?
I have the name listed on this, but will have to look at the record.

Tvedt's and Byes

Karl Bye (View posts)
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I have the info on the Bye's. Carl was my grandfather, Julianna my grandmother, and Terschak my father. Clara (Bye) Tvedt was my eldest aunt. Her son Julian Tvedt is the one I am currently researching. Your reference to another Tvedt living in the small town of Kennebunk in the late 19th century is just too coincidental. How many Norwegian immigrants named Tvedt could there possibly be in Kennebunk? My e-mail address is

Tvedt family

Karl Bye (View posts)
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I don't recognize any of the names mentioned, but then the only Tvedt I ever knew about was Hans Tvedt (the husband of my aunt Clara Eugenie (Bye) Tvedt. I have recently learned (from Julians birth record) that Hans Tvedt's middle name apparently was Olaves. Since several Tvedt's apparently lived in Kennebunk at the time of the Bye's, it is quite likely they knew one another and possibly were kindred friends. Their decendants might know of my 1st cousin Julian Martene Tvedt and his decendants.
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Olaves is short for Olavesson or Olavessøn or Olavesen.
Then father of Hans was then Olav.

I have looked up any Hans Olaves born between 1800 and 1860 in Norway. This is what i found:

But you should also try to look for anyone emigrating from Norway to the USA under the three other last names I mentioned above.
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