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Hello all Durazzi

Hello all Durazzi

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Surnames: Durazo
Hi everyone, if you are a Durazo or Durazzi you are very welcome to be on this board. One of the reasons why I started this board is because my family is Durazzi but changed their last name to Durazo on arrival to Northa America from Italy. I am hoping to know more about my family and I am sure many of you are curious to know as well, I hope to get to know other Durazzis which are living in the US or even in Italy. Our family histrory is quite a colorful one so if you have anything interesting to add please feel free to do so.

Hi tutto, se siete un Durazo o un Durazzi siete molto benvenuti essere su questa cartolina. Una delle ragioni per le quali ho iniziato questa cartolina è perché la mia famiglia è Durazzi ma ha cambiato il loro ultimo nome a Durazo sull'arrivo a Northa America dall'Italia. Sto sperando di sapere più circa la miei famiglia ed io sia sicuri che molti di voi sono curiosi sapere pure, spero di familiarizzarsi con l'altro Durazzis che stanno vivendo negli Stati Uniti o persino in Italia. La nostra famiglia histrory è abbastanza colorful così se avete qualche cosa interessare per aggiungere prego ritenete liberi fare così.
ola cada uno, si usted es un Durazo o un Durazzi usted es muy agradable estar en este tablero. Una de las razones por las que comencé a este tablero es porque mi familia es Durazzi pero cambió su nombre pasado a Durazo en llegada a Northa América de Italia. Estoy esperando saber más sobre mi familia y mí sean seguros que muchos de usted son curiosos saber también, espero familiarizarme con el otro Durazzis que estén viviendo en los E.E.U.U. o aún en Italia. Nuestra familia histrory es absolutamente colorida tan si usted tiene cualquier cosa el interesar para agregar por favor se siente libre hacer tan.

Re: Hello all Durazzi

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Hello, My name is Arthur Durazzi, Jr. My family and friends call me Chip. My family came to the US from Italy around 1921. The lived in Phillipsburg NJ for many years. The family had 2 sons, Lindy (my grandfather) and Jeff. My father was an only child and Jeff had no children. My brother and I are the only male Durazzis of our line of child rearing age. I have 2 girls and my brother has no children yet.
Feel free to contact me at

Re: Hello all Durazzi

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Surnames: Durazo
I've always wanted to trace this so here's the bit of the puzzle that I know about.

I'm Jose Durazo Jr., born in Douglas, AZ in 1971

My dad is Jose Durazo, born in Douglas, AZ in 1947.
(he has a brother Armando)

My grandfather's name was Eustaquio Durazo, born in Tombstone, AZ in 1925.
Eustaquio had 5 siblings: Maria, Emma (spelling might be incorrect), Manuel, Ernesto, and one whose name I don't know but whose nickname was "Melita".

My great grandfather's name was also Eustaquio Durazo. His wife was Onesima Coronado. I'm not sure where they were born, but probably somewhere in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Can anyone fill in more details either branching out or up from this part of the tree? Is anyone related to some of the people I've mentioned?

Re: Hello all Durazzi

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Hi i live in Sonora Mexico, and my mother is call Maria Provencio Durazo, and in her family all have the last name Durazo, all of her family and my family to live in a small town called Granados, Sonora, Mexico...(i write in sapnish because im not write in english well ok)

Como te comentaba la mayoria de los parientes de mi madre se apellidan Durazo y de echo la mayoria de la gente de su pueblo Granados se apellida de la misma forma, seria interesante compartir puntos de vista acerca del tema, siquieres puedes consultar la historia del pueblo de Granados Sonora, se cree que los fundadores del pueblo desendian de una raza Italiano-Albanesa de los Durazzo o Durazzi....y la verdad que Granados es Hermoso...ojala te sirva este comentario y Gracias

Por cierto yo vivo en Hermosillo Sonora Mexico


Objet : Hello all Durazzi

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mon grand-pere durazzi nicolas originaire de santa fiora en
toscane est venu en france travailler dans les mines de fer
de Lorraine en 1921.Sa femme se nommait Mascagni Purifica.
Trois enfants sont nés de cette union dont mon père Ugo.Je
suis en retraite depuis 1991 et j'habite dans la région de M
Montpellier dans le sud de la France.J'ai 2 fils michel et
pascal.michel a un garçon,pascal a 3 garçons.Mes2fils vivent
également dans le sud de la france.Mes meilleures salutations à tous les Durazzi.Robert

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Merci pour votre réponse. Il semble que la famille a Durazzi dispersés partout dans le monde. Mon côté de la famille est arrivée au Mexique, avec d'autres colons européens vers 1840 et a créé un village. Il est intéressant de noter que l'un des autres familles européennes pour y arriver est d'ascendance anglaise supposée. Selon l'histoire de ma famille, nous descendons de l'Italie et je suis donc deviner que nous mai ont un ancêtre commun. Aussi, en allant plus loin, nous avons des racines en Albanie, en savez-vous quoi que ce soit concernant ce?

Merci pour votre temps, j'espère que mon français n'est pas trop terrible.

Re: Hello all Durazzi

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hola mi nombre es alfredo durazo o durazzi,tengo familia numerosa en magdalena de kino,yo conosco la historia de la familia original que llego a mexico tiempo atras con el apellido durazzi (italo-albanes)y se establecieron en mexico,granados para ser exactos en el estado de sonora.

Re: Hello all Durazzi

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hi my name is frank durazzi and I have a brother luis we live in sonora mexico I know have family in Az but never see,we need to contact all the family and make a meeting in same place.

Re: Hello all Durazzi

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hi my name is frank durazzi and I have a brother luis we live in sonora mexico I know have family in Az but never see,we need to contact all the family and make a meeting in some place.

Re: Hello all Durazzi

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Surnames: Durazzi
My grandmother's maiden name is Durazzi. Her father was giuseppe, his father Allesandro. Allesandro was married to elisabetta chiappa of roncitelli in ancona italy, they had 3 other boys i know of besides my ggrandfather: vinnaco and pacifico (twins?) Born 1874, and Rafaoli. My great grandfather Giuseppe was born 1878. He came to america several times to work before settling down in Phillipsburg NJ where he owned a small grocery. Prior to that he had worked in the foundry in phillipsburg, and had worked on the transcontinental railroad, reaching as far as Alberta. We do not know much else about his family, i think they were not on good terms because he did not see them as being responsible with the money he sent and that they were not improving themselves. It might have been his 6th trip back when he decided he was in his 30s and needed to start a family of his own. Coincidentally, there was one other Durazzi family in our town but my grandmother said we weren't related though it could have just been estranged family, they were from same town in Italy too! My grandmother did the ancestry test so would love to see if anyone comes up a match to her on here. One more thing, my nanna makes sauce just like her dad did and she said he came from Bologna, but i can't find records of that or if he had just gone there from senigallia for work. Would love to find more on Durazzi from marche region.

The last name itself can refer to the albanian Durres, port city on Adriatic sea, Druze religion, the fruit known as the peach, or an arabic word for tailor or seamster. Heard a story that our ancestors may have had name changed in italy from durazzo to durazzi, but it could have bean durazno.
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