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Arthur Brooks and Lulu (Lula) Lloyd

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Arthur Brooks and Lulu (Lula) Lloyd

cheryl Adrain (View posts)
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Surnames: Bristow, Brooks, Lloyd, Grieve, Bell, Asselstine, French
Hi all family history lovers. I am related back through the lines to these surnames.
Right now I am very much looking for info on Arthur Brooks an Lulu or Lula Lloyd? Their daughter Frances Brooks married my father Randall William French on Feb 26, 1944. I have added a large email here I hope someone reads it and can lend a helping hand.
you maybe also use my other email address
thanks sooo soo much
Cheryl Adrain

Jan 3,2003
I hope you can help me. Maybe you will find some of these names in your Lloyd family we will find my grandmother some place.
I sure hope so!!
Where the Brooks farms were at Hay Bay in the Area of Lot 2-3 Gore Con AA wpt.,,, South Fredericksburg Twp. County of Lennox an Addintion. This land was Granted to George Brooks on Dec 8th, 1806 he had 138 acers.
I am not sure if this George Brooks is my grandfather Arthurs ..great grand father or not but..still least this location of land tells me I am in the write area for Charlie Brooks an at least one son Arthur who Married Lula..or Lulu Lloyd???

Could Lula been a native girl that the Lloyds took into their family????? This is a guess on my part.

That is where there were a couple of families of Lloyds.
Lula..or Lula would have been born around 1890 to 1895 maybe but I have really no idea of when she was born. She married Arthur Brooks who was the son of Charles an Elizabeth Bristow. (i will double check the name)
Charlie Brook's wife Elizabeth died in the 1950's she was quiet old 81 I think an I have some info on her death from a news paper clip)

I have a picture of Arthur an Lula..or Lulu on their wedding day but Ihave no year of the picture.
It is a beautifull picture.
It looks like they were married in an Office of some sort.
The furniture in the back ground is so beauitful,the chair that Arthur is sitting in has Lions heads on it!!! at the top sides of the back of the chair an Lions feet on the bottom of the chair. The Chair has wonderful crossed legs on the back an front of it. Gorgous!!!
There are a lot of books on the walk in the back ground. an large candle stick holders on the wall on each side of the large book case in the back ground.

Lula or Lulu is wearing a long dark dress with bottons up both sides of the top part of the dress an their looks like some kind of cape on the dress.
The cap had white edging.
The dress also has some embroderie at the waist band. It could be a symbol of some kind I'm not sure..but very pretty.
It looks some what like a cross shaped or like 4 blades of a windmill??? but very fancy an it has a large "Double " circle of embroderie work around it an then along the sides of the waist band both top an bottom. The embrodie goes off the side of this double circle an there looks like some kind of leaf design on both the top an bottom part of the waist band.
After they were married I know that they at some point had a house an farm on Hay Bay, I remember being there. I was right on the waters edge almost.
An Arthurs father an mother lived very..very close by only 1/4 or 1/2 mile up the same road. Arthurs father .
Charlie an Elizabeth Brooks had a farm on Con 1 South Fredricksburge twp an Arthur an my Grandmother Lula had the farm just down the road from them.
I am pretty sure the farm was on the south side of Hay Bay as one of Arthur an Lula's sons..either Donny or Ronny Brooks still live there now an Gandmother Lula lived with them until she had to go an live in a home of some kind. She passed away in the 1980 I think I just don't have the date on me right now.

Art an Lula had these children ,I am not sure of the order of birth.

Art an Lula had one child that died...maybe 2
Marion (living)
Carson (living)
Frances my mom born aug 29 1926 died 1989
Margarie (living)
Donnie (living)
Ronnie (living)
Lois (living)
(I know that Art Brooks an Lula are buried at Riverside gravee yard in Nappanne,Ont as are my French Family also.)
I had always heard that their was Indian blood in either Art brooks or Lula but my dad at almost 81 years old now.said there was never any talk about that. I am really hoping to find this out as it is very important for me personally to know.

Lula was a large woman after having children.
At least 5 of my mother...Frances (born aug 29 1926 )had very very dark brown skin,dark brown eyes an dark,dark hair.

My dad (Randall French) said that when him an my mom first got married (feb 26, 1944),they married at the small town of Conway an rented a farm there from a Norm Harshaw an his wife .
Norm Harshaw's wife was the daughter of Jim Moon who owned the farm until 1936 when he gave it to his daughter an Norm.

Then Randall French my dad an Frances Brooks my mom rented while the Harshaw man was gone to war.
Mrs Harshaw's husband an his 2 ,I believe brothers went to war in 1944???

The property was on Lot 1 Con 1 - South Fredericksburgh (which would have been at Conway,Ontario.)
The Farm that Randall French an Frances Brooks (my parents) had worked for 2 years...from 1944 to 1946...has been writen about in a book Called "The life an Times of a One _Room School House" it is on page 9 an 10 an shows the old school an other buildings. This book can be ordered from the web site.

My dad (Randall French) says that he an mom did a lot of work fixing up these building when they rented this farm an they were doing very well on this farm an wanted to buy it...but the son..or .(Norm Harshaw)came back from war an wanted to try out farming.
The Harshows had three sons,,,, Jack ,James an George. Jack married locally an James are George maybe still living in Toronto.

Anyways I am told that Norm Harshaw sold the farm in 1947 to William Turner Edwards an wife Annie. The it was sold to Bert Grahm in 1951 wo later died in a car accident.

My dad says there were he thinks two Lloyd families in that area not far from him .One Lloyd family had a small farm but he can't remember the names.
In the middle of Dec I got an email from :

A Mr Ross Morton has just contacted me an giving me info on the Farm that my dad an mom first lived on at Conway.
Mr Ross Morton said that their farm was right next door to my Dad an moms place which was on Con 1, Lot 1 S.Frederickburg.
(Ross Morton had brothers Ray,Eddie an Frank Morton)
Other families in this area where the Lloyds???? ,Morton, Moon then Harshaw.

In 1946 my father Randall French an my mom Frances Brooks with son David Randall born Feb 2, 1945 an my sister Gail who was born May 7,1947 bought a Farm at Bedford Mills area close to Westport,Ontario. That is where my brother Art an I were born.
An a few years later my dad also bought the old Cheese factory at Crosby,Ont.,South Crosby twp.,Leeds county. They still owned the farm at Massasaugie,,,,sorry spelling...which is near Bedford mills.

anyways I'm running on an on here.

I hope some of this info sounds like it maybe fit in some place in the Lloyd line. I would love any little bit of info I can get

I hope this email is not to confussing.

I hope to hear from you soon or anyone who can help me find my Grandmother Lula..or Lulu family
Thank you ever so much

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