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Landowners-County Antrim

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Landowners-County Antrim

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Surnames: Bradbury, Braddell, Bradford, Brady, Branagh, Brennan, Bristow, Brown, Brownlee, Bruce, Bryan, Bryson, Buchanan, Buchannan, Bull, Burden, Burke, Burney, Burnside, Butler, Buttson, Byers, Byrne, Cahoon, Cairns, Calder, Caldwell, Callwell, Calvert, Calwell, Camac, Camack, Cambridge, Cameron, Camlin
Originally posted by Jean Rice on Mon, 13 Sep 1999, on the Query board.

Per genealogy library reference book, the following individuals owned one or more acres of land in Co. Antrim, Ireland,
the latter part of the 1870s:

1. John Bradbury, address Lurganure Ho., Maze, Lisburn, owned 4 acres.
2. William H. Braddell, address Lower Malone, owned 1 acre.
3. James Bradford, Reps. of, address North Queen-street, owned 1 acre.
4. James Brady, address Solar, Glenarm, owned 42 acres.
5. David Branagh, Reps. of, address Hercules-st., Belfast, owned 49 acres.
6. William Brennan, address Antrim, owned 4 acres.
7. "Brewing Co. (Limited), Ulster," address Sandyrow, owned 1 acre.
8. Jane Bristow, address Willmont, Dunmurry, owned 124 acres.
9. Dora and Margaret Brown, address Shanoguestown, Antrim, owned 40 acres.
10. Ephraim Brown, address North Queen-street Belfast, owned 2 acres.
11. James Brown, address Belfast, owned 26 acres.
12. John Brown, address Ravenhill, Ballynafoy, owned 28 acres.
13. Robert Brown, address Islandstown, N. T. Crommelin, owned 22 acres.
14. Robert Brown, Reps. of, address Ballybentra, Parkgate, owned 78 acres.
15. Robert Brown, Reps. of, address Monkstown, owned 17 acres.
16. W. G. Brown, address Kells, owned 236 acres.
17. John Brownlee, address Lisburn, owned 1 acre.
18. William Brownlee, address Alpha Lodge, Lisburn,
owned 5 acres.
19. Edward S. Bruce, address 39th Regiment, owned 1,622 acres.
20. Henry S. B. Bruce, address Liverpool, owned 1,009 acres.
21. James Bruce, address Ship-street, Belfast, owned 1 acre.
22. James Bruce, address Duncairn, owned 9 acres.
23. Rev. William Bruce, Reps. of, address The Farm,
owned 13 acres.
24. William Bryan, address Ballinamore, owned 24 acres.
25. Alexander Bryson, address M'Pickersland, Doagh,
owned 48 acres.
26. David Bryson, address Ballybracken, Doagh, owned 93 acres.
27. David Bryson, address M'Pickersland, Doagh, owned 24 acres.
28. James Bryson, address Holestone, Doagh, owned 17 acres.
29. James Bryson, address Duncansland, Doagh, owned 42 acres.
30. Matthew Bryson, address M'Vickersland, Doagh, owned 59 acres.
31. Robert Bryson, address Cross, Ballymena, owned 25 acres.
32. Samuel Bryson, Reps. of, address Kilbride, Doagh, owned 19 acres.
33. Thomas Bryson, address Antrim, owned 50 acres.
34. William Bryson, address Duncansland, Doagh, owned 40 acres.
35. William Bryson, address Ballybracken, Doagh, owned 74 acres.
36. Robert Buchanan, address Sallagh, Larne, owned 120 acres.
37. Robert Buchannan, address Ballymena, owned 37 acres.
38. Anne Bull, address Carrickfergus, owned 12 acres.
39. Henry Burden, address Ballynafoy, owned 1 acre.
40. William H. Burke, address Larne, owned 397 acres.
41. John Burney, address Ballywonard, owned 84 acres.
42. John Burney, address Killyglen, Larne, owned 33 acres.
43. John Burnside, address Secon, Coleraine, owned 60 acres.
44. Charles Butler, address Ballyalbanagh, Ballyclare, owned 3 acres.
45. Mary Buttson, address Antrim-road, Belfast, owned 23 acres.
46. Thomas Byers, address Kilbride, Doagh, owned 20 acres.
47. Thomas Byrne, address Greencastle, owned 13 acres.
48. Robert Cahoon, address Marquis-st., Belfast, owned 59 acres.
49. Matilda Cairns, address Elgin-road, Dublin, owned 432 acres.
50. John N. Calder, address Windsor, owned 1 acre.
51. Hugh B. Caldwell, address Sallagh, Larne, owned 47 acres.
52. Robert Caldwell, address Waring-street, Belfast,
owned 76 acres.
53. Thomas Caldwell, address Drains, Larne, owned 199 acres.
54. George Callwell, address Lismoyne, Dunmurry, owned 169 acres.
55. Joseph Calvert, address Whitehouse, owned 1 acre.
56. Andrew Calwell, address Ballyreagh, Clough, owned 121 acres.
57. Robert Camac, address Dervock, owned 21 acres.
58. Robert Camac, address Garry, owned 30 acres.
59. Peter G. Camack, address Derrykeighan, owned 281 acres.
60. William Cambridge, address Mill-street, owned 1 acre.
61. Robert Cameron, address Ballyboley, Ballynure, owned 8 acres.
62. Thomas W. Camlin, address Magdala-street, owned 1 acre.

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