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Subject: Re: Hello all Durazzi
Author: jodurazo
Date: 03 October 2008
Classification: Query
Surnames: Durazo

I've always wanted to trace this so here's the bit of the puzzle that I know about.

I'm Jose Durazo Jr., born in Douglas, AZ in 1971

My dad is Jose Durazo, born in Douglas, AZ in 1947.
(he has a brother Armando)

My grandfather's name was Eustaquio Durazo, born in Tombstone, AZ in 1925.
Eustaquio had 5 siblings: Maria, Emma (spelling might be incorrect), Manuel, Ernesto, and one whose name I don't know but whose nickname was "Melita".

My great grandfather's name was also Eustaquio Durazo. His wife was Onesima Coronado. I'm not sure where they were born, but probably somewhere in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Can anyone fill in more details either branching out or up from this part of the tree? Is anyone related to some of the people I've mentioned?