World Archives Project: Tips, November 2010

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Every day new contributors join the project – I hope you are all feeling welcome. Here are a few tips, and a few Q & A to help you feel more confident as you key.

  • Before you key a new project read the project instructions and the project page. (These can both be accessed via the Help menu by choosing the View Project Instructions and View More About This Project selections.)

  • The Field Helps are more important than the general Keying Standards; if there is a contradiction you should enter the field following the instructions in the Field Help. (All of the Field Helps can be read from the project page.)

  • Should all of the fields be keyed or just the highlighted ones?
All of the fields should be keyed – if there is information to be keyed. The highlighted fields are essential fields and every record should contain this information. For the essential fields, those highlighted with a salmon color, if the information is not on the record you need to make these fields “blank” – Ctrl+B.

  • Should I use the spelling in the drop down or what I see on the record?
The dictionaries are there to help you with possible answers. Many times you will find the name, occupation or location in the dictionary but if the name you see on the record is not in the dictionary key it as seen on the record. This may require that you accept the field using the F7 key.

  • How should initials be keyed?
If you see Marshall F Jones on the record key “Marshall F” in the Given Name field and “Jones” in the Surname field. Middle names and initials should be keyed in the Given Name field. If the record says A. L. Smith this would be keyed as “A L” (remember the space) in the Given Name field and “Smith” in the Surname field.

  • If the names are entered in ALL CAPS on the record do we need to key them that way?
There are a few exceptions to the key as seen rule – use the appropriate capitalization when entering names, locations, etc. If the record says the birth location is CALGARY you would enter “Calgary” in the birth location field.

  • How do we access the free databases?
There is an option on the Online Dashboard for Completed World Archives Projects, when you expand this section you will see the In Processing and the Live sections. Clicking on any of the Live projects will bring you to the search page for that database.