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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary. Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page. (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.)

Additional resources =

Searchable list of GAR posts

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

1.  Please do not use periods after initials, but do separate them with spaces

2.  Do not key in the office held - they are not prefixes.

3.  Use the right form type. Lists of officers are "muster rolls". Please look at the samples on the wiki page.

4.  Be sure to use town and/or county names in addition to states in birthplace.

5. Please be sure to key in the list of officers. Too many sets are having to sent back for re-keying because the officers were not listed.

6. Quick handwriting note: you will see the long s well into the 20th century, much later than you'd otherwise expect on account of the age of the secretaries. (ie: it It's Jesse not Jefse or Jepe)

Questions and Answers

If you have a keying question that is not answered on the project page or in any of the information above, click “EDIT” and ask it here. (If you click on Rich Editor you won't have to worry about formatting your entry.) Then click “WATCH” at the top right on this page and you will be notified via email when an update has been made.



Add new questions here . . .

I am looking at a Roster of Officers that has a list of officers with two vacancies and a more complete list of officers at the bottom of the page. Is there a specific order I should put the names in? Right now I have the two new names listed after the first list. Do I need to add blank lines for the vacancies? I thought I'd seen the answer regarding the blank lines in the other help pages but I can't find it. Thank you.

Answer: Start top to bottom. Look for any signatures to add. Do not key blank lines. -- Wiedwoman 16:26, 31 January 2012 (UTC)


Just a reminder to be careful about name spelling. We are to key the name as seen and sometimes the person who wrote the name does a poor job, as with some names I am doing. On more than one image the surname is clearly, "Beaver". On another image, the surname appears to be spelled as "Beuver", because the author did not close the "a". Even though I know it is an "a", because I have seen it before, I have to use a "u" as this it what it looks like. Frustrating, but necessary.

It is very easy to key in the version we are use to seeing instead of what is in front of us and after completing the entries, it is wise to go over all the names carefully, spelling out loud each letter of the name while checking the image. This method will keep your accuracy high.


I just started on Post records and right off the bat was confused when faced with finding the Post name on a report. I have read the project specific directions and there is an explanation, of sorts, on the Post name, but it can be confusing when you are presented with the word "Headquarters" and then a line where the name "Gen. Strong" is written. I did not know if that was the name of the general in charge, or what. From the Internet I found the Post was indeed named after the general and now know the line after "Headquarters" is the name of the post. Just passing this on for other newbies like me.

QUESTIONS: I'm keying a list of muster rolls that has no post #, county, town, or any other identifying information. Should I have taken note of that on the first page that was not a keyable form? Also, the members who are listed as having died have the company letter in which they served, but there is nowhere to list that. Isn't that considered important? Thanks!

   Answers: First, key only what you see on a page, do not carry information from one image to another.  Second, we are only keying names.  This will be an index only, when researchers go directly to the image they will see whatever other information is available.


     Both cover pages and letters will be retained in the final project, and both will be browseable.  They will be kept separate, so that you may browse just letters or just cover pages.

POST OFFICE RECEIPT QUESTION: How are Registry Return Receipts keyed, as a Muster Roll, No Name or Cover page? These sometimes list a location, an addressee and a signature of the person who signed the receipt.

     Answer:  They are to be marked as cover pages.  They will be able to be seen when you browse. 


    When given on same side of a single muster form, may I combine the information in the "Reports of Adjutant and Quartermaster" section and the "Form B--Report of Post Quartermaster" section to provide a more complete header?

     Answer:  Yes, please combine information from the SAME image to provide the most complete information.


     Year at the top for term ending is 1899, year the report was prepared in 1900 - which to key?  I've been keying the year at the top but it's confusing since the field is "Report" year.

      Answer: Use the year at the top, the one that is "Term Ending".  That is the year that these men were officers or members. 


If the location of birth is written out of order, such as Ill. Lee Co. do I key as seen, or key Lee Co Ill. ? If the only punctuation between the two is the period for the abbreviation, then do I key it with no punctuation so that the words are not separated by anything but a space -- Ill Lee Co?

     Answer: My guess is that you should key it in the proper order - county and state, to keep in information consistent for searching. You would key it with no punctuation if none is seen on the image.


I have an image that looks like a letter but contains a listing of 11 names ("duly installed the following officers"). Also, it contains all the information about the Post, only not in a header section per se. Should I just consider this a letter and key no information, or should I use the Muster Roll form? Thank you!

      Answer: Use the Muster roll form so that the names will be indexed.  Letters are not indexed, but you will be able to see them if you browse through the images. - Pat (pwrand)

     Follow-up question:I am running into a lot of Letter 'types';  postcards, mail delivery receipts,  memos...   The directions on the project instructions cover page would indicate they are letters and not to key them. Above however, you instruct  us to key letters with names.     Does that apply to all documents with a name?  If there is only one name ?

     Follow-up answer: This is a toughie, and I'm not WAP so my answer is not guaranteed to be correct. If they are not letters, then mark them as "Cover Pages".  

     Comment: Maybe an arbitrator could give us some guidance? I see there are a lot of 'wrong form' errors, I don't want to contribute to the re-work pile.

     Reply:  I am an arbitrator.  WRONG FORM ERRORS:  Very few of these have to do with letters.  Mostly I am seeing that keyers are not keying lists of officers as muster rolls.  As I've tried to say in the wiki, if it has a name, you should to use the "Muster Roll" form to capture the name.  Hope this helps.  pwrand (arbitrator and keyer)

    Comment:  NOT an abitrator (bless you!)  The sample "letter" on the instruction page has names of addressee and sender.  The letter I have open on my screen now has those names as well as "three still living members", and 7 more who "have died since Mr. Henderson."  While I understand that not keying it as muster means the names won't be recorded, it is hard for me to imagine a "letter" (not a receipt, etc) that doesn't have names - at minimum addressee and sender.  I've sent a message for "help" on this.  Hopefully will hear back.  REPLY:  letters can be judgement calls.  If there is a list of names, such as a muster, then try to key them.  If it is just a routine business letter, just mark it is letter.

Do we include the preparer/signer of the report on the list of names? --

     Answer: On this project, we suggest keying any and all signatures that appear, providing that they are legible and are not duplicates of names already listed." - per WAP --


How should "Chatham Co., N.Y." be keyed?

Answer: The example should be keyed as Chatham Co, NY - we only remove periods but other punctuation stays. - Answer given by Anna Fechter, WAP, 11.18.10

CLARIFICATION OF PLACE IN BIRTH LOCATION FIELD Several of the muster rolls include the city and/or county as well as the state for birthplace. I read the directions to indicate that information was to be keyed exactly as shown but each time I include anything but state I have to press F7. Do you only want state or country?

Answer: You will key city, county and state if listed.
Related comment: I'm curious as to why so many of the names of Kansas towns where various GAR Posts were located are considered "unacceptable". Reply: It's a shortcoming of the list. When an entry is not on the list, it does not mean that it's "unacceptable". You simply key as written and press F7 To accept it. Ancestry's lists are usually gathered statistically and are not specific to each project.

ROSTER OF OFFICERS QUESTION. There is a list of 6 officers in the roster with PC; S.V.C.; J.V.C.; Adji: QM: Chap: and OD in front of their names, is this a Prefix that is to be keyed? Also in keying the location; the form has Kan in one location , Kans in another location should this be keyed as Kansas, Kans or Kan?

     Reply: The elected Post Offices held are NOT prefixes, and should NOT be keyed.  In keying locations, key as seen.

FORMS QUESTION:  I have a "Reports of Adjutant and Quartermaster".  I have been keying these as muster forms.  Is this correct?  Also, is the "Headquarters" listed the Post name?  What is to be in "Post Location"?  City name? Street Address?

     Reply:  Yes, Muster Roll form is correct.  it is actually the only form where you can input names.  See the wiki for examples of forms that go under Muster Roll.   "Headquarters" is where you find the Post Name.  Post Location is usually on the line called "P O Address" or "Located at" and should be keyed as seen, including both city and state, if given. 

BLANK MUSTER ROLL QUESTION:  I have run in to a number of Muster Rolls that are completly blank- nothing at all to key.   Would the correct form be 'No Names'  or  "Image with no data'?

     Reply: "Image with no Data" would be correct.  "No Names" implies that there is Post header information to be keyed, but no names listed. 

MUSTER ROLL QUESTIONS: I am just starting out, so forgive me if these are answered elsewhere.

        My current image is a list of honorably discharged soldiers/navy who are applying for a Kansas GAR post. They are from Sylvan Grove, county of Lincoln - which I entered in the header info. The list itself is name, residence, rank, company, and regiment/ship. Do I just enter the names since their residence is not their birthplace?

     Reply:  Yes, for many types of forms we end up entering the name only.