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I am looking for a Smith family that lived in Temple Hills Maryland in the 1950's. The house sat next to a church (that is no longer there) a Mother and son. He would have been born in the late 1930's. He dated Penny (Glenda) Cain in the late 1950's

I am looking for information regarding the hatfields, my name is Cynthia Kuhn, I was adopted when I was 8. The hatfields are my ancestors.

          • Rachel***** I am the daughter of Penny (glenda) Cain. The Smith man she dated is my father but I am trying to find him as well. I didn't know of him until late in life and just found out his name was alvin Smith. MY mother is passed, but I do have an aunt and Uncle in Waldorf that knew the smith family well. Please call me at 919=518=7651. Maybe we can help each other.
          • My name is Kimberly "beaudry" Londo.

Looking for help

Bold textHello I am looking for any help or suggestions on how I can research someone without their madien name? I have also ran into a wall concerning some relatives it is like they never existed. Any suggestions or help would be greatly apperciated...Thanks Rachel

Moore Ancestry

"God's Providence in Hindsight" by Marion David Moore, which is available on, includes family timeline back to Ireland, family tree diagrams, Civil War letters by James Christmas Moore, and other interesting items about family history.