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Please note: All information in this report is drawn from a book entitled Heritage of a Pioneer, by Charles Tunis Dodrill.

George Lewis came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and settled on the Cowpasture River in that part of Augusta County that was incorporated into the County of Greenbrier in 1777 and is now part of Bath County, Virginia. It is said that he had a violent temper when aroused and that this often resulted in his being hailed into court to answer charges of using profane language and taking the name of the Lord in vain. It is also reported that he worked seven days a week and that he was thus also hailed into court for driving his horses and wagon on the Sabbath Day. He was a noted distiller and had four sons whose names appear on the court records of Augusta, Greenbrier, and Bath Counties; namely Benjamin, John, James, and Mathias. Only one known daughter, namely Rebecca, has been identified in the records of these counties.