Build your tree, part 2

In part 1 we looked at building your family tree online at Here, we take a more in-depth look at more of the Family Tree functions. For example, find out how to connect with other members of and, share information, and find out about new lines in your research. Make the most of these great online features...

Step 1


When you find an ancestor on a census page at, you can easily add the document to their profile in your tree by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the top right. Find out more about censuses in Using census records.

Step 2


As you find more records (birth, residences, marriage, etc) for a person on your tree, they’re stored on the profile screen for that ancestor and a timeline is created.

Step 3


Even when you’re not online, is still searching! Green leaf icons sometimes appear at the top left of the individual boxes – this means there are record hints for you.

Step 4


Once you click on a green leaf, you’ll go to a screen with one or more records that may relate to your ancestor. The matches might be in our record collections, or in family trees made by other members of and It’s up to you to work out whether the record is relevant or not. Or, if you choose, you can ignore the hint.

Step 5


On the profile page for an individual family tree member, click the ‘Connect with members’ button bottom right to see if other members of and are researching the same family as you are.

Step 6


The next screen invites you to search for your ancestor on the family trees created by other members. You’ll see a listing of possible connections – do any of them look likely?

Step 7


Look at a tree that connects to one of your ancestors and you can see what the other member has done. To contact them, click the member name at the top to see their profile. Please note that you need a monthly or annual membership in order to contact other members.

Step 8


You’ll find that the Family Tree feature really helps you focus your research. When your tree is beginning to look impressive, you can print it out at home, or even have a family tree poster made via our MyCanvas service. Find out more in Publish Your Research With MyCanvas.