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Warwickshire parish records

From the armies who rode north during the Civil War, to the early commuters rushing to London in the Industrial Revolution, many of our travelling ancestors had to pass through Warwickshire. The county has become a hub for the entire nation — which has been reflected throughout history in its canal links, rail network and thriving motor industry.

  • Use our new parish records to piece together the most important events of your ancestors’ lives. Then put them in the wider context with our exclusive timeline.

    Church registers

    Our Warwickshire parish registers let you uncover your family's births, marriages and deaths before civil registration started in 1837. Among the millions of local people, see if you can spot ancestors from elsewhere, as they pass through the region.

    Warwickshire, England, Baptisms, 1813–1906

    Discover your ancestors at birth, and look for vital clues like their parents’ names and a rough address.

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    Warwickshire Burials, 1813-1910

    Pinpoint the churches where your ancestors were buried, and you could one day visit their final resting places.

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    Warwickshire Miscellaneous Parish Records

    Get a feel for everyday parish life by looking through these unindexed rate books, constable reports, council meetings and more!

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    Warwickshire Marriages and Banns, 1754-1910

    The vicar in each parish recorded the names of the bride and groom, plus their occupations, ages and addresses.

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    Warwickshire Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1535-1812

    Step back in time five centuries, and follow your family’s story through the twists and turns in the county’s past.

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    Top tip

    Railway workers

    Much of Warwickshire’s workforce was employed on the railways during the Industrial Revolution. Track your ancestors in our Railway Employment Records, 1833-1963.

  • Once you've built your family's timeline using our Warwickshire parish records, delve deeper into their lives with thousands of other new records. Then relate them to historical events with our Warwickshire timeline.

    Warwickshire, Bastardy Orders, 1816–1839

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    This collection could help you uncover some of the secrets in your family history. It’s full of fathers who left their families and had to be tracked down by the courts.

    The records are actually court orders forcing these fathers to provide for their children. They reveal both parents’ names and home parishes, plus often the child’s gender and birth date.

    Warwickshire, Land Tax, 1773–1830

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    One of the oldest ways of measuring a person’s wealth is by how much land they own. That makes these records a great indicator of your ancestors’ finances.

    They include both landowners and tenants, and reveal their names, home parishes, and how much tax they paid. There are different records for each year, so you can follow the changes in your family’s fortunes.

    Warwickshire, Militia, 1776–1825

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    In the 18th and 19th centuries, constant war with France had local authorities worried about invasion. Their response was to raise their own part-time armies — known as militias — to defend their counties.

    This collection reveals the men who protected the West Midlands. It includes service certificates, account statements, commission notices and promotion qualifications.

  • Look for the key dates in your ancestors’ stories in our parish records. Then consider the wider events that impacted their lives with our exclusive timeline.

    Middle England

    From gunpowder plots to World War II bombings, Warwickshire has always been at the centre of national events. To discover how your ancestors coped, follow these simple steps:

    1Record your family

    Follow your ancestors' lives in our new parish records and use your family tree to keep track of their birth, marriage and death dates.

    2Compare the dates

    Read the timeline below to see what events affected your forebears' lives. Perhaps members of your family took part in the 1607 Midland Revolt or worked on the first canals in the 18th century?

    3Look for clues

    Our timeline may suggest good next steps for your research. Mass migration would point you towards passenger lists; warfare would suggest military records; while changes in working habits might have you looking in occupation records.

    Local links

    Follow your forebears' lives on Warwickshire’s changing landscape

    Top tip

    World War II

    While Coventry was surviving the Blitz, many of its men (and some women) were away fighting in other parts of the world. You’ll find details of all our WWII records on our military page.

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