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London, England, City Directories, 1736-194319,793,623
UK, Railway Employment Records, 1833-19562,041,650
UK, Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737-19691,466,970
UK, Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-18111,045,652
London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1930463,958
U.K., City and County Directories, 1600s-1900s404,728
England, Dreadnought Seamen's Hospital Admissions and Discharges, 1826-1930221,010
England, Pallot's Baptism Index, 1780-1837201,977
UK, Civil Engineer Lists, 1818-1930194,446
UK, Electrical Engineer Lists, 1871-1930164,887
England & Wales, Calendar of the Principal Ecclesiastical Dignitaries, 314-185327,466
UK, Electrical Engineer Membership Forms, 1871-19017,849
Who's Who in the World, 1910-19113,947
Web: UK, Register of Railway Employee Injuries and Deaths, 1911-19153,915
Thacker's Indian Directory, 18951,853
London and Country Directory, 18111,655
England, Southern Railway Magazine: Jan 1840 - Feb 19421,513
England, Great Western Railway Magazine, 1938-19431,473
Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey, and Sussex Counties Post Office Directory, c. 18511,198
Ancient Funeral Monuments - 1631883
Baronia anglica concentrata, or, A concentrated account of all the baronies commonly called baronies in fee794
Sufferings of the Clergy 1714716
The East India Register & Directory, 1844673
England and Wales, Law List, 1843588
Report on Ecclesiastical Revenues of England & Wales 1835558
England and Wales, Parish Register Abstract, 1831520
Studies in Church Dedications of England's Patron Saints467
England Directory, 1811412
England Commercial Directory, 1816-1817388
The Clergyman's Intelligencer - Alphabetical List of Patrons in England & Wales 1745336
Walsall, Staffordshire, England, Church of England Parish Registers, 1570-1649333
Madron and Gulval, Cornwall, England, Church of England Parish Registers, 1592-1812333
A History of the Wedgwood Family272
Ancestors of Welding Ring and His Wife Ida Malvina Mailler206
Gipsy Smith His Life and Work182
Headon, Nottingham, England, Church of England Parish Registers, 1566-1812178
Hove and Preston, Sussex, England, Church of England Parish Registers, 1538-1812133
A brief history of the Quakers in England and Virginia and the Hargrave family94
Essex, England, Moze Parish Registers, 1550-167891
Journal of Samuel Rose Parkinson No. 169
English Public Schools64
Historical and Genealogical Account of the Family of Vance (Vans, Vaux, and De Vaux)46
Souvenir of the Broadhurst Wilkinsons: Descendants of Joseph Edmondson29
The Pedigrees of Lloyd of Dolobran, Montgomeryshire; The Wordsworth Family; Foster, late of Le Court, Hants; Hanbury of Holfield Grange, Essex; Wakefield of Sedgwick House, Kendal; and Wakefield of New Zealand and So. Australia27
Clan Macleod Society, Annual Report, 1910-191119
The Lott File13
Grant of Arms and Pedigree of the Family of Grose9
Finley of Maberacolton and McArthur of Miltown, County Tyrone8

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