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Sweden, Indexed Birth Records, 1859-1947 (in Swedish)39,348,301
Sweden, Church Records, 1451-1943 (in Swedish)38,916,264
Sweden, Select Baptisms, 1611-1909 (in Swedish)26,270,634
Sweden, Indexed Death Records, 1840-1947 (in Swedish)13,245,574
Sweden, Births from the Swedish Death Index, 1901-2006 (in Swedish)7,557,296
Sweden, Indexed Marriage Records, 1860-1947 (in Swedish)6,824,125
Sweden, Select Marriages, 1630-1920 (in Swedish)2,367,004
Sweden, Select Burials, 1649-1920 (in Swedish)1,905,617
Örebro, Sweden, Church Records, 1635-1860 (in Swedish)610,788
Kronoberg, Sweden, Church Records, 1612-1860 (in Swedish)159,817
Älvsborg, Sweden, Church Records, 1681-1860 (in Swedish)92,109
Sweden, Find A Grave Index, 1800s-Current60,781
Sweden, Kugelberg Newspaper Clips, 1888-1904 (in Swedish)21,519
Utdrag ur stamtafla öfver slägterna Thomaeus, Thomee (Thome) och Adelsköld (in Swedish)17

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