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Mecklenburg, Germany, Parish Register Transcripts, 1740-1918 (in German)3,803,077
Ludwigslust, Germany, Death Records, 1876-1949 (in German)55,522
Ludwigslust, Germany, Birth Records, 1876-1902 (in German)23,355
Rehna, Germany, Deaths, 1876-1950 (in German)11,741
Rehna, Germany, Births, 1876-1899 (in German)11,475
Ludwigslust, Germany, Marriage Records, 1876-1924 (in German)7,974
Rehna, Germany, Marriages, 1876-1920 (in German)6,549
Mecklenburg, Germany, Jewish Birth, Marriage, and Death Records, 1813-1918 (in German)0

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