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Hripsime Church (Other)
† Hripsime church, 6th Century Photo by Suren Manvelyan.
Mushegh I Mamikonean, Viceroy of Armenia
(Other) Date: 4/30/2011 6:20:57 Pm
Michael Frank Armando (born 1927)
Orontes II (Portrait)
Aroandes I of Armenia,
Aroandes I (Orontes) of Armenia (Other)
Aroandes I (Orontes) of Armenia
Jacob A Armeni (Other) Date: 12/16/15, 12:06:12 Pm
Jacob A Armeni (born 1979)
Patterson Source (Portrait)
Ashot I of Armenia (born 0815)
800px-Arab-Byzantine_frontier_zone.svg (Other)
Ashot "the Great", king of Armenia
Coin (circa 60-62 AD), Tigranes VI of Armenia (Portrait)
A rare coin, dating circa 60-62 AD, minted at Artashat. The front depicts Tigranes VI with a draped bust, wearing the f...
Tigranes VI, (Tigran VI), (Gaius Julius Tigranes), of Armenia, (born 0025)
King of Armenia (Other)
Ashot II "The Iron" Shahinshah King of Armenia.
Ashot III tomb (Other)
Ashot "The Merciful" Shahinshah King of Armenia.
Persia (Other)
Stateira Armenia
Armenia (Other)
Sanatruces I "The Apostle Killer" T’agavor yev Armenia
500141_092150lxf49eb5465d5j8b_W_96x128C_1 (Other) Date: 2017-01-08, 6:44:03 Pm
Hamazasp I Mamikonian Sparapet of Armenia
A End of the Line (Portrait)
Dermokaitissa Armenia (born 1022)
History of Armenia (Other)
Sarazine of Armenia (born 1067)
Ashot I (Portrait)
KING Smbat of Arminiya
Armenian Armored Cavalry (Other)
Gagik Bagratui , King Shawinshaw Armenia
Koman (Other)
Vrtanes I Catholic Saint, Primate of Armenia
Armenia Flag (Other)
Ripsemja of Bulgaria Princess of Armenia
Ashot Bagratuni "The Blind" of ARMENIA