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Ewa Katarzyna Konopnicka (Other)
Ewa Katarzyna Konopnicki h. Jastrzębiec (born 1911)
Konopnicki Hieronim (Other)
Hieronim Romuald Konopnicki h. Jastrzębiec (born 1916)
Death Certificate of Mat? Konapnicki (Document) Location: Warren Township, Midland, Michigan, USA
Matiej (Michael) Konopnicki (born 1878)
Maria Ludkiewicz Konopnicka (Other)
Maria Lud(t)kiewicz-Konopnicki (born 1888)
Bill Konopnicki (Portrait)
William Stanley "Bill" Konopnicki (born 1945)
Adam Konopnicki h. Jastrzębiec (Other)
Adam Romuald s.Jana i Marii Konopnicki h. Jastrzębiec (born 1876)
15977771_10210045690612901_7375879230768659104_n (Other)
Gustaw Henryk Konopnicki (born 1882)
Krystyna Konopnicka (Other)
Krystyna Konopnicki h. Jastrzębiec (born 1913)
Jastrzebiec (Other)
Ignacy Konopnicki h. Jastrzebiec
Gustaw Konopnicki (Other)
Henryk Gustaw Konopnicki (born 1882)
Frank Konopinski&Lillian Zawistowski Wedding (Other)
Frank Konopinski (born 1887)
K0nopinski -- Walter E (Other)
Walter E Konopinski (born 1917)
obit michal konopinski (Document)
Michal MICHAEL John Konopinski (born 1889)
Stan Konopinski in WWII uniform (Other)
Stani Konopinski (born 1915)
frank_konopinski_granfather (Other)
Frank Joseph Konopinski (born 1875)
Poland (Other)
Ignatz Konopinski (born 1820)
Margaret Jane KONOPINSKI Fondell hs (Headstone)
Margaret Jane Konopinski (born 1907)
Michal Konopinski (born 1889)
Francis and Katarzyna Konopinski hs (Headstone)
Francizek J Konopinski (born 1844)
Sarah Xavier Konopinski (born 1890)