Source Information Florida War Death List, 1836-1842 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Original data: John Sprague, Brevet Captain, Eighth Regiment U.S. Infantry. The Origin, Progress and Conclusion of the Florida War. Topeka, KS, USA: Kansas State Historical Society, 1885. Library of Congress, 1848 Census, Riley County.

About Florida War Death List, 1836-1842

Exhibiting by regiments, the names of the officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, artificers, and privates, of the United States Army, who were killed in action or died of wounds received, or diseases contracted during the late hostilities with the Florida Indians, commencing 1 August 1835, (the day when Private Dalton, the express rider, was murdered by the Indians) and ending in 1842. The Seaman and Marines of the United States Navy also died whilst employed in the Florida Squadron, operating against the Indians of Florida. Exhibiting the names of officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates of the United States Marine Corps who were killed in action, or died of wounds received, or disease contracted during the Florida War. This database lists the names, rank, date of death, and sometimes the cause of death of Marines on Sea Service and military servicemen. There are often comments on each individual.