Source Information

Abshur, Becky, ed.. Albemarle, Virginia Record of Families, 1744-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
Original data: Woods, Edgar, Rev.. History of Albemarle County, Virginia. Charlottseville, VA, USA: The Michie Company Printers, 1901.

About Albemarle, Virginia Record of Families, 1744-1890

The central Virginia county of Albemarle was home to about 32,000 persons in 1890. This database, taken from The History of Albemarle County, is a listing of family information for residents of the county between 1744 and 1890. It provides marriage, death and military service information. Researchers will also find information regarding persons who left the county to settle in other areas of the state. Containing information on over 8600 families, this collection can be illuminating for those with ancestors from central Virginia.

Chapter 7 is simply entitled "Account of Families."

Appendix 1 is a listing of tithe payers to the Orthodox Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ivy Creek, Mountain Plain, and Rockfish Congregations, dated 29 Mary 1747.

Appendix 2 includes the names of militiamen who defended the county in September 1758 against Indian raiders.

Appendix 3 is a listing of volunteers from the Independent Companies of Albemarle County who fourth in the Revolutionary War.

Appendix 4 includes the names of soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary war.

Appendix 5 includes the names of military volunteers from the county between 1794 and 1802.

Appendix 7 includes the names of representatives from the county in the House of Burgess and Legislature.

Appendix 8 includes the names of person who emigrated from the county and includes the destination.

Appendix 9 is a listing of persons who died in the county between 1744 and 1890.