Source Information Reading, Berkshire, England: St. Lawrence Municipal Church History [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: Kerry, Charles. A History of the Municipal Church of St. Lawrence, Reading. Reading, England: Charles Kerry, 1883.

About Reading, Berkshire, England: St. Lawrence Municipal Church History

This database contains a history of the parish of St. Lawrence located in the city of Reading in Berkshire, England. According to the author, the archives of St. Lawrence begin in 1410 are among the oldest and most interesting in all of England. It was the author's intent to present, through many extracts of documents from the archives, the various interests of the Church and the manners and customs of the people. This work is meant to appeal not only to the historian, but to the general reader as well (preface). Researchers with ancestors who attended this church will find this database to be of most value.

Historical works contain valuable information that can be a great addition to your genealogical research. Although historical works may not mention your ancestors specifically (unless they were prominent individuals in the community), they do provide information on the time and place in which your ancestors lived, which will help you place your ancestors in a historical context.