Source Information Merionethshire, Wales: Rulacc House History [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: The History of Rulacc, or Rhiwlas; Ruedok, or Rhiwaedog; Bala, its Lake; the Valley of the Dee River; and much more of Merionethshire and Counties adjacent thereto. London, England: Pewtress, 1899.

About Merionethshire, Wales: Rulacc House History

This database contains a history of Rulacc House, also known as Rhiwlas. It is located in Merionthshire, Wales and was the ancient seat of the Price family. In addition to information about the house and the family who lived there, the database also contains information on the surrounding area including the lake, the Valley of the Dee River, Merionthshire, and the neighboring counties. This database would be especially of interest to those who are lovers of old lore and history and also to those whose ancestors are from Merionthshire. Historical works such as this, although they generally do not mention your ancestors specifically, can be great sources for learning about the time and place in which your ancestors lived.