Source Information Leicester, England History, 1876 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.
Original data: Thompson, James. The History of Leicester. Leicester, England: F. Hewitt, 1876.

About Leicester, England History, 1876

This database contains a history of Leicester. The author had a two-fold purpose in creating this work. The first was to form a concise but complete history of the town of Leicester from early times up to the present (which at the time of publishing was 1876). The second purpose was to bring the history within reach of readers of all classes and to make it a household book. In so doing, the author successfully presents a general idea of the origin, progress, and development of the now prosperous community of Leicester.

Historical works contain valuable information that can be a great addition to your genealogical research. Although historical works will generally not mention your ancestors specifically, they do provide information on the time and place in which your ancestors lived, which will help you place your ancestors in a historical context.