Source Information Works of Reverend James Hervey, 1713-1758 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.
Original data: The Works of the Rev. James Hervey, A.M. Rector of Weston-Favell, Northamptonshire. Edinburgh, Scotland: Thomas Nelson, 18939.

About Works of Reverend James Hervey, 1713-1758

This database contains the works of James Hervey (1713-1758) the rector of Weston-Favell in Northamptonshire. His works presented here are comprised of meditations and contemplations, sermons, and religious letters. Hervey's writings display a genius, learning, orthodoxy, and piety that are a reflection of his personal life. Much of his writings are admired and eagerly read by people of all denominations (p. v). This work may be of interest to any historian of religion but also to family historians with ancestors in Northamptonshire in the early eighteenth century whose lives may have been affected by the teachings of Reverend Hervey.