Source Information Surnames in Ireland [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2003.
Original data: Matheson, Robert E.. Special Report on Surnames in Ireland [Together With] Varieties and Synonymes of Surnames and Christian Names in Ireland. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing, 1968. Originally published in Dublin, 1901 and 1909.

About Surnames in Ireland

This database is a report on surnames in Ireland, prepared by Robert E. Matheson and published as an appendix of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Report of the Registrar-General for Ireland in 1901. This report discusses the numerical strength, derivation, ethnology, and distribution of Irish surnames. The report also provides a table showing the surnames that had at least five entries in the 1890 Birth Indexes along with the number of entries for each registration province and the counties in which these names were principally found. This database would be useful to any researcher with Irish ancestry. It would be a good source to consult if you are merely interested in learning more about your surname, but it could also be useful for determining where in Ireland your ancestors came from, if all you currently have is a surname.