Source Information Suffolk History, Gazetteer, and Directory, 1844 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2003.
Original data: White, William. History, Gazetteer, and Directory, of Suffolk. Sheffield, England: R. Leader, 1844.

About Suffolk History, Gazetteer, and Directory, 1844

This database contains a history, gazetteer, and directory of Suffolk County, England, from 1844 (the year of publishing). The historical and general description of Suffolk provides various tidbits of information about things such as the poor law unions, the agriculture, and the Norman Conquest. For each of the hundreds, liberties, unions, boroughs, towns, ports, parishes, townships, villages, and hamlets there are separate historical, statistical, and topographical descriptions. These descriptions provide information on the area's population, agriculture, trade, churches, civil and ecclesiastical jurisdictions, markets, etc. Directories are found among these portions of the work and list the names of the head of households, along with their addresses and occupational information. This work is of great worth to the genealogist because of the nature of the historical and local information provided. It may not only help you pinpoint your ancestor in a particular place and time, but it may provide you with information that will help you put your ancestor into historical context.