Source Information Devon, England Visitation, 1620 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.
Original data: Frederick Thomas Colby, ed. The Publications of the Harleian Society, Volume 6: The Visitation of the County of Devon In the Year 1620. London, England: Taylor and Co., 1872.

About Devon, England Visitation, 1620

This database contains genealogies of some of the citizens of Devonshire, England that were taken in the year 1620 by Henry St. George and Sampson Lennard under Camden. Heralds (those in charge of controlling the use of coats of arms under the direction of the Crown) conducted visitations to record the use of arms. Part of this recording included recording the pedigrees of the families using coats of arms. Pedigrees were recorded because families had to prove their right to bear the arms by showing their connections back to the original bearers. Because coats of arms were passed down through the generations, armory, or heraldry, has much genealogical value. This visitation, therefore, is significant because it provides over 400 pedigree charts as well as several illustrations of coats of arms used by families in the 17th century in Devon.

Taken from: Herber, Mark D. Ancestral Trails. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1998, pp. 492-494.