Source Information Dundonald, Scotland Charter Chest, 1219-1672 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.
Original data: Grant, Francis J., ed.. Charter Chest of the Earldom of Dundonald, 1219-1672. Edinburgh, Scotland: James Skinner & Company, n.d.

About Dundonald, Scotland Charter Chest, 1219-1672

This database is a compilation of charters granted in the Earldom of Dundonald, Scotland between the years 1219 and 1672. The writs contained in this database relate to the lands of Wester Cochrane, Corsefoord, Brouns-Calderhaugh, Coldoune, Ulplay, Leechland, Wester-Craiginfeoch, Cowmores, Over Nilstounside, Hallhill, Boghall, Ramphurlie, Greifscastle, Whiteford, Auchlodmont, Borlands, Wester-Weetlands, Brunsheils, Easter, Wester, and Clavens.