Source Information Truro, Cornwall, England, Police Charge Books, 1846-1896 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.
Original data: Data provided by Patricia T. Fawcett and Sally J. Pocock. Truro Police Charge Books. Cornwall Record Office, Truro, Cornwall, England.

About Truro, Cornwall, England, Police Charge Books, 1846-1896

This Collection

This collection is made up of indexes created from the Truro Borough Police Force charge books. Records include the name, age, description, address, date and charge brought against each person by police.

Historical Context

Until the 19th century the task of 'keeping the peace' was the responsibility of Parish Constables and the Justices of the Peace in The Court of Quarter Sessions. The 1835 Municipal Corporations Act enabled Boroughs to create watch committees, which could appoint paid police constables. The 1839 County Police Act empowered Justices of the Peace to set up a paid county force, and this became a legal requirement by the 1856 Police Act.

The 1888 Local Government Act which established County Councils abolished the police forces of the smaller borough, however, Truro retained its own police until 1921.

The Truro Police Service was originally located on Court Street, and the first Chief of Police was James MacKenzie. The majority of crimes dealt with during this early period were liquor related (i.e. intoxication or selling liquor).