Source Information Cornwall, England, Congregational and Baptist Church Registers, 1763-1923 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.
Original data: Data provided by Patricia T. Fawcett and Sally J. Pocock. Non-Conformist Registers. Cornwall Record Office, Truro, Cornwall, England.

About Cornwall, England, Congregational and Baptist Church Registers, 1763-1923

This Collection

This collection contains indexes created from Baptist and Congregationalist registers between 1763 and 1923 and contains records from Falmouth, Grampound, Fowey and St Columb Major in Cornwall.

Events included in this collection:

  • Membership to the church
  • Baptisms
  • Deaths
  • Burials
  • Marriages (a limited number)

Historical Context

Henry VIII established himself as head of the Church of England through the Act of Supremacy in 1534. While the Church of England became the state church, the law did not require all citizens of England to be adherents, and in time, members of churches that did not conform with the doctrine of the Church of England were labeled “Nonconformists.” Included among Nonconformists were members of Baptist and Congregationalist congregations, among other churches.

Baptist and Congregational churches form a significant part of the history of nonconformity in Cornwall.