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Armstrong, Amy, comp. Boston, Massachusetts, 1913 Harvard University Alumni Directory [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001.
Original data: Harvard Alumni Association. Harvard University Directory, 1913. Boston, MA, USA: Harvard University Press, 1913.

About Boston, Massachusetts, 1913 Harvard University Alumni Directory

In 1905, at a meeting of the Associated Harvard Clubs, it was decided that a directory be created which would contain the names of all living men who had at any time been registered in Harvard University. This database, which contains over 35,000 names, was based on the second edition of the Alumni Directory, which was corrected to 15 September 1913. The researcher will find that each record in this database contains the full name of the former student, as well as their residence as of the printing of the original directory. The occupational field for each man is also included. Most of the fifty states and numerous foreign countries are represented. The names of nearly 300 instructors were included as well. Persons interested in obtaining more information on a specific entry may contact the author, Amy E. Armstrong, at the following e-mail address: