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Platt, Lyman. County Antrim, Ireland, Householder's Index, 1851, 1857 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2000.
Original data: Platt, Lyman. Irish Householders Index

About County Antrim, Ireland, Householder's Index, 1851, 1857

With no complete census for Ireland or Northern Ireland prior to 1901, researchers of Irish ancestors are left with the few local censuses available or the title applotment books, which can be used for most of the country. The latter of these two record sources have been combined into a printed index entitled: Index of Surnames of Householders in Griffith's Primary Valuation and the Tithe Applotment Books, commonly called the Householders Index. This database is a re-index of the original records used to produce the original Householders Index. Each record provides the name of householder and town of residence. The records in this database currently only cover County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Future updates will include other counties. It provides the names of about 10,000 persons. For researchers of Irish ancestors, this index can be an invaluable tool.

The Index of Surnames of Householders in Griffith's Primary Valuation and the Tithe Applotment Books was not used in compiling the following computerized index. Rather, a re-indexing of the original records was done. The microfilmed call numbers for these original records are given below for each parish, following the parish description. Immediately following the parish description and microfilm reference numbers, and unique to this computerized index, is the number of names given in each parish.

Changes made from the original index include: 1) computerized alphabetisation, which - through sampled comparisons, differs from either the printed, microfilmed, or other copies of the index; alphabetisation occur principally where abbreviated names are spelled out, or where titles were omitted; 2) no titles, except Mr., Mrs., Marquis, Marchioness, etc., where the surname was present and the sex was determined; 3) no miscellaneous information; 4) no abbreviated names; 5) corrected entries where obvious errors have been made: ex. Patrick Higginson instead of Pitt (Patt) Higginson; 6) omitted entries where no sex or other identifying information was apparent.

The tithe applotment books were created between the years 1823 and 1837. Their purpose was to ascertain the tithes that should be paid to the Church of Ireland by those who lived on the agricultural lands on the two countries.

The Primary Valuation, also known at Griffith's Valuation, was created between the year 1847 and 1864. This printed record for each barony or poor law union, gives the names of those who occupied the lands and/or buildings in each jurisdiction, the names of the persons from whom they were rented or leased, and the amount and value of the property held. In the following index, only the jurisdiction, and name of the rent holder are given.

The following index is organized alphabetically, by county.

The Index of Surnames of Householders in Griffith's Primary Valuation and the Tithe Applotment Books exists, in either original or copy form, at the National Archives, Dublin; the National Library of Ireland, Dublin; the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, and in several private archives. In its original it comprises fourteen volumes. This printed index has been microfilmed by the Family History Library, Salt Lake City on the following microfilms: Antrim: 919001; Armagh: 919001; Carlow: 919001; Cavan: 919001; Clare: 919002; Cork: 919002; Derry or Londonderry: 919002; Donegal: 919003; Down: 919003; Dublin: 919003; Fermanagh: 919004; Galway: 919004; Kerry: 919004; Kildare: 919004; Kilkenny: 919004; Leitrim: 919005; Leix or Queen's: 909005; Limerick: 919005; Longford: 919005; Louth: 919005; Mayo: 919005; Meath: 919005; Monaghan: 919006; Offaly or King's: 919006; Roscommon: 919006; Sligo: 919006; Tipperary: 919006; Tyrone: 919007; Waterford: 919007; Westmeath: 919007; Wexford: 919007; and Wicklow: 919007.