Source Information Courchaton, France Church Records, 1670-1852 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.
Original data: Banet, Charles, Rev.. Courchaton, France Church Records, 1670-1852. Rensselaer, IN, USA: Charles Banet, 1980.

About Courchaton, France Church Records, 1670-1852

Located in eastern France, in the majestic Valley of the Durgeon, the parish of Courchaton is not far from department capital of Vesoul. Completed in 1980 after nearly ten years of work, this database is a collection of church records for area residents between 1670 and 1852. It provides birth, marriage, and death information for over 40,000 individuals. Entries often reveal names of parents, children, and even brothers and sisters. For researchers seeking French ancestors, this database can be a great aid.

Source Notes, Births:

Registrum Infantium Baptismatorum in Ecclesia Parochiali de Courchaton Inceptum 1677- (usque ad 1689)

Registrum Baptizatorum # in Parochia de Courchaton#Inceptum 1690.

Registrum Infantium Baptizatorum in Ecclesia Parochialis Sanctae Mariae Magdalenae, Ioci de Courchaton, inceptum ab anno 1706-1790.

Registrum Baptismatorum Incipit 2 Aprilis 1707, Explicit 18 Decembris 1789

Registre de Baptemes, Marriage et Sepulture de la Paroisse de Courchaton pendant l'anne 1790-1792

Actes de Naissance. Registre des Actes de Naissances de Courchaton, Anne 1793 - L'an 11*

Registres des Naissances # de la Commune de Courchaton pendant l'annees 1813 a 1822; l'anne 1823-1832; l'annes 1833-1842; l'anne 1843-1852.


Registrum Nominum Eorum Qui Sacro Matrimonii Vinduli Juncti Sunt in Ecclesia Parochiali de Courchaton 1677-1689.

Registrum Matromonio Conjunctorum Parochia de Courchaton. Ionceptum 1690

Registrum Matromonium Incipit 1709-1789.

Actes de Mariages. Registre des Actes de Mariages. Annee 1793 - L'An 11.*

Actes de Mariages, Commune de Courchaton, Canton de Villersexel, Arrondissement, Departement de la Haute Saone, 1809-1852


Registrum Defunctorum in Parochia Courchaton et Grammont Inceptum 1678-1716.

Liber Mortuorum in Ecclesia Sanctae Magdalenae de Courchaton, Incipit 1717-1789.

Actes de Deces. Registre des Actes de Deces de la Commune de Courchaton 1793-L;An 11. *

Actes de Deces. Registre des Deces de la Commune de Courchaton pendant l'annees 1813-1852.


Registrum Confirmationes 1697, 1700, 1701, 1702, 1703, 1704, 1706, 1708, 1710, 1713

Confirmati in Oppido Clavallensis 20 Aprilis 1717

Nomina infra scripta Confirmatorum Bruntenti 23 Maii 1722 = 1727

Note: The Civil Registers 1813-1822 reads: Registre des # divores et Adoptions de la Commune de Courchaton. There were no records of divorce or adoption in any of the registers, civil or ecclesiastical.

*Between 1794-1805 the French Republican Calendar is used in the Registres. These dates have been converted into Gregorian Calendar in this index. To find the French Republican Calendar date, the user must convert backward from the Gregorian Calendar.

These registers were microfilmed for the Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City at Vesoul, Departmental Archives in 1975 (23 September)

Film #: 1,118,032 = 1670-1792 (Parish Registers)

Film #: 1,118,033 = 1793-An 10 (Civil Registers) 1793-1822

Film #: 1,118,034 = 1823-1852 (Civil Registers)

Language of the Registers: 1670-1756 = Latin; 1756-1792 = French; 1793-1852 = French


The intention that we had in making an index was to keep families together. This required the establishment of a filing name. We refer to Dauzat's Dictionnaire de noms de famille de France as an adequate introduction to some of the things that take place in the development of spelling of names.

There are some things that seem to be consistent in chosing the filing name. We noted a transfer of consonants:

D for T, e.g. =ard =-art; -and= ant

D for Z (T) e.g. -od = oz = -ot

L for T, e.g. Rondel = Rondet: Mourel =Mouret

Y for T e.g. Mourey = Mouret

T for TH e.g. Bertod = Berthod

Some transfer of vowels and consants:

AU = OU or O

B = P



F = PH



F = V

E = ET, EY

C = CH

A = E

A = O

Suffix -y is preferred to -z (Andrey instead of Andrez)

Terminal -e is also -et or -ey

Suffix - ot is preferred to -od

We could not make up our mind about retention or dropping of the prefix article La, Le or L', or the preposition prefix De, Du, D'. Usage in filing by others shows no pattern or consistency. We have seen indexes that obviate the problem by entry at both places.