Source Information Irish Flax Growers List, 1796 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
Original data: Ulster Historical Foundation. Flax growers Bounty List 1796. Belfast, Ireland: Ulster Historical Foundation, 1999.

About Irish Flax Growers List, 1796

Processed to produce oil and textile goods, flax was an important cash crop of the 18th and 19th Centuries. During this time period, thousands of Irish farmers grew the crop for their livelihood. Provided by the Ulster Historical Foundation, this database is a list of known flax growers on the island in 1796. It provides the name of grower and county of residence. Reference numbers are provided for those desiring further information regarding particular entries. Researchers may contact the Ulster Historical Foundation at 12 College Square East, Belfast, BT1 6DD, United Kingdom. Revealing information on over 56000 persons involved in the flax industry, this can be an illuminating collection.

The Ulster Historical Foundation has provided this information. If you would like to know the civil parish location of any individual listed in this search result and the number of spinning wheels/looms that he/she was awarded then this is available from the Foundation. They will provide you with this data together with an assessment of the feasibility of undertaking research on this individual plus information on sources of potential relevance. The fee for this service is US$31/UK20 payable by credit card, money order or cheque.

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