Source Information Vesoul, France, Marriage Index, 1595-1700 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 1998.
Original data: Banet, Charles, Rev. Marriage Records, 1595-1700, Vesoul, Dept. Haute Saone, France. Marriage Records, 1595-1700, Vesoul, Dept. Haute Saone, France, Banet, Charles, Rev., Sancibrian, Tucky, comp.

About Vesoul, France, Marriage Index, 1595-1700

Nestled in the majestic Valley of the Durgeon in eastern France, Vesoul is the capital of the Haute Saone Department. Once a destination of religious pilgrims, this town now has only 17,600 residents. This database is a collection of marriage records from local church records between 1595 and 1700. Each entry shows the names of each spouse and the date of marriage. In many cases the place of baptism is indicated for each individual (by an asterisk), and the location of the marriage ceremony. For researchers seeking French ancestors, this database can be a great aid.