Source Information Varese, Lombardia, Italy, Indexed Death Records, 1866-1937 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.
Original data: Tribunale di Varese, Registri di stato civile, 1866-1937. Varese, Italia: Tribunal di Varese.

About Varese, Lombardia, Italy, Indexed Death Records, 1866-1937

This is a collection of death records from the northern Italian province of Varese. The records span 1866-1937, but the towns included are those under the judicial jurisdiction of the Varese Tribunale. Not all towns in the province are included in this collection, just those served by the Tribunale.

The index contains:

  • Event
  • Principal name
  • Age
  • Place of birth
  • Names of parents
  • Date of record

The images also contain:

  • Profession of the deceased
  • Place of residence
  • Name of the spouse, if married
  • Profession and residence of parents
  • Name, age, profession, and residence of the two witnesses

Usually the deaths were reported to the town hall the same day or the next day and the witnesses are either relatives or neighbors of the deceased.

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