Source Information St. Mary's Church Gateshead, Durham, England, Burials, 1750-1886 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2007.
Original data: The Epitaphs in the Churchyard and Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Gateshead. 2 Volumes. 1907.

About St. Mary's Church Gateshead, Durham, England, Burials, 1750-1886

This database contains two volumes of information regarding burials at St. Mary’s Church in Gateshead, County Durham, England. Burials cover the years 1750-1886.

These volumes primarily consist of transcriptions of epitaphs written on the headstones located in the church and the churchyard as of 1907, the year these books were published. A few photographs of the church and some headstones are also included. Occasionally you may also see some newspaper clippings. These clippings contain articles relating to individuals mentioned on the headstones (such as an obituary), to the church in general, or to events in which the church was involved.

At the beginning of Volume 1 are some maps of the churchyard and at the end of Volume 2 is an index. This index includes both people and place names. The maps may be helpful for pinpointing exact locations of the tombstones in the churchyard.

Headstone epitaphs can be great sources of genealogical information, especially since family members are usually buried next to or near each other, and may even share a headstone; once you find information for one relative, you will likely find information for others. Inscriptions can contain such information as:

  • Name of deceased

  • Names and relationships of family members

  • Death date

  • Age at time of death

  • Occupation

Each entry in these books also includes some sort of descriptive information regarding the actual headstone. This may include items such as the dimensions of the headstone or the headstone’s location in the churchyard.