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HumphriesJohnC-death (PDF)
John C Humphries (born 1886)
HumphriesJohnC-1910 US Census (PDF)
John C Humphries (born 1886)
HumphriesJohnC-1940 US Census.pdf (PDF)
John C Humphries (born 1886)
HumphriesJohnC-1930 US Census.pdf (PDF)
John C Humphries (born 1886)
SouthCarolinaCo 1878-1907 (PDF)
John C Humphries (born 1886)
HumphriesJohnC-1920 US Census.pdf (PDF)
John C Humphries (born 1886)
Transcribe Will of JohnHumphries (Text)
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John Humphries (born 1725)
JohnHumphries (Text)
Excerpt: JohnHUMPHRIES [137] ABT 1655 - ____ BIRTH : ABT 1655, , , VA Family 1 : Ann +Joseph HUMPHRIES INDEX [ 137 ] Birth: Middlesex ...
John Humphries (born 1655)
Miller_1852_Martin_G_-_Land_power_of_atty (PDF)
John Humphries
Catherine Humphreys' Family Connections (Text)
Excerpt: JohnHumphries (1690-1739 ) , son of immigrant Robert Humphreys (1670-1713) and his wife Mary , died in Brunswick Coun...
John Humphries (born 1690)
Union County, Georgia Tax Lists (Text)
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John Humphries (born 1812)
64.8.1 ELISABETH (LEONARD) HUMPHRIES revised 9–9–2017 (Word)
John Humphries (born 1839)
JohnHumphreyobit (Word)
John Humphries (born 1795)
Copied from transcripts from Georgia Descendents of JohnHumphries of South Carolina, pages 27&28 by John D Humphries (Text)
Excerpt: JohnHumphries, son of JohnHumphries of Chester District, South Carolina. Married Annie Brannon of South Carolina. He a...
John Humphries (born 1781)
JohnHumphries (Text)
Description: Excerpt: 1. John 1 Humphries was born Abt. 1655 in Virginia. He married Ann ? . She was born Abt. 1655. Child of JohnHumphr...
John Humphries (born 1655)
Will of JohnHumphries 1738-1739 (Word)
John Humphries (born 1693)
Will (Text)
Excerpt: PERSON COUNTY, N. C. RECORD BOOK, BOOK 3--1801-1804 June Court 1801 JohnHumphries Sen.-Will- dated 18 Feb. 1801. Sons ...
John Humphries (born 1722)
JohnHumphries Will (Text)
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John Humphries (born 1795)
Several Humphries stories (Text)
Excerpt: Notes for Joseph Humphries of Northumberland Joseph was...
John Humphries (born 1655)
Obit of Rev. JohnHumphries (Text)
Excerpt: JohnHumphries' obit found in the Southern Christian Advocate Oct. 11, 1855: Vol. 29, #19, p. 76, col. 1 Another workm...
John Humphries (born 1790)